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Be A Risk Taker

Author: Tenmagnet

As you guys probably know, we talk a lot here about three "Attraction Switches," which are the core traits that women find attractive in men. The three switches are:

    1. Preselected by women
    2. Leader of men
    3. Protector of loved ones

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think we should consider adding a fourth attraction switch: Successful Risk-Taker.

Why the successful risk-taker? Think about it. What is the most unattractive title that a woman can pin on a man? It's loser. Being a loser is the most unattractive thing that a guy can be. Dumb, player, weird, badly-dressed, dorky: all these are bad enough, but loser is the king of the insults when coming from a woman.

In a game of chance, the odds of success depend simply on what game you're playing, and your strategy. There are no world-champion blackjack players, because, aside from counting cards, there's no strategy you can use to win. But in real life, there's an extra factor: you. Some people, when they take a 1 in 10 risk, win every time. Some people, when they take a 50/50 risk, tend to fail a lot. The first group of people are winners, and the latter are losers. Which category of person you fall into says a lot about your character and ability to succeed in the world. You can also tell which kind of person a man is by the risks he takes.

For example, there's a common statistic out there that says two-thirds of all small businesses fail within the first two years. From that statistic, you might reasonably assume that starting a small business isn't really a smart idea. You might read that statistic and think "I'm better off here in the office, working for the man," but that's loser thinking. That two-thirds statistic is only relevant if you're just as smart, competent, and hard-working as the average small business owner. If you're brilliant, talented, and you have a good small business idea, your chance of failure might very well be zero.

The same applies to sports. The chance of a high school basketball player making the NBA is probably 1 in 1,000... unless your name is Michael Jordan, in which case it's 100%. So when you say to yourself "going for that goal is a big risk," think to yourself - is it really a big risk? For you?

And this is why the willingness to take risks is attractive to women. People who are willing to take risks do so because they are winners, and people who are afraid to take risks don't because they are losers. By taking risks, you are demonstrating to a woman that you are a winner... (well, either that or really stupid, but once you show you're not stupid, you look like a winner), and when you chicken out - you're a loser.

Let me give you guys some real-life examples of simple risk-taking and what it says about you.

  • You won't eat Indian food - You're a wimp and will barf.
  • You think Mexico is too dangerous to visit - You're a chump and people like to rob you.
  • You would never play the stock market - You're not smart enough to win.
  • You're cheap (even if you're rich) - Deep down inside you fear losing your money.
  • You perform Jackass-like stunts - You're confident enough in your physical and mental prowess to do things that would otherwise be considered stupid.
  • You're trying to be a rock star - You're confident enough in your musical abilities that you're willing to risk it all.
  • You drive too fast - You're confident enough in your abilities that you're willing to bank on it.
  • You have a bad habit of being loud and abrasive in bad neighborhoods and seedy bars - you're confident that if things go down, you could handle yourself.
  • You have a healthy contempt for rules and punishments - You're smart enough not to get busted, and tough enough to risk the consequences.

Even risks that might otherwise be considered "stupid" can often make you look cool. If I were to do a bunch of Jackass-style stunts, I would probably hurt myself pretty bad, and for me, they would be stupid. But if you're tougher than the average guy and if you have the fortitude, then one of those stunts might be a perfectly acceptable risk. They only look dangerous to wimps.

So what do you do now that I've enlightened you with this information? First, you have to go out there and take risks, and live a risk-taking life. That might mean a few failures here or there, but if you keep at it, you'll become a winner. Second, when you're talking to women, you want to convey this information. Talk (in comfort) about how you did something that might seem foolish or rash, and how it worked out. Finally, just remember guys... it's successful risk taker, not stupid risk taker. I don't want you guys poking your eyes out and coming back to yell at me!

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