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How To Get A Womans Phone Number Right Away

Author: Swinggcat

Here's a question a student emailed me...

"Hi Swing!

Gotta thank you for putting out what I consider the most realistic and simple method out there for prizing women! I've got a quick question for you. If you don't close a woman that you've successfully prized the very first time you meet her, how can you pitch for her # or how do you pitch for another encounter without losing your Prizability? Say you're in a push-pull situation and she gets pulled away by friends, how can you pitch for her digits and still stay congruent with your meta-frame as being the prize? That's only one possibility but there are many more situations where it would seem that sooner or later, you'd have to come down at least to her level, to make a hookup possible."

R. - Greensboro, NC

My Comments:

I'm glad you're getting a lot out of my material. You've asked some really important questions.

My answers to them might surprise You. But they will help - promise.

Before diving headlong into your questions I'm gonna get people new to my newsletters up to speed by defining the terminology you used.


Establishing while interacting with a woman that you're a Prize she wants to win over.

When a woman buys into the reality that you walking away from her or not validating her or not making a sexual pass at her or not paying attention to her would be a loss, you've, my friend, got Prizability.

There's no denying it: looks and money can help establish Prizability with women. But they're not necessary and often times, not enough.

A writer friend of mine told me a story about when Brad Pitt moved to Los Angeles he couldn't get a date. "But," you might be thinking to yourself, "How could Brad Pitt fail to tread above water in the single scene trenches with his superstar good looks?"

Well, because my friend, looks aren't enough. In L.A. beautiful people are a dime a dozen. Back then Mr. Pitt was just some average Joe who probably didn't have the skills to establish Prizability.

Many of the guys I know who are rock stars with women are average looking at best.

Back in high school they couldn't succeed with women solely based on their looks. They had to learn to gain Prizability with women in other ways.

As a result, however, their success with women dwarfs the success of guys who rely solely on their looks.

The Meta-Frame

This is the underlying meaning of your interaction with a woman. If you don't set the Meta-Frame that you are a Prize she wants to win over, you're in big trouble because women feel no attraction toward men who aren't the Prize.

This is a big part of having Prizability with women.

Not knowing how to establish yourself as a Prize women want is letting your reality swindle you out of the success with women you could be having. It's letting reality flog you like a baby mule.

Become, instead, the master of your reality by learning the shortcut secrets for defining the underlying meaning of every interaction you have with a woman as you being the Prize she's compelled to win over by getting your hands on a copy of my ebook right now.


"I need to win a woman over" is an insidious belief that has snaked inside the minds of many a man.

Too many men think that if they were only a bit younger or taller or skinnier or richer or better looking, women they desire would start feeling attraction toward them.

I live in Los Angeles and have witnessed many guys putting themselves through painful plastic surgery, thinking this was their key to attracting women.

But to the horror of their butchered bodies, depleted bank accounts, and incredibly shrinking egos, women didn't even feel a smidgen more attraction toward them.

Attraction is not what women prefer or how they judge you. If it were, most of us men would be royally screwed because...

Women prefer men sporting Kobe Bryant's physique, Johnny Depp's Face, Bill Gates' bank account, Barry White's voice, and Ron Jeremy's schlong.

Most men, alas, aren't all these qualities rolled up into one pretty little package.

But don't start squawking like a bleeding sheep who knows it's time for fleecing and slaughtering. Don't start brooding like a dog at the pound who knows he's about to be put to sleep.

Here's the first slab of hope to brighten up your day...

Now and then some of the qualities women prefer or look for in a man will actually PREVENT them from feeling attraction toward a man.

Most women, for example, would love the idea of a man they just met taking them out shopping. But taking a woman shopping will put any attraction she felt toward you on its deathbed.

The sight of a pussy whipped man taking a woman he's just met shopping, in my opinion, is more grotesque than seeing a baby calf being slaughtered...

Because he's communicating to a woman that he views her as a Prize he wants to win over. He wants her validation and approval. He's trying impress her. The bastard desperately wants her to like him.

This makes him look like a human lapdog. Women are attracted to men who are the Prize, not human lapdogs.

Attraction is not about appealing to what women prefer or about filling the quota for what they judge as attractive in a man.

Attraction is creating an emotional vacuum, compelling women to want and reach and chase for more of You. Doing this is what I call "Prizing."

Do you want dozens of step-by-step examples of Prizing women?

If you answered yes, your in luck because my course is chock full of examples of Prizing women, giving you the tools and confidence togenerate massive attraction inside the women
You desire.


Push-Pull is whenever you emotionally push a woman away from you... and, then, emotionally pull her back in. Each Push creates an emotional space for each Pull. For a more in depth expanation of push-pull, click here.

Moving onto your first question.

You asked: "If you don't close a woman that you've successfully prized the very first time you meet her, how can you pitch for her # or how do you pitch for another encounter without losing your Prizability?"

I've hung out with guys who've gotten insane amounts of numbers over the course of an evening - were talkin' to the tune of ten to fifteen phone numbers.

Many of these guys used some really slick linguistic tricks to coax women into givin' up the digits. But I'm not gonna share these linguistic tricks with you because they won't help. They might even hurt you.

If you've gotta trick a woman into giving you her number, you risk her either giving you a fake or her not returning your phone calls. Either way you're screwed.

Women don't give me fake phone numbers and when I call a women I've just met they're almost always thrilled to hear from me because...

I establish Prizability with a woman before asking for her phone number.

There are exceptions: for example, if I get a woman's number while driving I don't have a lot of time to establish Prizability with her.

For situations where you've only got a few seconds to get their number, try to do or say something to establish that you're the Prize in the interaction.

Generally speaking, however, it's best to spend a minimum of five to fifteen minutes establishing Prizability with a woman before going in for the phone number.

I usually get women to the point that they're hoping I'm going to ask for their number.

Sometimes they get worried that I won't ask for their number and get up the gall to give me their digits without me ever asking.

"How can you tell when a woman wants you to ask for her number?" you might be wondering.

You don't need to brood and bitch and fondle your crystal ball to know when a woman wants you to ask for her number.

What you need is experience. The more experience you get, the stronger your intuition becomes.

Also - I'm working on a product where I break down step-by-step the subtle behaviors women display when they want you to ask for their number.

When I know I've got enough Prizability with a woman I'll say, "You seem like a cool girl. Write down your number... and maybe we'll hang out."

Notice, I'm not really asking for her number.

I'm, instead, giving her an opportunity to give me her number.

This gives her a glimmer of hope that I might be interested yet maintains the meta-frame: I'm the Prize she wants to win over.

If you use this line before you've got genuine Prizability with a woman, it's just a slick linguistic trick and, thus, your results will be helter-skelter at best.

There are very few external barriers that stop women from giving you their number when you've got sufficient Prizability and given her an opportunity to give you her number.

So, for example, if a girl is being dragged away by her friends but you've got Prizability and given her an opportunity to give you her number, she'll almost always give you her digits.

Before I let you go, here's one more tip...

I've heard many dating experts claim that beautiful women give their numbers out to heaps of men and, thus, according to these dating experts, when calling a woman it is imperative to state your name and the place you met her. If not, you risk awkwardness at best and the woman hanging up on you at worst.

This is only a half truth. Many a woman gives her phone number to truckloads of men.

But saying, to give you an example of what not to do, "Hello. This is Bill. You are very attractive and probably have a lot of men calling you. So to refresh your memory, I met you at the Saddle Ranch bar on Thursday the twenty-second of April at around 10:34 PM." is like playing Russian roulette on your balls because...

It communicates to her that you think she's got so many guys calling her that if you don't explain who you are she won't remember you.

It establishes the meta-frame that she's the Prize you are trying to win over. Bad thing! Women feel no attraction toward men who aren't the Prize.

When giving a woman a ring, always assume she knows who you are.

Before calling a woman I always think to myself: "Poor girl. Most likely, I'm her only friend. She's probably been sitting by the phone all week waiting for that phone call from ME!!"

Warning: Sometimes women genuinely won't remember you.

They might even ask your name or where you met them.

Should you tell them?

No No No!! This makes it too easy. Make 'em remember on their own. Maybe give 'em a few bread crumbs, leading them in the right direction.

Maybe bring up something from your first interaction with her: a joke of yours she laughed at, a subject you connected with her on, an interesting conversation you had with her... and so on.

Hint: It's gotta be something that left an impression on her. That even if she's lumbered with an IQ barely into the double digits, she couldn't forget.

So, for example, when getting a woman's number I'll occasionally tell them to draw a picture of themselves so I can remember them.

Then, when I talk to them on the phone, I'll ignore all the questions they ask me about my name and where they met me.

I might, for example, say, "I'd date You... but only if your eyelashes were a little longer on the picture you drew of yourself."

At this point they usually start giggling and excitedly say, "I know who you are!"

I've used this with women whose numbers I got two or three months ago but didn't make the effort to call them back. And using this they remembered me.

This works because if a woman doesn't recognize You, you're making her earn the right to remember. Instead of telling her who you are, you're leaving her bread crumbs, forcing her to figure it out on her own.

This sets the meta-frame that you're the Prize she wants to win over.

Unfortunately, this only scratches the surface of Prizability and Prizing women.

But if you want to get your hands on a world class education, giving you the confidence and tools to generate massive attraction in the women you desire, making them want and reach and chase for more of you, get yourself a copy of my course today.

The good news for you is that I've put all of the secrets to Prizability and Prizing I've discovered from countless hours of trial and error into an audio course.

You'll get a complete education on attracting women where many men just like you have been successfully mastering the exact steps to consistently approach, engage, attract, and become intimate with the women they desire.

I'm so confident that you're going to absolutely love my course that I'm gonna let you test drive it free of charge.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Push your comfort zone this very moment and start succeeding with the women you want by getting your hands on a copy of my course. You'll be glad you did.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of my ebook do so by clicking here. It's the foundation for everything I teach.

Your Loyal Dating Coach,



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