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Giant Poodle

Author: Swinggcat

You know you remind me of a Giant Poodle… there is something in your smile that just does it. If you were in the pet shop I think I would have to take you home with me.

Now you are house trained aren’t you?. Good cause otherwise I would have to take you to the pound… (then pat her on the head and say good doggie).

Then hug her and say “you know you are such a cute doggie… and you remind me of Sam”. Sam was the poodle my Nan had when I was a kid… but sadly he is dead now… you are not quite as cute as that dog though probably because time has made me only remember all the really good bits… you can be Sam2.

Then look her in the eyes like you are about to kiss her.. and say ewww you were about to kiss me but you are a dog… I cant kiss a K9… I will tell you what I will do… ill get you a listing on that new internet dating site for dogs… and we will see if we can sort you out with a poodle like you…


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