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Email Read Opener

Author: The Don

Women will often be more open than usual when they first meet you due to the initial anonymity you have, and may admit things they’ve done that are a bit unusual. Use this to your advantage to “cold read” or “tease” her responses (see important terms, Chapter 1 of the Routines Manual ) and move forward.

“Would you read your boyfriend’s email if you thought he was cheating on you?”

(They answer.)

“My friend thought his girlfriend was cheating on him so he had these guys in China hack into her email for $250...I know, it’s shady; anyway, he finds out she is cheating. But should he tell her he hacked into her email or just dump her out of the blue?”

(They answer.)

“If he breaks up with her out of the blue it’ll seem weird to everyone. They’ve been together for like two years. But if he says he read the email, she’ll totally turn it around on him and make it about the hacking. That’s totally a brilliant girl tactic. Turning it around on the guy even when you’re wrong...”

(To the woman you want:)

“You would totally do that.”

For more opener and routines, check out the Routines Manual 1 and Routines Manual 2.

I am an instructor for Love Systems and the author of the hit Love Systems’ Routines Manual , featuring hundreds of routines from the best and most talented professionals in the field of dating science.  Listen to my audio interview series:

The Don


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