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Are You Trying To Get Laid Or Just Entertain Girls?

Author: Sinn

My name is Jon Sinn, over the past 5 years, I’ve gained some notoriety as one of the best Pick Up Artists in the World, and today I want to share with you some reasons why everything you’ve learned about meeting and seducing women is probably wrong.

The problem is that while guys learn to meet women and be attractive, they are not taught to be sexual with women. In fact, most guys learn how to talk about sex either in a locker room or from watching porn.

Neither of which is particularly effective when talking with real women. Another problem that guys run into when they’re trying to get better with women, is that most of the information that’s out there isn’t focused on getting LAID.

It’s about stuff like attraction, mind-reading, inner game and opening. These things mean NOTHING, if they don’t lead to sex In fact most of the tactics and techniques out there are focused on getting attention and validation from women.

These methods advocate things like dressing in outlandish clothes, entertaining groups, and story-telling for hours. All of which are fine, if your goals are to make female friends or just be the center of attention. But aren’t really all that useful if your goal is to get a ton of naked women into your bed.

I like to call this style of game; validation based game.

When I was still figuring out this whole “dealing with women” thing, the first resources I found were all about validation game. I went out there and tried it for years before I started to realize that the guys who were getting laid like Rockstars were doing things completely differently.

They were using what I eventually started to call the Getting Laid Skillset.

The Getting Laid Skillset refers to skills, tactics, and techniques that make the difference between going home with that hot, sexy girl you’re talking to at the bar, and going home with your hand.

There are a bunch of different skills that go into the Get Laid Skillset but I don’t have enough time or space on this blog to get into all of them, so I want to focus on two of the most important pieces of the Getting Laid Skill Set; Dealing with sexual anxiety and bringing up sexual subjects.

Sexual Anxiety is the silent killer when it comes to meeting, attracting and seducing beautiful women. When you have sexual anxiety, you get nervous or uncomfortable when anything related to sex comes up. Sexual Anxiety can manifest itself as a reluctance to approaching, an inability to physically escalate an interaction with a woman, and even performance anxiety induced impotence.

Getting rid of Sexual Anxiety can be done through a combination of education and experience.

By education I mean, you need to learn about sex, female anatomy, and what turns women on. I personally recommend the book The Guide To Getting It On by Paul Joannides. It’s well written, easy to read and funny.

By experience, I mean you need to get some experience with sex. The girl doesn’t need to be thewoman of your dreams, but you need to experiment with different positions, acts, etc… Not only will this help you to explore your own sexuality, it will make you much more confident in later interactions with women.

I recommend you go on a free internet dating website like to find a sexual partner quickly.

Once you’ve dealt with your Sexual Anxiety, it’s important that you actively bring up sex and sexual subject matters early on in conversations with women.

I like to do this through humor. I may be talking to a woman for a minute when she disagrees with me on something and I respond

“Whoever your last boyfriend was, clearly did NOT spank you enough, that was bad behavior.”

or I may interpret an innocuous compliment about my hair as her “trying to get in my pants.” The point is that by bringing up sexuality in a humorous way, you give the woman nothing to object to early on, and then later when you bring up sex in a more serious manner, the woman will be much more interested and comfortable talking about it.

Jon Sinn is the creator of the Seduction Roadmap, a 4 step process for getting girls into bed as quickly as possible. You can watch detailed videos on how to develop your own Get Laid Skill-Set... fast by going to

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