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Story Telling

Story Telling is the act of telling stories that lets the women know you better or to DHV.  When telling a story make sure it is congruent with your identity.  Use the following articles as examples or you could just modify it to your own. Check out the pua routines manual and the story telling audio techniques.

Introduction To Story Telling

Neil Strauss aka Style - There are four kinds of stories that I tell to get them into desired state...

Theme Based Story Telling

IN10SE - From the PUA's I know/met and have personally been told stories to or watched them tell stories to chicks [Mystery,Neil Strauss, Swinggcat, RJ, Sinn, Maddash, Riker, Orien, Lovedrop who I met with just yesterday] and even Badboy and stRiPPed who I converse with all the time via MSN messenger – they all have one thing in common (besides their interest in women) - they're all great storytellers.

Sexual Accelerators

IN10SE - There are many many sexual "stories" out there. And there are many ways to introduce sexual "themes" and from there it's a hop, skip and a jump to the full close provided the locale is appropriate.

Story Theory

Wilder - Telling stories to a group of people is one of the best ways to generate attraction in pick-up when done correctly.

Storytelling Guide

Soul - One of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to move along the Emotional Progression Model and seduce a women is storytelling.

How To Tell Stories

Sebastian Drake - When I was younger and perhaps a tad more arrogant, I had a saying: "Modesty is for those of modest capabilities." I knew I was elite, and I didn't fail to let anyone know.


Seattle Girlfriend

Tyler Durden - My friend met this girl in Seattle, and they really hit it off. They wound up hooking up on the first night, and he even hung out with her in L.A. over the next week...

Gambler Leaf Routine

Richard La Ruina - I was talking to a girl last night and it went a little like this. It is an example of taking a statement from her and making a point that goes along with it but is completely ridiculous but which she can’t really object to.

Deep Rapport Story

Sean Newman - If you want someone to really connect to you, you have to tell them who you really are. We all have a story that defines us. It changed us into men. And it drives us to what we really want in life...

Gay Cats

Wilder - Start the story with, "Have you ever met a gay cat?" After this, you'll have the undivided attention of your audience.

Jealous Cat Opener

Badpirate - Here is a routine I've used with good success. It's in "opinion opener style" but I've only really used it as around the third routine, so this may not gel properly for people who are working from a structure.

Bear Story

Mystery - Ever been camping? Well I was up in a forest up north and was hiking with some girlfriends of mine ...