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The Art of Testing

Author: Swinggcat

How would you like to learn secrets that will cut the amount of time you need to spend learning how to ATTRACT women in half, while simultaneously doubling your success with women?

I am going to share three of them with you. I remember how excited I was when it dawned on me what these secrets are. It happened around six years ago while hanging with my friend Gino (Pay attention: Gino is one of the guys who had a big influence on me). Although Gino was of Middle Eastern descent, he would tell women that he was Italian and that his name was Gino Gambino.

Gino Gambino was not his real name - I don't think I even remember his real name! Does this guy sound cheesy or what? It gets better. He wasn't just ugly, he was oooogly: he had greasy slicked back hair, a long protruding nose, and little eyes that looked like dull bits of clay dropped into the eye sockets.

Gino called me up one Saturday afternoon suggesting that we go pick up women at a community college. I met him down there. Gino, the urban product of watching too many bad Italian gangster movies and listening to too many MTV rap videos on how to be a player, was sporting a repugnant white linen suit, terminator shades, and brown loafers with no socks - can we say gross?! To top it off, Gino was blessed with a vile scent: I could smell his body odor from several feet away. Maybe he believed his pheromones ATTRACTED women, I don't know. But it was so bad that day that every time I inhaled I writhed from
his über stench. The impending events, however, blew my mind.

Gino immediately got to work. He swaggered up to a woman with his nineteen-seventies “I'm a macho man” posturing and spouted in his thick foreign accent one of his cheesy pick up lines, “I'm going to call you luscious. You know why? Because you are voluptuous.” Things, then, took a gruesome turn for the ugly when the girl threatened to call campus security on Gino. Unfazed by what just happened, Gino impetuously started talking to another girl - but this time, he slightly modified his approach. It did not, alas, go well for him - after only a few minutes the woman demanded that he leave her alone. So he started talking to yet another girl, modifying his approach even further. On the approach he was still really cheesy and was touting himself to her as God's gift to women. Overall, however, the girl was into him and she ended up giving him her phone number. As he modified his approach with each new woman he talked to his results got progressively better.

The next three women he approached ended up giving him their phone numbers. Next he approached two really hot babes and ended up having the women come over to his apartment. What happened next is not appropriate for this newsletter. So you can use your imagination. All I can say is that it was pretty amazing what he pulled off. After that day, I witness Gino accomplish many more amazing feats with women.

What are the life changing secrets I learned from Gino? What are the secrets that will dramatically increase your success with women? I'll tell you this much: These secrets are the reason why I am able to get progressively better and better with women.

Here they are:


Starting with crappy material can bring you rock star success with women. Likewise, waiting until you have developed top notch material before attempting to ATTRACT women in the REAL WORLD will make your sex life sparser than most ninety year old men.

Crap is defined as any material used to engage a woman that you didn't have to study, for example, the cheesy pick up lines Gino uses to engage women. The beauty of using crap is that it might actually work and the invested time you spend studying it is zero.

Some of you, who have been reading my newsletters and have had the opportunity to read my book, might think I am contradicting some of my past advice, namely, that it is a good idea to have a few memorized stories. Let me clarify. I endorse using memorized material - and, in fact, I, myself, use memorized material. What I am against is the guy who spends hours upon hours, sitting in his bedroom, thinking of different things to say to women.

I'm going to tell you a little story. When I was first learning how to ATTRACT women I met a guy who had been studying seduction and dating for years - I think he owned just about every dating self-help product available. Every time we would hang out he would tell me that he did not want to talk
to women because he was still developing his ultimate seduction system. One day he called me, telling me that he had finally finished his seduction system and that he was ready to talk to women. I took him to a nightclub where he approached a few women. And you know what: The women were totally turned off by him. How sad! - all of that wasted time.

This is what I call “mental masturbation” and here's why: When you sit in your bedroom, coming up with things to say to women, you are basing it on what you THINK will ATTRACT women, not what necessarily ATTRACTS women. I find that it is much more effective, however, to base your material on REAL WORLD experiences of ATTRACTING women. Put in other words, start with crap and PAY ATTENTION to how women react to it. The more
you use your crappy material the more you will be able to hone it into something powerfully effective - just like Gino did with his cheesy pick up lines. You will notice that certain things are working. Take what's working, go home, polish and rehearse it, making it even more effective. This will become your memorized material. But it will be based on REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE.

A caveat: I am not saying that you should never sit down and think of ways to ATTRACT women. I think doing this is fine. Just keep it to a minimum and realize that your best material is going to come from interacting with women in the REAL WORLD.

My book, which is based on my experiences in the REAL WORLD ATTRACTING WOMEN, will save you a lot of time because it will give you the right intuitions for knowing when you are ATTRACTING a woman and when you are repelling her. Using my book in conjunction with going out and practicing on REAL LIVE WOMEN IN THE REAL WORLD will synergistically turbo charge your success with women. So, if you are ready to make a commitment to living the life you want to live, come pick up my book today.

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This leads nicely into the next secret...


I have observed that most guys allocate their time learning how to ATTRACT women as follows: eighty percent of their time is spent “studying how” to attract women, and only twenty percent of their time is spent “actually” attracting women in the REAL WORLD. This is unfortunate because, in my experience, “studying how” to ATTRACT women only accounts for twenty percent of what will improve your skill set with women.

Practicing on real live women in the REAL WORLD, however, accounts for eighty percent of what will increase your skill set attracting women. The reason is this: When you are practicing attracting women in the real world it allows you to test what is “actually” working, and what is not. When you study this material in a vacuum, however, you have no way to test if it is going to work. You become like my friend who was trying to come up with the ultimate seduction system. Not testing is one of the biggest reasons men DON'T succeed with women. Almost every guy I know who is amazing with women is very diligent about testing...even if he is not conscious of it. Testing is about developing your willingness to try things you normally wouldn't do with a woman, and paying close attention to how she reacts. Mastering the art of testing will inevitably increase your success with women.


This one relates to the last two. Most guys want to know exactly what to do at each stage in the process of ATTRACTING a woman. This gives them a sense of control and certainty. When faced with a situation where they are uncertain what to do, they buckle completely. This is because when most men feel uncertain and out of control, they loose all of their confidence, causing women to perceive them as not being the PRIZE. As you know if you have been following my newsletters, women are ATTRACTED to men who are the PRIZE, not the other way around. Loosing your confidence, therefore, is a BAD THING!

One of the distinguishing mind sets of guys who are really good with women is their willingness and confidence to push themselves forward into the realm of uncertainty. When in this realm of uncertainty, they do not worry about not having a clever technique to handle a difficult situation. Instead, they experiment with whatever comes to mind, testing until they find something that works superb.

Along your journey learning how to attract women, you will encounter situations where you will feel uncertain how to respond, ranging from, for example, women acting in unexpected ways, to them testing you...and so on.

Having the confidence and willingness to enter into this unfamiliar and uncertain realm is what distinguishes the master from the beginner. A big key to making this work is having a strong intent: Having the focus and desire to get your intended outcome, coupled with the unwavering belief that you can achieve your outcome. Put in other words, you have to assume whatever it is you are saying or doing to a woman is going have the desired effect. If you do not yet have a strong intent, preventing you from confidently pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, you are severely hindering your development learning how to attract women. My book will give you powerful tools for developing a strong intent. If you are sick and tired of being where you currently are with women and ready to take your success with women to a new level, start reading my book now.

Another element to making these secrets work is respecting the process. What allows someone to use crap, test it, and confidently push into situations he is uncertain how to handle is having the mindset that ATTRACTING WOMEN is only a process. He has the belief that when he fails to ATTRACT a women, it does not mean there is something wrong with him; it means there is a flaw in the process he used to ATTRACT her. He knows that fixing this flaw is as simple as testing material until he finds what works. If you're ready to step up to the plate and start experiencing the life style with women you desire, order now...

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'Till next time,

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