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Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden is the co-founder of Real Social Dynamics RSD.


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Secret Society

Tyler Durden - Many guys will dislike this, because it implies that women are sluts and untrustworthy. Well, I can only speak from my experience and report back what I've seen. I'm also posting in a semi-satirical tone - I haven't gone off the deep end..... yet... :)

State Control

Tyler Durden - Revelations for me, probably other guys thought of this... To my mind, this is really important shit.

Implementing A Habit

Tyler Durden - I noticed a pattern recently about how I implement habits. Here is how I implement a habit...


Tyler Durden - We don't only want entrance, but we want it free and we want to be bumped to the front of the line. There exists many social SUBCOMMUNICATIONS that convey social value.

Active Disinterest

Tyler Durden - I had a few thoughts this week, from watching some guys I was working with. Some guys (I can't remember who) re-labelled the term Active Disinterest as "Tentative Interest". I think this came from Swinggcat, I'm not sure. To me this is all the same thing, but for some guys this distinction could be useful because they are learning only from text so it's important for the terminology to be as accurate as possible. Since they aren't seeing direct examples, nothing can be taken for granted I suppose.

Mini Cold Reads

Tyler Durden - WhiteDragonPUA (Eddy) and I always joke that shit like the CUBE, handwriting analysis, strawberry-fields, and palmreading, is CRACK for chicks.

We call it "CHICK-CRACK".

Social Vibing

Tyler Durden - Social Intelligence. Having struggled so hard to learn it, I have so much to say on this topic. In this post I'd like to specifically discuss social vibing and insecurity (a very focused, but important peice of the puzzle).

Escalation, Buying Temperature And LockUp

Tyler Durden - At this point in my game, my focus is on pushing girls into BUYING TEMPERATURE, recognizing it, and ESCALATING.

Five Step Escalation Structure

Tyler Durden - Mixing and matching V, A, C, Q, S. Some basic often asked questions from the scene are...

How To Be A Good Wing

Tyler Durden - Researchers have found that males' testosterone levels are effected even by trivial events such as their favourite sports team winning or losing a game. Our testosterone varies depending on the level of success that we have.

Wing Sandwich

Tyler Durden - When you are walking around the club with a wing stay behind him and try and sandwich a HB in between the two of you...

How To Really Pick Up


25 Points

Tyler Durden - Taught a few hundred guys by now just from meeting guys through PAIR and in workshops recently, and this is the shit that ups their game instantly with no tactics or anything. I see this shit ALL THE TIME. It's the BIGGEST and most COMMON problem I see after everyone I've met. This is some of the main shit I focus on fixing when I'm in the field.

How To Be Genuine


Playing Hard To Get

Tyler Durden - This post is directed towards girls who you ascertain are attracted to challenging guys. Not all girls are like this, but many hot girls are. Again, many aren't. For guys use or advocate other styles which don't make use of this sort of stuff, the reason that they are getting laid is that they using other means of getting laid. There is more than one style. This post is something that is useful for guys in my context, and if you're using a totally different style than me, then this stuff may be useless to you.

Initial Resistance After Opener

Tyler Durden - This is an example of how to deal with girls that wont play along to your first initial opener…

Blond Hair

Tyler Durden - Opened EVERY time in Toronto, and even huge AFCs on ASF have emailed me saying that its opened 100% of the time. I don't know of an opener that I've seen open more than this, so far.

Plant And Stare

Tyler Durden - My favourite opener lately is to just walk up to girls and just stop. Like plant myself in front of them.

David Bowie Opener

Tyler Durden - Simple stuff, always opens. "Guys, do girls think that David Bowie is hot?"...

Seattle Girlfriend

Tyler Durden - My friend met this girl in Seattle, and they really hit it off. They wound up hooking up on the first night, and he even hung out with her in L.A. over the next week...

Jerk Routines

Tyler Durden - This is called THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. I've tried something UNCONVENTIONAL here, and found that it has excellent results. Do not criticize until you have tried, and seen the results.

Puppy Dog Routines

Tyler Durden - Try to get the chick wanting to cuddle you and take care of you.. how? Use sympathy routines!

PVC Devil

Tyler Durden - Oh, you're getting fiesty, huh? You know what I would do with you? I would dress you up.... in a red.. PVC... *devil* outfit...

Best Friends

Tyler Durden - You guys are best friends aren't you. You have exactly the same posture. And...

Sexual Predator

Tyler Durden - If I had to teach guy game in under 10 minutes, I guess that this is probably what I'd talk about (along with the more important points from the 25 points of not appearing needy, because if you appear needy you're usually blown out.. So say not the whole list, but at least not to peck in, or be too eager to touch or ask questions or have weird manneurisms that look desperate).

Female Roommates

Tyler Durden, Tenmagnet - I've been offered this *SWEET* place in (x place).. I want to live there, *BUT*..... I have to live with FOUR girls. Like *FOUR*. I'm going to get 4 times the boyfriend complaints...

Never Be A Couple

Tyler Durden, ijjjji - Aww - you are soo cute.. but you make me SO SAD!...

I Love You

Tyler Durden - “You know what… I love you… I really do… you know what… I’ve come to a decision… will you marry me? Marry me…

We Are Too Similar

Tyler Durden - Woa, what are you doing. Ok… you know what.. you and I would not get along…

AMOG Tactics

Tyler Durden - The easy way to handle any alpha is to be polite to him, but act disinterested by his rap/accomplishments using tonality/body language (without coming off as patronizing/sarcastic) while simultaneously being charming to others around you.

Boyfriend Destroyers

Tyler Durden - When BFdestroying you walk a tightrope between evoking too many bad feelings and having them anchoured to you, and getting the chick to want to dump her BF. Don't forget that your end goal is to f-close, not to break her up for some other dude to enjoy.

Trust Test

Tyler Durden - Say "You're taking the trust test". Then say "Give me your hands", and put your palms up for her to take them...

Tension Test

Tyler Durden - You know you're actually quite tense... I bet you're the kind of person that finds it difficult to really just let go….. and relax... lets see shall we, would you like to do the Tension Test?...

Lying Game

Tyler Durden - Do you wanna play the lying game? It goes like this. I'm going to ask you 3 questions...

Stealing Horny Chicks

Tyler Durden - The girl hits full buying temperature. Maybe you did it. Maybe another natural player did it. Maybe her boyfriend pissed her off and de-validated her. Maybe she's on vacation, and she decides she wants it. Whatever the way, she's decided she wants sex TONIGHT, and somebody is going to get it.

Short Set Method

NightVision - This is a field tested method by Tyler Durden used for low-key venues with regulars, or for super-loud venues where long sets are difficult due to excessive music volume.

Shifting Gears

Tyler Durden - I have CODIFIED street-walkups on moving targets, and can now PU moving targets with extremely HIGH HIGH consistency.

Phone Game

Tyler Durden - Over the course of the conversation, the topic of dating comes up. I ask, "What does it mean when you meet up with a guy, have a great time, maybe even kiss, but then when he calls you don't go out with him? Like you make up excuses and don't return his calls."

Tylers Solid Game

NightVision - This Field Report is GOLD. Tyler Durden runs solid game on HB10 and friends. Each step of this field report includes the motive in doing so. Too many developing PUAs gets so hung up on hurrying the process. Feel the situation and give time if need be. Of course the more you practice the more you'll be able to calibrate for each set instinctively..