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What To Do If Women Tells You "Your Not My Type"

Author: Swinggcat

Admit it...

A woman letting a man know he's not her type is so common it's almost cliché....and when it happens to you - it sucks. It can feel like you've hit a brick wall

But, honest to God, there are some men who revel in women barking at them with, "You're not my type."

It puts a big shi*t eating grin on their face because...

They possess the secret to mutating this comment from a woman into massive attraction inside her body.

I should know. I'm one of these men.

In a minute I'm gonna let you in on this secret method that less than 98.4 % of the male population knows about, giving you an unfair advantage over others. It works so well it's almost embarrassing.

But first I want to share a story with you a guy sent into me...

"Hi Swinggcat, I have a question about something that happened to my friend while he initiated a chat with a woman inside a bus. She might have been in a slightly bad mood or tired as she answered his questions in a disinterested way and within two minutes of the chat she rejected him to his face saying 'you are too young for me'. I was just wondering if there's a solution for these kinds of situation in your book where it is possible to turn a rejection into attraction. Plz reply asap."

        - K from NY

All I have to say is: Déjà vu. This reminds me of the same problem I used to have. Everything would be going fine until the women inevitably sneered, "How old are you, twelve?"

I wasn't annoyed; I was seething with frustration.

I even had one woman ask me for age verification before we... well, that's a story I'll save for another day.

But, my friend, the pendulum has swung the other way: Many women I meet think I'm a modest decade their senior.

Maybe it's age beginning to march across my face or too many sleepless nights?


Whether a woman thinks I'm too young or too old for her doesn't matter to me one bit because...

Years ago a friend of mine taught me a few short words that not only circumvent the objection but also... generate massive attraction inside women.

He was in his mid thirties yet had a penchant for really young girls: We're talkin' late teens to early twenties.

But as soon as he started flirting with a girl she'd chirp, "Dude, how old are you? You must be my dad's age."

So he racked his brain and came up with something that's not only pure genius but also... fall-on-the-floor hilarious.

If a twenty-one year old girl objected to his age, he'd say...

"Did you know girls age faster than guys? Take models, for example. They peak at like seventeen. By the time they're nineteen they've passed their prime. They're middle aged. You're twenty-one, making you sixty-three in girl years"

When a woman told me that I was too young for her, I'd say this exact line but add...

"You're practically a senior citizen... Don't take this the wrong way but I'm an active guy and don't think you could handle me with your cane and all... I should introduce you to my grandmother, I think she's more your speed."

Do you know why this generates attraction in 90.2% of women?

Here's a quick explanation...

When a woman says, "You're too young (or old) for me," she's establishing the underlying meaning of your interaction with her as her being the Prize you're trying to win over.

This underlying meaning is what I call the "Meta-Frame."

But... when you respond to her with the line above, it proverbially picks her up by the nape of her neck and sucks her into your Meta-Frame that you're the Prize she's trying to win over.

Doing this is what I call an "Attraction Coup."

There's a structure to the Attraction Coup. Master the structure and you can mutate any negative response or objection a woman flings your way into heaps of attraction inside her.

I'll tell you where you can get your hands on this step-by-step structure in a minute.

Maybe, though, you're worrying, "If I use this line she'll walk away and think to herself: "Thank God that creep wasn't interested in me."?

Most of the time this isn't the case because...

Women want you to desire them - even if they aren't initially attracted to you.

Fact is... When you goad a woman into trying to convince you that she's desirable, you establish the Meta-Frame that you're the Prize she's trying to win over.

I have, for example, had many experiences where women told me they weren't interested.

But then I'd let them know they fell an inch short of what I look for in a woman... and, therefore, would never go for them.

As a result, they'd struggle for my validation and approval... and, then, it would hit them like a scolding hot frying pan across the forehead: They felt attraction for me.

I've had many of my students email me with similar experiences.

But there's another part, a very important part that makes this effective...

And what I'm about to suggest is very advanced...

Whenever a woman feels even a smidgen of attraction for you...And you point out all of the reasons why the two of you make a bad match... the attraction she feels exponentially increases.

It's like putting a super-powered magnifying glass on that spec of attraction she feels toward you and transforming it into uncontrollable lust.

Go out and try this line. You'll be quite pleased, my friend, with the results.

But the reality is...

If you've spent time in the singles scene trenches, you've probably noticed women putting up other objections such as: height, weight, education, social status... and the list goes on.

"How do I respond?" you might wonder.

You could memorize an attraction coup to every objection a woman has. And inside my audio course you'll get dozens of word-for-word Attraction Coups.

But in all honesty...

There are so many objections women throw at men that having a canned response to each one is a challenge a few hairs shy of impossible.

Plus... memorizing a warehouse full of lines is a shi*t pot full of work. With a fraction of the effort you'd put into memorizing all of these canned responses, you could have at least one new woman in your life.

But then, Swinggcat, the problem still remains...

How do you handle objections flying out of left field?

Why are some guys able to effortlessly transform any objection a woman throws at them into attraction?

I used to wonder this myself. And I have a confession to make...

I was so jealous of guys who had the wit to mutate any objection or negative response into attraction.

When I asked them how they came up with witty responses so quickly they'd shrug their shoulders and stare at me vacantly because...

It was unconscious. They had no conscious understanding of what they did.

For a long time I thought it was an impossible skill to learn. You were either born with wit or not.

But then it all changed when I discovered...

A learnable and repeatable structure anyone can master.

You might have all the confidence in the world. Maybe you can skillfully approach dozens of women in a single night.

But if you can't handle women's objections - and you'll inevitably get them - your chances of success with women are grim.

Whether you take the time to learn the Attraction Coup structure or not, doesn't affect my life one bit.

The few of us who know this structure will continue to turn objections into heaps of attraction, allowing us to enjoy truckloads of success with women.

The question is: Are you ready to change your life by learning this structure?

Can you imagine what it would be like to mutate any negative response you get from a woman into massive attraction?

How would that affect your life?

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of my ebook do so by clicking here. It's the foundation for everything I teach.

Your Loyal Dating Coach,



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