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Jon Sinn is the creator of the Seduction Roadmap, a 4 step process for getting girls into bed as quickly as possible. You can watch detailed videos on how to develop your own Get Laid Skill-Set... fast by going to


Surrender To The Moment

Sinn - I've been doing a lot of reading on psychology and spirituality recently and I've developed an idea that's reduced my approach anxiety by about 90%.

Breaking The Cycle

Sinn - Virginia Satir once said that the most basic human instinct is not toward survival, but toward the familiar. In other words, the thing that we are most likely to do is rarely concerned with our survival (or procreation). It's just the thing we are most comfortable doing.

Sinn's Attraction Switches

Sinn - Originally we wanted to convey that we were the embodiment of 6 alpha characteristics. Or 5 if you’re Mystery and can’t count.

Negative Compliance Momentum

Sinn - So as we all know there is no 100% correct model to P/U. MM is about 85% and that is fucking amazing because it is intellectualizing dynamic real world situations. However with that said I have discovered another little piece of the puzzle.

How To Approach

Sinn - I want to talk about the mistakes that most people make while approaching. Most guys will approach a woman and then try running a routine of some sort or a story used to show off some positive qualities...

Opening Sticking Points

Sinn - Another big issue is Opening. This is kind of puzzling, since even some guys who are good at building attraction or creating comfort have flaws in their opening...

Don't Be Wierd

Sinn - This is mostly dedicated to the guy who stopped me at a bar on the lower east side of New York City and asked me for advice, while dressed like a refuge from an 80s Michael Jackson video...

Drunk I Love You's Opener

Sinn - This is a good opener for moving directly onto the topic of relationships and setting yourself up for later...

Set Up Opener

Sinn - This routine demonstrates pre–selection in that you have friends trying to set you up with people and also that you have standards and are picky about who you date.

Goodbye Opener

Sinn - This routine is good for starting to talk about dating and relationships. You can change the Milan modelling reference to something more congruent to your identity; for example, you could reference a business trip or a medical conference.

Sinns Free Teleseminar

Sinn - How to (finally) be the confident, sexual man that you know you were meant to be...

Sinn Demonstrates Sexual Framing On Video

Sinn - he goes into a really detailed introduction to sexual framing in this free video...

Sinn Demonstrates Sexual Attraction On Video

Sinn - Watch this video as my friend Sinn explains how sexual attraction...

Are You Trying To Get Laid or Entertain Girls

Sinn - I want to share with you some reasons why everything you’ve learned about meeting and seducing women is probably wrong.