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Swinggcat Real World Seduction Newsletters Mail Bag

Author: Swinggcat

Mail Bag is Swinggcat 's email correspondents with his students. He is the author of Real World Seduction*.

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Secret Psychology Behind Challenging Women

You started with the ring routine and the cube. These are games you can play with women. If used correctly they can rapidly speed up the attraction process.

How To Get A Womans Phone Number

If you don't close a woman that you've successfully prized the very first time you meet her, how can you pitch for her # or how do you pitch for another encounter without losing your Prizability?

Radical Honesty

For the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of teaching my step-by-step system for ATTRACTING women to a few select guys. With every one of these guys there was the same thing missing. This one thing, however, is something that every guy who is incredible with women has. Being privy to this one secret can distinguish the magnetic Casanova from the floundering Waldo.

A Largely Unknown Secret For Having Threesomes...And Other Powerful Tools

I tried coaxing her into having a threesome with me. She, alas, resisted. This frustrated me and I sought advice. One guy gave me some golden advice...

What To Do If A Women Tells You, "You're Not My Type."

A woman letting a man know he's not her type is so common it's almost cliché....and when it happens to you - it sucks. It can feel like you've hit a brick wall

How To Turn Friends Into Lovers

A few words of caution: Making friends with a woman does not mean figuratively shoving an estrogen suppository up your rear, making you into one of her sympathetic girlfriends who eagerly await hearing about her latest boy disaster tale...

Inside Look of How A Man Attracts A Woman

My feeling is that the more examples you hear and read about, the deeper your understanding of my techniques will become. Put simply, Real World examples are awesome!

How This Man Took The Girlfriend Off The Arms Of A Notorious Player

Every guy reading this whose girlfriend or wife slipped out of his fingers and into the hands of a slithering player is thinking, “Amen brother!” Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Turning Bratty Behaviour Into Uncontrollable Attraction

What should you do when a drunk girl says something like that? What can you do when a girl is in a really bad "drunk mode"? What should I do if she gets together with the player?

Has Your Mind Gone Blank When Talking To Women?

Have you ever approached a woman, said something, and then went blank or couldn't keep her engaged?

A Small Fib That Might Be Crippling Your Love Life...

I'm going to share with you something I've wanted to talk about for a long time. It is something that cripples many men's love lives. And there's a good chance it affects yours.