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How To Compel Women To Touch You Seconds After Meeting Them...

Author: Swinggcat

Why do women keep touching this man?

"Hey man, Your material is awesome. I've been using it on my girlfriend from the first date, being the prize, doing open loops, triggering attraction and curiosity, making her chase me etc... We have been together for 3 month and she is crazy about me and never gets enough of me.

I have also kept applying your ideas to every hot girl I've been interacting with since then, and had amazing results ! A lot of girls now try to touch me whenever they can and THEY are trying to build sexual tension with me! Of course I help them doing it, since I'm a gentleman:-) As a result I've had on several occasions girls dying to sleep with me to the point of rubbing their tits against me while talking to me, and one girl, who knew my girlfriend(!), once started kissing my neck, trying to get to my mouth...Well I had to stop her, sorry baby another time :-)

I'm actually pretty sure that I would having 3x more sex if I weren't with my girlfriend (and that would be A LOT). THAT my friend is a change ! I know what you're thinking but she is probably the first girl I met who is really worth being faithful to, so that's what I do.

I had never been really bad with women, but because I had a couple mental and technical issues I often had to rely on luck to have the occasion to approach a hot women while I was in a very good state. Escalation had never been a real problem for me though.

But now that you've helped me get rid of these issues I feel "in state" pretty much all the time and I am definitely on my way to certified pimp! Can't wait to have some money (charms of student life...) to get my hands on your audio courses. Keep up the good work !"

Jet from London



I love your story, man. Congrats on getting an awesome girlfriend and having the skills to keep her crazy about you.

Many men stop doing what initially sparked the attraction with their girlfriends and wives. This puts the relationship on its death bed.

When you stop generating attraction in your woman, you're opening up a can of nasty worms: from her acting bossy and mean to going out and having an affiar with another man.

Keep up the great work!

You pointed out… women keep trying to touch you. And, as you know, your boost in confidence is a huge factor.

But I've got a question for ya… Do you consciously know what psychological mechanisms emotionally drive women to touch a man?

In this letter I want to share with you one of these mechanisms. Once you become aware of it, you'll have the power to compel women to touch you at your whim.

Just imagine what life would be like, if you had power to emotionally drive any woman you desire to reach over and touch you.

But first... I'm going to tell you a short story… one that might shed some light on what this mechanism is (and as you're reading the story, try to guess what I'm getting at).

Years ago, a woman asked me where I live.

I responded with, “Sorry sweetie… I think you're mistaking me for one of your neighbors from the trailer park you grew up in.”

She affectionately touched my arm and bantered back, “You're so mean!”

I playfully scolded her by saying, “This shit ain't for free.”

Laughing like a hyena, she responded with, “I love you.”

Then she wrapped her arms around my body, giving me a big bear hug.

But I didn't stop there. I amplified the sarcasm a notch with, “Stop treating me like a giant sausage with feet!”

Next… her hand went straight for my crotch.

I grabbed her and we started kissing.

Was this a fluke? Is this girl looser than Jenna Jameson?


She was driven to act this way because of a key psychological mechanism… one that's out of her control… one that I'm going to share with you in a minute.

But first…

Here's a truism in our culture… The frame – or underlying meaning – of a man approaching a woman is that she is the Prize he is trying to win her over.

In plain English – the woman has more value than the man.

If you want to become a ladies' man, you've got to proactively do or say something in every interaction you have with a woman that changes the frame from her being the Prize to you being the Prize.

In the example above I accomplished this by responding to her question about where I live with, “Sorry sweetie… I think you're mistaking me for one of your neighbors from the trailer park you grew up in.”

Seems a bit harsh? Why didn't she walk away? Or slap me across the face?

First of all, this girl was dressed to nines. She mentioned going to an Ivy League college. It was obvious that she didn't grow up in a trailer or mobile home. She knew I was joking around with her.

Second… I said this to her in a sarcastic tone.

Thus… I got away with setting a very strong frame because I added a ton of humor.

She didn't perceive my comment as mean or manipulative.

Instead she saw it as charming and attractive and felt compelled to banter back.

Yet she still wanted to take back control of the frame (Though she found me charming and attractive, she wanted to get back her status as the Prize).

However… she couldn't think of a comeback.

So she touched my arm.

“Why?” you might be wondering.

Most women intuitively know… one of the fastest ways to take back control of being the Prize is to touch a man… because…

Most men think that when a woman touches them it means she's interested.

Many a man takes the bait by sticking his dirty little paws all over her.

She pulls back and – voilà – she's regained her status as the Prize the guy is desperately trying to win over.

But when you refrain from touching a woman and frame her touching you as meaning she's blatantly coming onto you, like I did in the example above, you maintain your status as the Prize she's trying to win over.

As a general rule: I usually don't touch a woman until she's touched me two to three times. If you give in after the first touch, you risk the frame reversing back to her being the Prize.

But after she's touched you several times, you can touch her back without losing the frame that you're the Prize.

So let's recap: When you're verbally bantering back-and-forth with a woman and she cannot think of a comeback or she realizes that you've outwitted her, she will invariably reach over and touch you. It's a sneaky attempt regaining her status as the Prize.

You might be thinking, "How in the world am I supposed to outwit every woman I desire?"

Easy. Wit is not an innate ability; it is learned.

Alas, it's not taught in school. Even worse, there are few places on this earth where you can learn this skill.

I went through most of my life thinking I was lumbered with a humorless wit.

But through a lot hard work and experimenting I've come up with a repeatable stucture that gives you the tools to out wit any woman. And you won't have to spend years of toil doing standup comedy.

And if you follow the simple steps I give inside my course, in a few short weeks you'll have the skill to outwit any woman and set frames in hilarious ways that establish yourself as the Prize she is trying to win over.

Just think... If you had this skill, how would it change your life today?

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. My course is a world class education on dating, attracting, and succeeding with the women you desire.

This knowledge took me many long hours of experimenting to discover. And you won't find these secrets anywhere else in the world.

Just like many others have been doing, you too can catapult your current lifestyle with women by getting your hands on a copy of my course right now. You deserve it.

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Your Loyal Dating Coach,


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