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10 Steps To Great Kiss

Author: Stephen Nash

This is an important article.  My goal here is to tell you EXACTLY what to do before, during, and after…the FIRST KISS.

If you’re kissing her the second time, congratulations – she liked it enough the first time to have a second.

In How To Get A Girlfriend, I cover this topic A LOT (along with everything else under the dating sun).  But, here, I want to cover this publicly.  Consider this a public service for the women out there, about to be POORLY kissed for the nth time…

It’s true that most guys have massive questions in their minds around this issue of when/how to kiss her the first time.  Some guys overdo it, which leaves a bad – er – taste in the mouth.  And some guys don’t go far enough: planting a nice gentle peck on the cheek when she’s DYING for you to really kiss her! 

So, how can you be both sensitive and bold?  How can you avoid these terrible labels: “tongue-slammer”, “meek”, “weak”, and/or “sloppy”? 

(As an aside – have you guys seen “Blades of Glory”?  The funniest BAD kiss ever…totally hysterical!)

First, WHEN is the right time?

1) I always tell guys that they usually can sense when it is the right time, but they have to learn to trust their instincts on it.

2) Here’s a test – comment on her fragrance, and lean-in to her neck for a light sniff.  Does she flinch when you get close?  If so, she’s not ready yet at all.

3) If you’re still in doubt, allow the conversation to pause and just smile at her.  Does she hold your gaze and smile back?  If so, she is definitely ready.

4) What you want to do next is to subtly tilt your head towards hers.  Then, subtly tilt it to the side (I always tilt right first…maybe because I’m right-handed).  She should be mirroring you at this point. 

Slowly, your faces will reach each other, and your lips will touch.

You are now kissing.

This is NOT when you open your mouth and go for the full tongue-job.  PLEASE guys – NEVER do that.  Kissing is an art:  LESS is more. 

5) Now, when your lips touch for the first time – pull away a bit afterwards, and savor it.  Be sure to ENJOY the fact that you are kissing this beautiful woman.

6) Next, kiss her again, but this time hold your lips together for a bit longer, allowing for MORE of the lips to touch.

7) Bring your left hand up and gently stroke her cheek while you gently/lightly kiss her.

8) At some point, it is fine to French kiss her, but do not overdo this.  All you are doing here is gently touching/caressing her tongue with yours.  Do not fill her mouth with your tongue…very very tacky.

9) If things become very passionate, definitely do the following:

  • Move your left hand to the back of her neck, and gently grasp with your fisted hand the hair at the nape of her neck.
  • Gently pull it down, and not too far – just so it feels like there is the slightest pull from the scalp.
  • This feels incredibly good, while also bringing your faces even closer together.

10) A nice touch is to subtly savor her lower lip by either nibbling it, or caressing it with your tongue.  If you ever find that you’re doing that, guess what…she LIKES you.

If this is a first kiss, end it after a minute.  Don’t let it turn into a long, drawn out make-out…particularly if it’s in public.  That’s classless.

Your goal is to leave her wanting MORE.  Be sure to be the one to end it by pulling away first, OK?

Stephen Nash

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