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Swinggcat is the author of Real World Seduction.

*Real World Seduction Mail Bag*

Mail Bag is Swinggcat's email correspondents with his students.

The Art of Testing

Swinggcat - How would you like to learn secrets that will cut the amount of time you need to spend learning how to ATTRACT women in half, while simultaneously doubling your success with women?

Having Women In Your Life

Swinggcat - In this article I’m going to share with you something that I talk about in my book. If you aren’t currently doing what I am about to tell you, DOING IT could increase your success with women a hundred and fifty percent…if not more.

Do Women Want To Be Hit On?

Swinggcat - I've got a question for you: Do women enjoy being hit on - or do they loathe it? If YOU know in your heart-of-hearts women enjoy it - maybe even love it - you're well on your way to experiencing massive success with da ladies.

An Attraction Secret I Learned From A Frog

Swinggcat - Yes, that's right... I learned an attraction secret from a frog... and there's a good chance this secret will instantly double your success with women.

Being The Prize

Swinggcat - I've got a question for ya... Do you know how far the average man gets with a woman? Not far at all...

Five Myths Preventing Attraction

Swinggcat - Being an Attractive Man Is Always About Appealing To What Women Say They Want...If you are one of those vehement supporters of this myth, you should get a noose and hang yourself - you'll be better off.

Demystifying Charisma

Swinggcat - A few nights ago, I went barhopping with a friend of mine. We both talked to truck loads of women and used practically the same material on them. But by the end of the night my friend’s results were so bad he felt blessed with an unlikable self. My experience, however, was the total opposite...

How To Flirt With Women

Swinggcat - The word ‘tantalize’ is a close cousin to ‘flirting’ and means temptation without satisfaction.

Why Most Pick Up Lines Don't Work

Swinggcat - Many a man has been at a bar, spotted an attractive woman and thought to himself, "Wow! She really works those breasts, bouncy bouncy."

How To Play Hard To Get With Women

Swinggat - Inside you'll learn attraction secrets I've kept under wraps until now. In my honest opinion, these skills are what separate a Jedi master at attracting women from average guys. So read this article very carefully.

Push Pull

NightVision - Push Pull forms an integral part of my game. I suggest everyone start to learn, understand and put it into practice. I remember when I first started using it (as well as frame control - all taught in Swinggcat's ebook), my game shot up astranomically. Swinggcat explains push pull in this article.

Messing Up Your Chances

Swinggcat - Just maybe you think the best way to succeed with a woman is to NOT mess up by, for example, avoiding topics of conversation that might offend her, hiding aspects about yourself she may find dorky or crass or pathetic...and so on, yes? If this describes you, don't worry. You're not alone.

Frames Games and Prizability

NightVision - Using frame control as well as the push pull technique is for me the best way to quickly build attraction and is an integral part of my game. They can give you shit tests. They can give you bitchy comebacks. Whatever obstacles they present to you, as long as you have strong frame control, it backfires on THEM and they can't help but LOVE you for it! The good news is that it complements cocky and funny very well. Heres are good article introducing the meaning of frames by Swinggcat.

Step By Step Example Of Attracting A Woman

Swinggcat - When most men interact with a beautiful woman, they put a huge amount of value on her. When she blows them off, they act like she ripped out their heart and stepped on it.

Step By Step Guide To Make Women Qualify

Swinggcat - Important: What you're about to learn is extremely powerful. So once you finish reading this post, put some time aside to digest it and implement it in your life. You'll be glad you did - trust me.

Using Challenges To Make Women Qualify

Swinggcat - I want to share with you a powerful method for generating ATTRACTION; a method women naturally use on men.

How To Compel Women To Touch You Seconds After Meeting Them

Swinggcat - I've got a question for ya… Do you consciously know what psychological mechanisms emotionally drive women to touch a man?

Conveying Attraction Assets

Swinggcat - Does bragging to women work? Yes. But there's a right way and a wrong way to brag to women. My rationale might surprise you.

How To Kiss A Woman Without Rejection

Swinggcat - If there was a secret to kissing women you desired without rejection, would you want to know more about it?

Getting Past Sexual Barriers

Swinggcat - I want to share a secret with you that will blow your mind. Warning: When you first hear this secret you might feel a bit disconcerted. If you already have truck loads of experience with women you might think to yourself, “Wow…someone else knows about this too!” If you are a woman reading this, you might say to yourself, “No! – Now the male world is going to be privy to the truth.”

Open Loops

Swinggcat - Its Not What You Say, Its How You Say It. Down & Dirty Psychology For Piquing Any Woman's Interest

Eighties Dog Opener

Swinggcat - My friend just got two puppies, a Pug and a Beagle. She wants to name them after an 80’s pop duo… she wants to name them… DURAN DURAN…

Giant Poodle

Swinggcat - You know you remind me of a Giant Poodle… there is something in your smile that just does it...

Push Pull Examples

Swinggcat - I grabbed a woman's hand and said, “You have the most amazing smile I've seen tonight… It makes me feel so happy inside!”

Mutate Rejection Into Attraction

Swinggcat - For the collective average male, rejection plain sucks. There's nothing fun about it. But a select group of ladies' men actually enjoy being rejected.

She Says "Too Young Too Old"

Swinggcat - Whether a woman thinks I'm too young or too old for her doesn't matter to me one bit because...

Kiss Grade Close

Swinggcat - Are you adventurous? Are you spontaneous? If you were in kissing school, what grade would your kissing teacher give you?

How To Talk To Women Over The Phone

Swinggcat - As I'm teaching you exactly how step-by-step to talk to women over the phone, I'll be alluding to an essential *key ingredient* for ATTRACTING women in general. SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED AS YOU READ ON.



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