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Extreme Multiple Threading and Dominant Rhythm - Building Attraction Verbally

Author: Sparky

As beginners when we think about building attraction through verbal game, the first thing that comes to mind is Power Lines, Negs, or magic pills/bullets/routines. We all have them, use them, and love them. From *******'s "OMG, we'd never get along, we're too similar" to Swinggcat 's pro-active prizing to Tyler Durden 's "Ok we're broken wait, we're back together". Now, there's a very right way to deliver these, and a very wrong way. Lets start with a good delivery...

HB: Bla bla, i like Paris.
PUA: OMG, I like Paris too, we'd never get along, we're too similar.
HB & PUA: hahahah
HB: haha you dont get along with people similar?
PUA: bla bla

OK, seems to be good right? Sure - looks to be a smooth delivery, she kept the conversation going, invested, ect. And certainly you can run sets this way, and over time you may build solid attraction. But a few adjustments in timing and with the same line you can build massive attraction very very quickly. Lets look at a horrible delivery.

HB: Bla bla, i like Paris.
PUA: OMG, I like Paris too, we'd never get along, we're too similar.
HB & PUA: hahahahha
HB & PUA: ha ha ha
HB & PUA: ha
HB: So you don't get along with people similar?

Ok, subtle difference, but in this instance the PUA is REACTION SEEKING, waiting for the line to sink in to maximize effect - little does he know the longer he lets her reflect on what he's said, the quicker it loses effect. Lets look at a great delivery...

HB: bla bla, I like Paris
PUA: OMG, I like Paris too, we'd never get along, we're too similar
HB: hahaha-
PUA: So tell me Sarah, when is the last time you did something really spontanious and crazy?

In this case, the PUA doesn't even give her a chance to process the line, he cuts her laughter short and immediately slams her into a different gear - she's going from recieving humor to accessing and assessing memories, and judging which will be most impressive to the PUA. It's this slamming through different gears that can create MAJOR attraction FAST.

This is why when I post FRs or LRs the dialogue generally looks like:

Sparky: So when's the last time you were in Barcelona
HB: bla bla bla
Sparky: That's cool, so one day i was walking and blank happened, ever seen blank?
HB: bla bla bla

The reason I leave the HB response as "bla bla bla" is not that I dont remember, it's that IT DOES NOT MATTER. Sure, later on I'll be interested in getting to know her as a person, but in the first few minutes the only thing on my mind is to build attraction. And when building attraction the HB is pretty much IRRELEVANT. What does this mean? Well, it means you dont need her to build attraction, in fact, i'm willing to bet a deaf person could build serious verbal attraction just as well as anyone else. Let's look at a common pitfall people make when talking to a bouncy/talkative girl.

PUA: So, when's the last time you were in Barcelona?
HB: Omg, i was there in july, i loved it!
PUA: oh really? Me too, i was there in August, how cool was _____
HB: Yeah totally, omg and my friend was with me and she bla bla bla
PUA: uhuh...
HB: and then we bla bla blal blalbalblbalbalbalbalbalbalbalbalablbalbalbllbalba lbalba
PUA: Really?
HB: And then john did bla bla bla, and omg it was sooooo funny! and bla bla bla
PUA: haha, cool!

Again, looks like a good conversation - but it's not going to build serious intense attraction. Not the type that will allow you as a PUA to say "hey, shut up, come here...*kiss*" See, common sense tells us "ok great, she's telling me all these experiences she's had, shes investing in the conversation, she's getting excited about things, it's going great"...but as we know, common sense can go to hell. Lets see how that could have been done better...

PUA: So, when's the last time you were in Barcelona?
HB: OMG, I was there in July, I loved it!
PUA: Oh cool, so then you know how at _____ there's a big _____, right?
HB: I didnt go there, but omg my friend was with me and she bla bla bla
PUA: HOLD ON! Are you actually wearing green socks?!?!??!
HB: haha, ummmm.
PUA: <Slaming into new gear> OMG, You are! You're such a dorkus! Haha, I bet you were on the chess team in grade school werent you!?
HB: hahahahahah nooooo! bla bla i got these socks from bla bla.
PUA: <Slaming into new gear> Ok ok, so u were saying about Barcelona, and how you got reeeaaallyyy drunk one night and started dancing on the bar for free drinks...
HB: HAHAH NOOOO, I never said that!!!! I was saying...
PUA: <Slaming into new gear> I mean cuz it's cool, I did the same thing, haha, SO, what IS something really crazy you've done for free drinks?

See the difference? As soon as she got comfortable in one gear the PUA slams into a totally different gear, engages different parts of her brain, and generally keeps her thoughts pretty scrambled. Now, the tough thing here is to not get too pleased with yourself and to remember to continue no matter how pleased with yourself you are. The natural 'out' from this sequence is the qualifier or BIG compliance test. So it looks like:

Line----->subject change to better line----->subject change to even better line----->subject change to qualifier

In this case it starts with socks/chess-team, changes to dancing on bar, and finally qualifies via adventurousness. Thus - crazy attraction generated very very quickly.

One last example just to drive the point home - myself and wing illustrated here - a great example of thought-scrambling to build attraction, ending with a final BIG compliance test from me - kissing her neck and making out.

HB: Bla bla bla, we're here for a conference.
Sparky: oh man, so you guys are like industry girls, maaann, just when I was thinking you guys were cool...
HB: haha bla <interupted by PUA>
PUA: So, you guys are from out of town, where are you staying? (note, the assertion of 'out of town', not asking it as a question)
HB: We're staying at _____ hotel.
PUA: yeah thats a solid hotel, i stayed there once, the great thing about it is room service will do anything you ask, you can call down at like 3am and ask for a newspaper, a lobster, a blowjob, a shoe shine.
HB: Hahahah What!??!?!
Sparky: So THAT's why you decided to stay at ___ hotel
HB: ?? Actually, OMG! Our hotel room comes included with condoms and packets of lubrication, ready for use in the refrigerator. (Can someone say horny IOI?)
Sparky: <brief banter>, you smell good, come here - <commence makeout>

Ok so, lets review the ground rules for how to Build Massive Attraction Verbally FAST.

1.) SUPER IMPORTANT!!! Any time you say something you think is good - like you know, when that voice in your head goes "man...that was smooth", or a line you read on the internet - CHANGE THE SUBJECT IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT give her time to process it. Trust me, it'll bounce around in her head and she'll try to process it between thoughts, and the longer this bounces around in her head, undigested, the more attraction it will build.

2.) NEVER feel like you have to address what she's said. If she says something that you feel really helps you along towards the lay, by all means feel free to address it, but otherwise feel free to totally ignore it with an "ok cool" or "ok anyway".

3.) Cut her off when she starts yapping. Her talking is not going to get her attracted. And the longer she talks the longer she has to get her thoughts in order. Simply raise the energy level and change the subject - I usually do this by pointing out something about her - "Omg, is your hat actually made of Rabbit Fur??? I had a pet rabbit when I was 8!!! You killed Mr. Wigglesworth!!!" <at this point in keeping in line with rule #1 I would CHANGE THE SUBJECT IMMEDIATELY!!!>

4.) Use a qualifier or compliance test to get yourself out of the loop - for instance in the example above: "You killed Mr. Wigglesworth!!! Ha! And look, you're eyes got all big! Ohhh boy, what'r we gonna do with you? So anyway, what's that one incredibly sexy thing about yourself that makes you unique??"

So, lets look at some other considerations:

Firstly, this is obviously very high energy and requires quick thinking on your part to keep things flowing. It works best for me in bars/clubs/lounges.

Secondly: It's NOT for the timid. If you're thinking this is a very quick way to become a dancing monkey, you're totally right. You need to be in tune with the IOIs coming at you and have NO FEAR to capitalize. Meaning, when you see her give you 'the look', stop what you're saying MID SENTANCE and say "come here" and kiss her. The slightest indication of timidness or de-escalation can really derail this. The attraction can disappear just as fast as it's created. If you're not comfortable going for a makeout with a girl you met 2 minutes ago...GET COMFORTABLE!

Thirdly: This type of dialogue can only be sustained for a few minutes, tops, before she is overwhelmed, so while you can start at any point in the interaction, be advised that once you do you've only got a few minutes to massively escalate or you run the risk of over-gaming.

It's tough to transition away from Extreme Multiple Threading (EMT) without a large phase shift - ideally a make-out - though a venue change to a sofa can work. Once you have successfully phase shifted, and hopefully made out, you really need to develop not only deep comfort/rapport (obviously, as this attraction is very state-based and as such is prone to flakes without proper rapport building) but also VALUE (unless you established value before launching into EMT).

A lot of considerations perhaps, but perhaps no more than other methods. For me, after i've downed a few vodka&redbulls, this type of game feels natural and tends to be the funnest. It's also great for sets at the end of the night when you know you dont have 2 hours and need to get a quick extraction to a diner or back to yours.



One thing you have to be extremely careful with is calibration here. Too, off the wall, and you look just as reaction seeking as if you cut threads immediately.

Pua: We'd never get along, we're too similar.
PUA:OMG you're like my little sister.
HB:hahaha, I could never...
PUA: Do you think david Bowie is hot

Do this, and you become a dancing monkey.

What Sparky's describing is spontaneiouty (expect spelled differently). The easiest way to be spontaneous is to just follow your natural train of thought. Anything that pops into your head is fair game to bring into the conversation. If you notice something really funny, bring it up. If you're suddenly thinking about how hot she is, bring it up. If you're reminded of something that happened to you, bring it up. You don't need to make an effort to be spontaneous, just do what your brain does naturally.


Extreme Multiple Threading to Kiss Closing

First of all, if you're running into trouble with the kiss-close, odds are you haven’t properly escalated up to this point. For instance, before I try for the kiss close, I've already Clawed, had lots of kino, rubbed her leg, am rubbing my hip/leg against hers, have probably sniffed her neck, whispered something to her with my nose in her ear, brushed my cheek against hers, ect. If you lay the proper kino-escalation before the kiss, kissing can be a relatively small transition.

Sat you do go in for the kiss and she turns her head or leans back. Well, there are different ways to handle this, and I guess what's key here is congruence. Essentially what's happening is she's denying compliance, so in most cases you want to indicate some sort of disinterest - I prefer to do this by turning my body just a tiny bit away from her. However depending on the energy level and your read of the situation this isn’t totally necessary...

I happen to be very playful, so what I'll do is - and dare i coin a new term... - Double-CLAW - two arms, BIG bear hug, squeeze (like you did when you were 10 yrs old), and a big sloppy kiss on the cheek. I dont mean a little romantic erotic kiss on the cheek, i mean like BIG and with a loud "MUAH" sound. Then just change the subject, figure out what caused her to not go along with the kiss (i.e. her friends are watching, not enough attraction, simply too soon, ect) and fix it, then try again later. From here on out, i'll kiss her a lot in a very dominant way as a reward for anything good she does. Like for instance...

Sparky: bla bla yeah so I'm going to the Guns and Roses concert next week.
HB: OMG, I love Guns and Roses!
Sparky: Really!?!? That's so cool! *Grab her, pull her to me, kiss her on the forehead/cheek/(after a few cheek kisses i'll go lips - no tongue), and push her back to where she was pre-kiss*

In other situations (depending on energy level and other things) I'll just give a confused look for about a half a second, turn my body a little (just a tiny bit) away from her, then change subject and move on. She's going to want that feeling of closeness again, so often she'll give you a consolation prize. For instance, I was flirting with this model a while back and she denied my first attempt at a kiss. I turned away just a little bit, continued, and she literally grabbed my hand and pressed it against her breast (it was nice). Like 15 mins later i re-tried for the kiss and again got denied, same thing and this time a few seconds later she jumped on me and gave me a big kiss on the lips (no tongue). 3rd time was the charm...

Or if her friends are still nearby (meaning i've only isolated by turning her away from her friends - not moved her to a different part of the room) I'll just re-engage them in the set and give my attention to them rather then her. She'll naturally want to revalidate herself, and after a minute or so I'll re-isolate and go for the kiss again.

I'm sure there are a million other ways to handle this, but the key is to REMEMBER: Her not kissing you isn't simply means you need to figure out what's missing, add it, and try again.

When To Use EMT

More common is to open, talk for a while, tell some cool stories about travel, convey a bit of personallity, then launch into EMT to really pump her attraction and buying temp to get the close. Also, if you think of EMT as a cycle, you typically go through a few cycles before getting the kiss, with each prior cycle ending in a qualification or compliance test.

Again, each case is different and it takes calibration. For instance, if i tried this with a girl and saw that she was real dominant/assertive, i'd take a totally different route, slow down, not try to cut her threads, and instead focus on conveying sexuallity as we have a normal conversation (through extended eye-contact, kino, ect) and make sure to pass the shit-tests that will inevitably come.

Or if she's kind of a shy/sweet girl I wouldnt try to go for a buying-temp k-close, but rather like a vulnerable one. I'd get isolation on a sofa or something, tell a story that conveys vulnerability, let her do the same, gently stroke her hair, look into her eyes, and slowly lean in and kiss her.

Just go with what feels right. Even with multiple threading, it's all about calibration - very easy to over-do.

The way i k-close about 90% of the time is this...

When I feel like its time (how do you know if it's time? If you're wondering than it probably is...) I'll stop what i'm saying mid sentance and say "wow, you smell good". Grab her by the neck, pull her in, sniff her while running your nose from the base of her neck to her ear, slowly. Pull her away and say "wow, you smell really good". She'll say something like "haha thanks". You say "you smell like vanilla (or whatever she smells like), like a chocolate ec****, you're making me hungry, come here" Grab her, pull her in, sniff her neck running nose from base to ear again, then gently kiss then bite her neck. Pull her away, look her in the eye, go back in, kiss her neck, slide over to her lips and...Success!

The other 10% of the time I'll just be mid-sentance and look at her and see its plainly obvious she wants to be kissed. Just drop what you're saying and kiss her.

Also - hahah some great advice i once recieved - Dont become sloppy club makeout guy - kiss for like 5-10 secs tops then push her away. From then on limit kisses to like 3 secs and push her away. Like a 3 second HARD and PASSIONATE kiss, then push her away and change the subject.


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