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Trick To Sarging Solo

Author: Toecutter

The trick to sarging solo as far as I am concerned is not to look like you are there alone.

Here is how:

Know the staff and regulars. These people are always there and get you chatting. Sometimes it can be hard just to jump out of your skin and START talking. Especially if you have not spoken to anyone before you walk in. I would also suggest, if it has been a while since you last spoke, getting on your cell phone just before entering and warming up your mouth a bit with a friend, then hit your bar staff and regulars, then girls. Hi-fives and high energy all the way as you do your enterance.

Next thing: Never stand alone. Or if you are alone, realise that you have to get into a conversation immediately. Like FUCKING NOW! It does not matter with whom, if you stand alone you will stale out, feel unproofed, and chicken out of getting it restarted. When alone between sets you want to look like you are doing something. Walk around as if you are looking for someone or heading for the bathroom or order another drink or something. Chat with the waitress or bar manager again. Watch the live music and have clear enjoyment on your face if there is live music, but do not let these sorts of activities be crutches ... get the fuck into a conversation. Don’t stand still alone. Eject from one set ... "Look I have gotta go, nice meeting you", turn around make your way through the crowd as if you have a destination but are in no hurry, spot a second new set and open it. Merge sets, isolate chicks.

Easier places are those that are crowded. When the place is crowded it just looks like you are separated from your friends. If asked, your friends are "Over there". Get good standing / drinking crowds where people are standing in sets. Big sets are fine. Go in with opinion openers and work the guys hard. Without your own set of mates there it is handy to have some guys to slap backs with and shit between sets. Don’t shy away from mixed sets at all. You are there alone. Mixed sets are good for you.

Avoid places where every move you make can be seen by everyone in the bar. In other words, a semi-empty bar with beautiful bar staff and waitresses lazing around doing not much and some seated sets at tables is not a good place to sarge when you are alone even if the targets are higher quality here than up the street. Also, you want to resist the temptation to be the bar-fly and sit on a bar stool with a beer in your hand.

But number 1 rule is to always be in conversation.

What does a guy who is at a bar, club or lounge alone look like? He is standing alone watching the rest of the people. What does a guy who is not alone look like? He is speaking to people. So what is the difference between being an alone guy and a guy with people? Starting a conversation. That is the only thing standing in the way of turning you from an alone-guy to a with-mates guy. An ice-breaker. If you are in a conversation, to the rest of the bar it will look like you are there with the people you are speaking to. So you have just got to speak to people. Ask a mixed set what they think about whether you should get your tongue pierced. Tell them your girlfriend wants you to do it. Let the unknown guys in the set have all the cunnilingus gags. Set up jokes for them, and disqualify yourself from the women in the sets so the guys are comfortable with you there. Whatever. Now you have new insta-friends. Just speak.


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