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How Play Hard To Get With Women

Author: Swinggcat

Note: Inside you'll learn attraction secrets I've kept under wraps until now. In my honest opinion, these skills are what separate a Jedi master at attracting women from average guys. So read this article very carefully.

We've all seen it before, my friend

A silver-tongued Casanova firing sound bite after sound bite at a shining example of female perfection. Each sound bite carefully crafted to induce cough-up-a-lung laughs.

Between the sound bites, he intersperses games and magic tricks tailor-made to suck her into his world by the eyeballs.

To the untrained eye, his game is on steroids: her generously sized melons jiggle with laughter, her heart-shaped lips form into a fuck-me pout, and her Lolita-esque eyes hold onto every word he utters.

But a few minutes later things start to stray off course

Giggles turn to silence and intrigue turns to boredom. In her eyeballs, two try-hard dancing monkeys reflected off him. His I'm-compensating-for-my-small-penis stench so foul she can feel it singe off the fine hairs inside her nose.

Her smile folds into the same grimace women make when a man unexpectedly sneaks his pecker into their poop chute.

So what went wrong?

If you've had some success in the single scene trenches you probably know exactly why things took a turn for the tragic.

Sprinkling your female interactions with interesting gambits, funny stories, jokes, and even magic tricks can pique womenís interest. Get your big toe in the door.


Bombarding a woman with entertainment without a letup reeks of a need for approval and attention.

Plus, it does nothing to fill her groin with lust.

So what puts the jumbo in a woman's mojo?

If you wanna move a female's intrigue from her eyeballs to her vajayjay, youíve gotta play hard-to-get. Not playing hard-to-get is like trying to drive a car without an engine.

Important: If you've ever struggled to play hard-to-get, it's imperative that you pay close attention to what Iím about to tell you

A cancerous belief causes most men to make at least one of three mistakes when playing hard-to-get (and there's a good chance this belief is stifling your potential success with women).

Before I divulge this belief to you, I wanna say a few words about these three mistakes.

Mistake # 1: Indifference Taken To The Extreme

Bars across the world abound with men oozing indifference. When in a social environment, they stand with their head tall, chin up, chest out, and lips contorted into a regal smirk.

But instead of taking the initiative and approaching women, they passively stand there and think to themselves: I'm the Prize, therefore, women will approach me.

They believe that putting themselves out there will sink their status from a noble prince to a groveling peasant.

While their ego may swell to the size of a hot air balloon, their down-below parts are destined for a lonely existence. Unless you happen to have rock star fame or sport model good looks, an I'm the Prize aura alone isn't gonna compel droves of women to jump your bones.

Mistake # 2: Trying To Get A Reaction Out Of A Woman

Oh boy. This brings me back to when I was first learning this stuff.

Years ago I believed, as long as my back faced the woman I was trying attract, I was playing hard-to-get.

Within a few minutes of meeting a woman, my torso revolved 180 degrees so my back faced her, my neck cranked my head towards her, and, like a puppy dog, my eyeballs eagerly awaited her reaction.

Did this work?


But there was a problem: my body language telegraphed my throbbing desire to get a reaction out of women.

In women's eyes, I wasn't any less needy than a dancing monkey entertaining them into the wee hours of the morning.

Mistake # 3: Piquing A Womanís Interest & Then Walking Away & Desperately Awaiting Her To Reengage Him

You may be guilty of this one.

As for myself: if mistake # 3 were a sin, I'd have sinned more times than an Italian mob boss.

Here's how mistake # 3 usually plays out:

A guy makes a funny comment. The woman laughs and he walks away. Then he spends the rest of his night keeping his fingers crossed that sheís coming back.

His chances?

Unless he's really skilled, a whisker shy of 0, my friend.

If you're guilty of any of these mistakes, go here.

How To Play Hard-To-Get

The first step is having Prizability or value in the eyes of a woman.

You don't need to rope twenty gold chains around your neck, purchase a private jet, or levitate her martini.

In fact, less is more. A small chuckle. A dab of curiosity. A tiny whatever that glues her attention to you for a moment and makes her think "that's funny" or "that's interesting."

When she bites the bait, you'll feel the pressure to keep her on the hook. Resist the temptation to say something that holds her interest. This is where most men blow it. (More on this is a second.)

Instead, create a negative space.

Great artists and musicians know the importance of using negative space.

In Don Mackay's Spaces Between Moth the negative spaces between the moth reveal faces and arms and vice versa.

Don MacKays Spaces Between Moth


The jazz musician Miles Davis was a master at using negative space. The pregnant pauses scattered throughout his trumpet playing are almost hypnotic.

Hypnotists use negative space by pausing between their clauses to put their subjects into a progressively deeper trance.

Using negative space on women cranks up the sexual tension and pulls them into your reality.

Alas, using negative space frightens most men more than spiders frighten little girls.

This is probably because us guys are scared to death of a pregnant pause or an awkward silence. We worry that if we don't fill in every last smidgen of emptiness, women will stop liking us.

This fear of using negative space stems from the same cancerous belief that causes men to make the three hard-to-get mistakes. (We'll get to that in a second.)

To create negative space with a woman, you don't need to memorize any fancy lines. You don't need to walk away from her. In fact, your feet shouldnít move an inch.

All that's required is this

Once a woman sticks her canines into the proverbial bait, create a negative space by keeping your mouth zippered shut and moving your focus of attention away from her and onto something else.

If, for example, there's a person wearing a funny hat, two meatheads clamoring at one another, or a sexy vixen picking her nose, plaster your eyeballs on the freak show of your choice.

If you do this right, her heart will thud and throb and yearn for more time with you her bra will jut out a few extra inches to compete for your attention, her voice will fight to reengage you... and if she fails, like a bratty child, her needy hand might grab or punch your arm.

Let's break down what's going on inside that little noggin of hers.


By you creating a negative space, it gives her time to reflect on your value.

Have you ever had someone barrage you with stories, jokes, and their latest list of accomplishments?

Maybe bits and pieces of what they said perked up your ears and pulled your eyeballs a few millimeters out of their sockets.

But probably, all you remember is how try-hard they were.

On the flipside, if a person says something interesting and then shuts up, theyíve given you the negative space to contemplate how intriguing they are.


You're utilizing a principle hypnotists call fractionation.

Hypnotists use fractionation by taking their subjects in and out of hypnotic states. Every successive time they put their subjects back into a hypnotic state, the subject goes exponentially deeper into trance.

Similarly, if you say something funny to a woman, withdraw your attention from her by putting it onto something else, and then say something much less funny, she'll laugh three times as hard.


By averting your attention away from her, she feels that she's losing your interest.

This is confusing yet sexually titillating for her. For her entire adult life, whenever she shows interest in a man, he takes the opportunity by the boobies and works like mule to win her over.

But you've inverted her reality: while you've piqued her interest, she feels that she's failed to pique yours.

This whole experience builds sexual tension in her by creating tension loops. These tension loops emotionally drive her to seduce you.

When tension is sparked in a person, the mind seeks for release of that tension. Good movies keep us on the edge of our seat by exploiting this principle. The movie begins by introducing conflict or drama. This sparks tension in us. Our mind seeks release of this tension by some kind of resolution to the conflict or drama.

Using negative space creates two types of tension loops.

The first one is a need for your validation.

You've piqued her interest, giving her time to reflect on your value, and demonstrated your lack of interest in her. This sparks sexual tension by creating a need for your attention and approval. The only way she can release this tension is by proactively working for your attention.

The second one is a need to get back the good feelings you took away from her.

Putting her in a positive emotional state and then taking it away sparks sexual tension by creating a need to get those good feelings back. The only way she can discharge this tension is to step up to the plate and engage you in conversation.

Big warning: Earlier I mentioned a cancerous belief that cripples your chances at making this work. That's the belief that your value is below the women you desire.

If this diabolical thought virus infects your brain, you must supersede it with the belief that youíre the Prize.

You cannot fake believing you're the Prize. If you still believe women possess a higher value than you, you'll unconsciously communicate it to them in your body language and tone of voice. Without even knowing it, youíll commit at least one of the three mistakes to playing hard-to-get.

You may think you have the Iím the Prize belief harnessed to your brain.

But I gotta be honest with you...

Buckets full of men think they possess the Iím the Prize belief. As they jabber on about their female conquests, Iím-the-Prize confidence exudes out of every pore.

But as soon as they're plunged into interacting with an attractive woman, a paralyzing fear moves through their body and they think: Oh no the woman's value is higher than mine.

The trick to figuring out if you're the proud owner of the I'm the Prize belief is paying attention to what you think, feel, and do when youíre interacting with women.

What should I do if I don't have the I'm the Prize belief?

Good question.

Before you go out to meet women, I want you to rehearse the following affirmations.

1). I'm the Prize.

2). Women are trying to win me over

3). They want me so bad they are trying to get me to sleep with them.

4). I'll only sleep with them if they live up to my standards and expectations.

You don't need to bellow so loud your neighbors can hear you. (Do that and they may have the authorities lock you up in a padded room.) Saying them in your head will suffice. Say each one ten times.

Next, find a quiet place and close your eyes. Imagine the kind of woman you'd like to attract. Imagine her thinking you're a Prize she wants to win over. Visualize her trying to get you to sleep with her. Think of all things she'd be thinking, feeling, and doing.

These exercises tattoo the belief I'm the Prize into your subconscious mind.

The more you rehearse and practice these exercises before you go out, the stronger your I'm the Prize belief becomes.

Combining a strong belief that youíre the Prize with the use of negative space has an almost magical affect on women: they'll feel magnetically drawn to seduce you.

If you'd like to get a full blown education on attracting women, check out my book Real World Seduction 2.0. Inside you'll a PhD A-Z educaction on approaching, attracting, and getting physical with the women of your dreams.

Click here to download your copy right now.

Your Loyal Dating Coach,


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