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Escalation Buying Temperature LockUp

Author: Tyler Durden

At this point in my game, my focus is on pushing girls into BUYING TEMPERATURE, recognizing it, and ESCALATING.

In field, I have the terms:
-buying temperature levels


Chick is unresponsive. Ask questions, she says "I don't know" or "no", or any blowoff answer. She holds tense shoulders, and if you say "high-5" or try to physically displace her in any way whatsoever, she says the words "I'm scared / you're scaring me / etc". This does NOT mean she is physically afraid. This is like a chick saying "not yet" when you go to kiss her too early in the night. She's JUST saying "I'm not at buying temperature yet". A chick who is locked up cannot even move or give a proper answer for a million dollars. She is locked up. Causes of lockup can be that she sees her friend hitting buying temperature for you too quickly, and she doesn't like it, or that you have conveyed too much eagerness too early.


She is now OPEN to being gamed. Girls KNOW what you're doing when you run material. They may not know its pre-canned, but they know what it means when you tease them - its SEXUAL COMMUNICATION and they know what's up. If a chick is locked up, she isn't even OPEN to this sort of communication. Once unlocked, you can now begin gaming.

Chicks become UNLOCKED when you don't telegraph interest (check the 25 points checklist), and therefore trust your intentions. Also, when you CONVEY PERSONALITY, and they therefore can FILL IN the canvas of your life, they increase trust.

SIGNS of chick being unlocked - KINO TESTS. Hold out your palms upwards. If she puts her hands there, squeeze them. If she squeezes back, she's unlocked for sure. Likewise, tap her, if she taps back playfully, she's unlocked and sexually engaged probably.


-enough for her to sit there while you game her
-enough to show an IOI like a giggle
-enough to show an IOI and kino you
-enough to show alot of IOIs and ask you questions
-enough for you to venue change her
-enough for you to kino HER, and give her IOIs, and she still likes it (usually after qualification phase, because she now feels she EARNED your attention, rather than you just want to **** her like every other guy on the planet)
-enough for you to get physical with her
-enough for you to **** her

As EACH Buying Temperature increase, the chick will usually **** TEST you, as a way of TRYING to throw herself OUT OF STATE. She **** tests by doing things that if you react too seriously, she'll get upset and therefore be thrown out of state. By passing **** tests, Buying Temperature is AMPLIFIED. This is like when Eddy (whitedragonPUA) posted about his HBRugby Lay report She kept punching him all night. After he laid her, he asked her why. She said "I just thought you'd go away"... She knew she was hitting buying temperature, and didn't want to succumb to it so she **** tested by hitting him and hoped that he would back off and she would come down. Think back to when you tried to kiss a girl on a date, and she said "NOT YET". She doesn't mean NO. She ONLY means "I'm not at buying temperature yet.. Give me more gaming". Likewise, you try to venue change a girl, and she says "No. But I still want to talk to you". You keep gaming her, and a few minutes later you change venues. This was because you tried to ESCALATE PRIOR TO ATTAINING THE RIGHT LEVEL OF BUYING TEMPERATURE.

There are many examples of chicks trying to throw themselves out of state when hitting buying temperature, but then by passing **** tests it is actually amplified: Chick feels herself getting horny. HB: "You're a player". PUA: "Yeah.. so what is it that turns you on so much about players anyway" (Response works firstly because you didn't disagree, so she can't get mad for you lying to her and break her own state, and secondly because you say something COCKY, which hits her emotionally, and therefore raises buying temperature)

EG: Chick says "we shouldn't be doing this"... PUA responds "yeah, we shouldn't be doing this" but KEEPS going.

In both cases, the chick feels her buying temperature increasing unusually rapidly (because of the PUA skillset), and tries to stop what's happening.

When Buying Temperature is hit too quickly, it is called FRYING OUT HER CIRCUITS. This is like when chicks giggle uncontrollably and run away from you even though they like you, or when a chick is at a rock concert and starts screaming and crying when the rockstar comes out. She has hit buying temperature so fast, her circuits fry out and she freaks.

"Routine Outcome Dependence" is a phenomena where you're too HOOKED on seeing chicks increasing buying temperature. EG: "Calling a chick a powerpuff girl will make her giggle"... So when a chick isn't giggling, you try to FORCE it by calling her a Powerpuff girl. EXCEPT, she KNOWS that not normal to say that to a chick whose all serious, so knows something is up (this is actually the 26th 'trying too hard to qualify' thing I guess - routine outcome dependence). The SAME goes for when she's all serious, and you try TOO HARD to seem happy and fun. She KNOWS that you're doing it to get with her, and it doesn't make sense. That does NOT mean state match. It just means MODERATE and don't appear PHONEY. Most Buying Temperature tools are to be used to AMP a state that you see building. She starts giggling a BIT, and you call her a powerpuff girl, and now she giggles a LOT. If she's not giggling AT ALL, then maybe it was the wrong time. She DETECTS that you were consciously TRYING to increase her buying temperature, and blows you off. Field experience is KING, nobody is above it. Field experience helps us to develop an INTUITION of WHERE and WHEN to use the particular material.


(First, remember that there are PRECONDITIONS to a girl even being OPEN to you start to affect her this way. For a set of HB10s, they often may not even ALLOW themselves to be affected by your game, unless you have social proof or status so*****.. Likewise, even for a lesser HB7, if you are smelly and fat and gross, she won't be open to it, even if what you're doing is proper tight game)

--Pump them through emotions rapidly.. (I personally use a detailed system of building routines that increase buying temperature.. basically, routines hit emotions through languaging or demonstration.. not hard.. this way I can build routines on the fly and not rely on canned material - infinite routines via proper understanding or structure and basic creativity) ---

THINK MAKEUP SEX: How good is makeup sex compared to normal sex? WHY? Because you've been pumped through so many emotions. This is what NORMAL sex is like for chicks - hence they like ******s, they like skydiving and sex in exciting places, they like makeup sex, etc etc..

Think Swingdancing routine, think Rollerblading routine, think puppydog routines, think jerk routines, think magic, think funny kino **** like hitting them and spinning them, think cocky stuff. It runs them through various emotions FAST. Story telling must be run in a way that is melodic, and talks fast enough to keep them captivated, but also runs them through emotions at the right progression without talking fast like you're trying too hard.

--Talking from the diaphragm in a fun, non-threatening way. NOT GOING SEXUAL right away in front of her friends (this is not for picking up lone girls, I'm talking public gatherings where I do my pickup.. this is also seduction in the WRONG VENUE, save it for ISOLATION.. don't be tacky and try to seduce her FULLY in PUBLIC). Remember, talking from the CHEST and not the THROAT is key here. You must OVERPOWER her reality with your tonality. This way of talking CUTS THROUGH the noise of the venue, without appearing like you're yelling. Look at how your dad talked to you when he was angry. That is BAD and causes lockup and no buying temperature increase. Look at guys who have FLUCTUATING and FUN tonality. But who are also ALPHA, by virtue of their PROJECTION (diaphragm). Just TALKING without asking them boring questions will unlock and increase buying temperature.

-C&F WORKS because you hit a sharp emotion "Oh that cocky guy, how could he say that!", but because its FUNNY at the same time as cocky, she doesn't get upset. KEY: Making them LAUGH disarms you increasing buying temperature, because the laughter disarms any discomfort.

-PUSH/PULL WORKS because as buying temperature increases, chicks have NATURAL tendency to throw themselves out of state. By gaming them, but pushing them AWAY, they have PERMISSION to ALLOW themselves to go deeper and deeper into state, because they don't worry that you'll exploit that and **** them "after all, he did say hands off the merchandise.. I can feel this way, and he still won't **** me".. This is why chicks LOVE gay guys. Because they feel they won't **** them even if they hit buying temperature. So they can walk around all day at high buying temperature, and not worry that there will be consequences.

FALSE DISQUALIFIERS AND FALSE TIME CONSTRAINTS WORK because the chick says "oh well he can't **** me.. I can feel free to feel this".. Or "well he's about to leave, so I can feel free to feel this way"

-25 POINTS OF NOT TELEGRAPHING INTEREST WORK because chicks don't worry that you'll **** them while their buying temperature increases, since you're practically the first guy not to kino them and lean into them and show interest in them, even when they're hot and talking to you. Hence, they react "are you gay", because they can't GRASP that you're not returning their IOIs. They don't say "are you gay" to a 64 year old gay man. They say it to an attractive guy who is turning them on, but not telegraphing interest like EVERY other guy would when she's touching them and all that ("hands off the merchandise"), so they think "WTF, this guy's gay", and ask it all obnoxiously (obnoxious, because its none of their business, and they'd never ask that of a gay guy they're not attracted to).

SUBTLETY: Not telegraphing interest unlocks and ALLOWS buying temperature to increase (because if you convey interest, she won't let herself since she knows you'll **** her), but it doesn't necessarily increase buying temperature in and of itself. It simply grants PERMISSION to the chick to allow herself to indulge in going into state. As soon as you convey interest (eg: breach one of the 25 points), she may think "**** I can't feel like this", and cuts if off in a fit of anti-slut defense or whatever. SO: Buying temperature is increased by hitting many emotions rapidly, while being unlocked is more from not telegraphing interest (25 points). They are discreet, but run parallel. ONE EXCEPTION: By not telegraphing interest, that MAY sometimes increase buying temperature in and of itself, because the chick may ASSUME that its IMPLICIT social proof (ie: she's not good enough for you, because you lay hotter chicks).


At each WAYPOINT, we must ESCALATE.

Buying temperature increases, they want COMFORT. They have COMFORT, they want SEXUAL ("phase shift", etc).

When they hit buying temperature, they say "what's your name", etc, because they want to KNOW the guy who is getting them all into state.

COMFORT BUILDERS (we no longer use RAPPORT, because rapport is one of MANY comfort builders.. Comfort building is the better term IMO, because we're trying to build COMFORT into her being at high buying temperature, rather than trying to get rapport, which connection, trust, commonality, divulging vulnerability, conveying personality and reverse EV, etc etc ALL serve to build comfort.. So RAPPORT is only ONE PART of comfort building):

-It takes roughly 4-7 hours to lay a chick from start to finish. Comfort building means BABYSITTING for those hours, while she slowly heats up to be ready for sex - it takes that many hours for her to be ready, unless she's a party chick.

-talking about stuff that DOES NOT pump them through too many sharp emotions rapidly (ie: DROP C&F, drop the crazy exciting ****), but still keeps them into the convo

-talk should convey who you are, so she can fill in the empty canvas and see the PICTURE of 'who is this guy I'm so attracted to' Attraction is THERE - she's at that buying temperature. Comfort building means building COMFORT into the state she's in, so she doesn't put a stop to it.

-include talk about how its NATURAL to feel this way for the right person.. Examples: Evolution Phase shift routine (she feels its EVOLUTIONARY that she feels like this, and backwards rationalizes), or the "I wasn't born with a book on what to do.. I just do what feels comfortable" (chicks KNOW the feeling that certain guys make them comfortable, and ASSUME that they feel this way for YOU"

-SIMULATING THAT *YOU* ARE HITTING BUYING TEMPERATURE: "What's your sign? OH MY GOD I LOVE LIBRAS.. Oh god, I can't talk to you.. you're trouble" (turn away, just like girls whose circuits fry out.. you're TRICKING them to think you're doing what THEY do, since chicks do this **** all the time because they hit buying temperature for retarded arbitrary **** like astrological signs and colognes and **** like that)

FAKING LOCKUP AS PUNISHMENT in 'Punishment/Reward': If you're in comfort building, FAKE the symptoms of lockup. She'll understand what it means when she's like "TD, are you OK?" and I say "I dunno" just like a chick would when she's locked up. She'll grab you and start talking to try to unlock you. For example: HB "I like oranges" PUA "What? Apples. Apples are gross.." (pretends to lock himself up) HB "no no no, I said oranges! Oranges!" PUA "oh ****.. I love oranges.." (pretends to unlock) Congrats, now she's chasing you.

FEAR OF LOSS TO MAINTAIN STATE WITHOUT INTENSE EMOTIONAL UPS AND DOWNS: Some guys complain that in rapport phase (now called "comfort building phase") the girls come out of state. By using punishment reward bit, she'll be chasing you. But ALSO, building in FEAR OF LOSS is effective. Think back to when a girl who you didn't like liked you. Maybe back in high school or some ****. But then you realized that she never liked you. You LOSE the validation you got. You start to obsess. You start to like her. Likewise, you have a state relationship. But she starts to get into another guy. OH ****, you're obsessing over her again. Or you make HER jealous, and now she's back into you (even when it was stale). This is the power of FEAR OF LOSS. Fear of loss REMINDS us of how attracted we are.

In comfort building, encorporate fear of loss and punishment/reward, so that you don't suffer the phenomena of losing the chick at rapport phase (aka comfort building phase) because the interaction has lost its charge.


If you FAIL to ESCALATE, the pickup is often OVER.


1) If you don't stop busting on her, she looses interest after a while, because you're being too emotionally intense for her. She needs COMFORT built into the high buying temperature you're generating. This is why you get guys who are good at opening at attracting, but have difficulty closing unless its a party-chick.

2) If you don't phase shift out of comfort, she gets bored or something (maybe you're beta or not interested)

3) Final escalation - ARGHHHH!! (I got burnt on this FIVE times, until I RECOGNIZED it) If you keep them SEXUAL but don't escalate to **** them, its too intense for too long, and they say "I'm tired" or "I feel sick". This is guaranteed. What happens is they get actually QUEASY from you keeping them sexual without ****ing them for TOO LONG. If anyone else has had this happen, report back. Have you guys seen this before? Its JUST LIKE the "what's your name" IOI. It's something that CONSISTENTLY HAPPENS under specific circumstances.

When you qualify the chick to you, you've now conveyed to her that you're interested in her for reasons BEYOND her being a nice peice of ***.

So BEFORE, the reason girls in public gatherings would snuff you off when you showed interest was because she thought "he only wants to **** me".

By making her chase, and then showing her WHY you've found yourself interested in her, she now thinks "well he showed me a signal of interest, but I EARNED it, so its because I'm a Libra and because he felt comfortable talking to me and because I told him I got an A+ in my psych100 class" (If you're interested to read more on this, you can read "pickup of HB10GF" post of mine in my archive, around late last spring, to review how I qualify chicks to me, to convince them they earned it)

If I take a girl's phone#, I find I MUST qualify her prior to taking it. This is because the MERE ACT of phoning her can be a signal of interest. But if I've run my qualification phase, then its NO PROBLEM that I'm telegraphing some interest by phoning, since its WARRANTED.

She's gone into buying temperature, she's chased you, she's EARNED your attention. So now its *OK* that you're showing interest at this point. She'll be fine with it - of course. If you plan to give an SOI in your game, its at THIS POINT that it is less likely to blow you out.


Working out logistics is important.

1) Chicks CONSTANTLY look at eachother while they're being pushed into buying temperature. Watch while you sarge, as they CONSTANTLY keep looking at one another to see what state they're in. If they give the "girl code" look that one is not in state, they ALL leave. Chicks NEED to feel that ALL their friends are feeling it TOO, so they don't get looked down on by their friends. This is why social proof is SO important in public gatherings. If ONE chick is not at the SAME buying temperature, then she SEES that her friend will **** you if she leaves her alone, and she drags her away. You must NOT put a girl TOO FAR into buying temperature in front of her friends, unless you keep them together.

BTW: One reason chicks like socially proofed guys is that they SEE that many other chicks have gone into buying temperature, so its "OK" to allow themselves to do so. Also, if you've read my routine where I get my wingman in on 2sets where his chick isn't liking him, I say "your friend is ignoring my friend.. I don't want him to be lonely.. I'm gonna go", and then YOUR chick will start saying to her locked up friend "no, he's cool.. I like him he's cool.. blah blah", and all of a sudden the previously locked up friend now OPENS UP to your wingman, and now BOTH chicks will **** you.

2) 2sets are EASY to fclose when you have a competent wing. Why? Because they BOTH go into buying temperature, and since NEITHER will object, it just happens.

3) The smart PUA does as LITTLE as possible to hit the next buying temperature. This way he doesn't exhaust his material, and he doesn't risk the girl FRYING OUT HER CIRCUITS (rock concert style), or possibly her detecting what you're doing and cutting it off. Also, its better, because if she is ONLY at "venue change" buying temperature, then her friends will SENSE this and be less likely to object to you taking her away from them. AFTER you have her away from her friends, you can now pump her up all the way to full buying temperature, and now you've STRATEGICALLY played your game, so that you don't get cockblocked.

Tyler Durden

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