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AMOG Tactics

Author: Tyler Durden


The easy way to handle any alpha is to be polite to him, but act disinterested by his rap/accomplishments using tonality/body language (without coming off as patronizing/sarcastic) while simultaneously being charming to others around you. This will drop his perceived value and cause him to qualify himself to try and raise it back up. He can't fight you or do shit like that, and he can't move to insults, because you've been polite and in doing so he would be making himself look VERY BAD. The only tactic vs this is to walk away. If you reward him just enough to encourage further qualifying but not enough to make him feel validated again he will fall into line as beta in relation to you. I blow out rich men in power outfits, top ranking professors in schools, 300lb bouncers, police officers and gangers ALL THE TIME. This shit works - if you do it right they will work VERY HARD to be your friend.

Ultra quick and effective AMOG destroyer

This is just like the JAP Busting stuff, where you say "you're cool", as a way of tricking him to qualify himself to you.

He's stuck, because if he DOES do well, he's qualified himself to you. If he doesn't, he's failed to. The only answer he would have would be to say back to you "hey now, you're cool.. I didn't mean to step on your toes man.. You're a smart guy, keep talking to her and I'll watch and learn man!"..
Of course to that, you could reply, "You just met me and you already say I'm smart and cool? hahah"

More AMOG destroyer

AMOG: How do you guys know eachother?
PUA: Her? I fucked her.
(Girl will go "aaaaaaaaah... hahahahah, I did NOT!!! But she'll hit you and be giggling and start crawling all over you...).

AMOG: Hey, this is a nice girl.
PUA: Her.. she's a slut..
(Again, girl will start going "nooooo!" while giggling her ass off and crawling on you.. this is very deflating to the guy trying to cut in)

AMOG: Hey girls whats up (or whatever)
PUA: Hey dude dude (putting hands up like you give up).. I will pay you a HUNDRED dollars right now, to take these girls away from me.
(Girls will go "no no no... we love you PUA.. noooooo" and giggle and crawl on you.. Again, immediately deflating to the guy)

AMOG: Hey girls what's up (or whatever)
PUA: Dude, OMG that shirt is AWESOME.. I had one just like it in highschool, it fucking rocks man.. Having a good time in London man.. It's awesome huh? Dude you're like the coolest guy I met all night.. (patting him on the shoulder)..

AMOG: (showing signs that he wants to fight)
PUA: hahah, dude, are you like trying to pick a fight with me? hahahha.. ok ok hold up hold up.. wait a sec, we'll do even better.. first... we'll have an armwrestling competition.. then second.. we'll do one armed pushups.. and last..... POSE-DOWN!!

(then you start flexing and go "ladies?", and they start saying how you're so strong, and the AMOG looks like a tool.. you're tooling him, by making him seem like he's trying too hard to impress the girls by showing them superiority).

AMOG: Hey man.. keep talking.. no no, let's hear your pitch man.. pick these girls up man, you're doing awesome.
PUA: Hey, you know I've gotta try to impress you COOL (x-city, x-dressed, x-whateverquality) guys.. You guys fucking ROCK.
(cut him down on whatever limited amount of knowledge you have of him, even if its not relevant whatsoever, he'll feel uncomfortable and his bodylanguage will show it)

AMOG: (starts touching you to show dominance)
PUA: hahhaha, DUUUUDE, I'm not into guys man... dude, there's club-gay-whatever over there man.. hands off the merchandise buddy
(girls laugh at him, then he starts qualifying himself to you that he's not gay)

AMOG: (gets in your face)
PUA: (don't answer.. just SIT there quiet.. the more he says stuff to you, the more he's TRYING.. talking too long without an answer is QUALIFYING yourself.. so if he keeps trying to out-alpha you, and you don't answer, eventually he looks beta because he tried too hard to get your attention.. another trick is to make "let's get out of here" girlcode with your eyes to the girls (mimmick what they do to eachother when you do a bad set), and they'll leave with you)

AMOG: (gets in your face)
PUA: dude, you're an alphamale..
AMOG: what's that..
PUA: you know, like the leader of the pack.. you call the shots.. you can put your hands on guys you don't know, cause you're alpha..
(fucks up his whole 'look cool' game, because you've characterized all his manneurisms, so anything he does to look alpha makes him appear to be qualifying himself too you.. if he continues, just say "see... alphamale.. whoa tiger, I can't mess")

PUA: dude, you're like Bart Simpson all grown up.. (for guys who pull the college-guy type out alpha on you)

PUA: dude, you're like the Joan Rivers of the club.. I love all the little comments and shit.. (to imply like he does nothing but sits on the sidelines making comments but doesn't take action, so use this on guys who have that characteristic in the club venue)

PUA: That was really good man, you're like a comedian.

OR, if the dude is out-alpha'ing you, keep going until he's TOO into it, and then let him do a bunch of condescending shit on you in a row. Look at the girls like you're bored or sad, and because he's talking TOO MUCH he's therefore qualifying himself to you and losing. Then say to the girls "he's playing the condescention game.. I already won so I stopped now.. who do you guys think won, me or him?" (key is that you looked SAD so the girls start going "awww, he's so sweet", so they'll say you won because they love you now)
For super aggressive AMOGs who try to pick fights

AMOG: blah blah..
PUA: Dude, are you pissed that you're rolling with all guys?

AMOG: blah blah
PUA: dude, your all guy crew is so slick man.. where are your girls dude, what happened tonight?

AMOG: let's go outside..
PUA: guy man, I'm with chicks right now.. I'M INTO CHICKS.. I can't get into this experimental kinky shit with you right now, I have my hands full.. (misinterpreting that he was trying to sleep with you, not fight you)

AMOG: blah blah..
PUA: dude, that shirt rocks.. Tommy Hilfiger.. awesome.. man, back in highschool I used to have the one with like all these cool stripes on it.. it was awesome..

AMOG: fight blah blah..
PUA: guy man, these chicks just told me that they dig you like so bad.. you don't have to fight to prove yourself to them.. they think you're an alphamale dude.. you don't need to try so HARD man.. just BE REAL..

Once you get the guy to qualify himself to you in any way (like he tries to make friends), rather than being nice, IMMEDIATELY cut him out of the circle. Just cut him out. You'll notice trying to SHUT YOUR GAME DOWN by bombarding you with logical questions. They'll start pummeling you with logical stuff, so that you have to answer him the girls fall out of state. For me I found the solution was just to say "hey man, don't get all scientific on me.. we're here to have fun.." and then immediately start gaming the girls again. btw, if I'm out with any of my GFs at a club, and another guy hits on them, I use the same tactics on AMOGS to stop them.

When you cut him out of the circle, he'll either leave (too deflated), or he'll try to grab your shoulder and say something like "don't turn your back on me". From there, the girls think he's creepy, so you say "hey guys, this dude is creepy.. are you friends with this guy?? did YOU bring this guy here?" The girls will say "no no no, we don't know him", and you say "OK, let's get out of here", and put out your arms for them to grab.

Then walk away with the girls on your arms, and if you want (I do this alot) turn around and have them both kiss you on the cheek and wave the AMOG goodbye.

Also, you can USE the AMOG's WORK for yourself. Like he lines 'em up, you knock 'em down.
This is something I do alot. I let a guy pick a girl up and increase her buying temperature, then I go in and outalpha him, say he's creepy to the girls, and then remove them from him.

The girls are already aroused, so they are still in state based on what the AMOG did. I can do this like maybe on 90% of sets I approach where a natural AMOG has gotten far with a girl. I think a dude I know "Stephane" recently posted about this on Cliff's List regarding a sarge we did.
Basically, I just make the friends of the girl who is getting gamed on by the AMOG like me. Like, they want me, but they know they're not qualified but their friend is.

Then I say "Hey I want to meet your friend so much, but that touchy grabby lean in guy is all over her.. is she just being nice, or does she really like guys who lean in and touch and do all the 'whats your name' fake ungenuine stuff?"
The UGs are invariably like "no no, we hate guys like that.. that's why we love you so much blah blah", and then you get the FRIENDS to literally REMOVE the hottie that you want from the AMOG who is conveniently heating her up for you and saving you the hassle.

Most of the time, the AMOG feels immediately beta after such a line!

Hey AMOG, what's up? Are u ill today? You look sick!

Hey AMOG, you look/talk/act strange, do you take drugs?

Hey AMOG, your clothes are really strange!

Hey AMOG, i talked to some people here...
They don't like you, because you seem strange!

Hey you seem tired!

Tyler Durden

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