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The Don

The Don is Love Systems most popular instructor. He is the author of the hit Love Systems’ Routines Manual , featuring hundreds of routines from the best and most talented professionals in the field of dating science.  He is also a contributor to our Interview Series, discussing these topics:

The Don is a USC alum, originally hailing from NY, who currently lives and approaches women in the city of Los Angeles. In his civilian life, he is an accomplished writer, having sold and optioned several screenplays over the past several years.

A member of Mensa and an avid reader, The Don uses a combination of intelligence, humor and strategy to find and attract women of top quality; inside and out. In seminar, he focuses on teaching students the external tactics to generate attraction and internal ways to reshape their beliefs regarding what they are capable of with women. He believes firmly that success with women is a teachable skill and prides himself on being able to demonstrate and communicate Love Systems to help men transform their lives.

Below is a list of The Don's best articles:

Statements of Interest

The Don - A lot of students are confused about the reasoning behind the Qualification process.

Email Read Opener

The Don - Women will often be more open than usual when they first meet you due to the initial anonymity you have...

Engaged Friend Opener

The Don - This opener has a little drama in it and is short and quick for stimulating interest.

Dead Best Friend Opener

The Don - This is another high risk/high reward opener that usually gets a lot of laughs or indignation, either of which is useful.

Child Support Opener

The Don - This is risky, but can be effective. And it’s pretty good for just entertaining yourself if you are sick of opinion openers.