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How To Make Chinese Women Crave You

Author: Simon Heong

Beautiful Chinese women shouldn’t be too hard to find if you if live in a large American city. A lot of affluent Chinese families have been sending their daughters to study in the USA and perfect their English, since they recognize English as the global language of doing business—and the Chinese are all about business.

These women usually graduate from college and find jobs with Western companies. If you work in a Western corporation, the type of Asian women you are most likely to work with are Chinese women. Often, they are sexy, intelligent, and speak very good English.

In other words, they are a formidable challenge. These are not your average “third world girls” who are easily dazzled. The fact that you are a foreigner doesn’t carry much weight with them. These women know they have options, and so they tend to be choosy about the men they date.

They also come from a culture where money, status and power are the most important qualities in a man—and the hottest women are accustomed to dating super-wealthy men (sometimes much older than they are), who set them up with whatever they want.

A few aspects of Chinese women you need to know about:

First, I’m speaking in general terms here. The cute, shy girl who works at your local Chinese restaurant is not going to have the same values and expectations as the super-hot, confident Chinese chick that comes from a ritzy area of Hong Kong and has dated millionaires.

The advice found throughout this program applies very well to “regular” Chinese women. But as China has evolved into a major global superpower, it also has created a large class of hot young women who are used to being around a lot of money—and Chinese men who spend huge amounts to “own” them.

You will find these beautiful, high-end Chinese girls in the nightclubs and shopping districts of New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas—sporting Louis Vuitton purses and expensive designer outfits. They’re usually either enrolled in an American university, or there on holiday with their friends.

I know that a confident guy with the right skills can seduce any woman (and I’m living proof), but hot Chinese girls that come straight out of big-money Chinese culture will usually only go with you if they know you have the right financial status.

It’s not the same with many super-hot Western women (models, strippers, etc) where you can use a “bad boy” edge to get them to feel sexual attraction. Chinese women, being more practical and less emotional than American women, aren’t so much interested in dating a “hot” guy who doesn’t have his act together. They are much more likely to date men who aren’t impressive in the looks department, but have the financial resources to spoil them with the lifestyle they want.

Another thing to keep in mind: Chinese men look down on women who have been married before, or have children. It is very difficult for these women to find a quality man inside their own race. For this reason, Chinese women won’t hesitate to leave their country and a good-paying job to find love again somewhere else.

In China, improving one’s quality of life through marriage is a tradition. Nowadays, many single women in the big cities in China have a good quality of life—but in the more remote parts of the country, the idea of meeting a Western man, getting married, and moving to his country to find love is very attractive. However, they probably speak little (if any) English. This can make meeting these girls over the Internet a challenge. Better, if possible, for you to go “to the source” and scout out these places for yourself.

These are various dialects in China (it’s a vast country!) Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien are the major dialects that you are likely to encounter. But because the wealthy Chinese families recognize English as the global language for doing business, they will often speak English at home.

Chinese women have gained a lot of rights and respect as equals in recent years. Some women don't care about getting married and will co-habitat with their boyfriends because they prefer a no-strings-attached relationship; if things don’t work out, they are prepared to move on.

The new generation of young Chinese women are a lot more open to expressing themselves sexually than they were in the past. You see this with a lot of sex videos that get “leaked” to the Internet, involving Chinese celebrities. It’s now common for Chinese girls to let their boyfriends take sexy photos and videos of them.

Hot Chinese girls will usually expect the “5C” from their lover: Cash, Car, Condominium, Career, Credit Card. “Giving your girlfriend a gold credit card is out of style,” says my friend D.H, a successful Hong Kong businessman. “Now they want Platinum or AMEX-Black Card. It’s a status symbol. Money is king in China—you’ll see a lot of fat, ugly guys driving a luxury car with a super-hot girl in the passenger seat.”

But this is not to say that you need to be a high roller to date hot Chinese women. They are vulnerable to guys who are “sweet talkers” and create a sense of romance. Tell them you love them, kiss them, take them on romantic trips…if she hasn’t already been spoiled rotten by high rollers, you’ve got a shot.

When I talked to my friend D.H. about romancing Chinese women, he spoke to me in practical terms (as the Chinese always do): “In China, when we’re not with our girlfriends or wives, we just pay when we want sex. It’s not a big deal, it’s what guys do. There are many places in China which have a poor quality of life, and as long as you can pay, you can get any kind of sex you want. But if you want a relationship in a big city like Shanghai or Beijing, you need to have money. Once a woman has her own ‘income power,’ she will be very selective about who she will date.”

D.H. told me a story about a friend of his, a hot Chinese woman who is the mistress to the CEO of a major company. When the CEO found out she was pregnant with his baby, he said he would pay her $1 million to deliver a baby girl, and $3 million if it was a baby boy.

These scenarios aren’t unusual in the big Chinese cities: rich guys use their money to lay out the terms of the relationship. The beautiful young women are naturally going to hang out in places where they can interact with high-status, big-money Chinese men. And if a Chinese guy likes one of these women, he’s not going to fuck around and waste time. He is going to treat it like a business deal: he will supply the “5 C’s,” and she will be available for sex when he wants it.

The bottom line is that a Chinese woman wants to be given respect and have her man make her feel like she is the most important person in the world—his “one and only.” Beyond the Chinese girls who are obsessed with material possessions and status symbols, if you look around, you will have the opportunity to meet simpler, down-to-earth Chinese women who will respond positively to a Western guy who shows her loyalty, commitment and romance.

How To Flirt In Chinese

Hi, you look pretty today: Hai, jing tian ni kan qi lai hen mei.

May I know your name: Wo ke yi zhi dao ni de ming zii ma?

I'm trying to learn Chinese but I only know a little bit: Wo zheng zai xue hua yu, dan wo zhi dong yi dian dian.

My name is John: Wo jiao John.

Can you tell me how to find ______: Qing wen _______ zen yang qu?

You have beautiful eyes: Ni you shuang mei li de yan jing.

Goodbye, I will see you soon: Bai bai,wo hen kuai zai jian dao ni.

You are very beautiful: Ni hen mei li.

You are very cute: Ni hen ke ai.

I miss you: Wo xiang ni.

Do you have a boyfriend: Ni you nan peng you ma?

Can you be my girlfriend: Ni ke yi dang wo de nu peng you ma.

I want to kiss you: Wo xiang qin ni.

You are my sweetheart: Ni shi wo de tian xin.

You are my darling: Ni shi wo de ai ren.

I love you: Wo ai ni.

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Simon Heong

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