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Dealing With Initial Resistance After First Opener

Author: Tyler Durden

This is an example of how to deal with girls that wont play along to your first initial opener…

TD: Hey guys, let me ask you, do girls think that the rockstar david bowie is hot?
HBS: I dunno
TD: hey you guys are cool, you are smart… you’re from long island I can tell…
HBs: hey, we’re not from there…
TD: yeah OK… ummm BYE (backturn)
HBs: WTF???
TD: hahaa… ok remain calm… my friends little sister has this poster of bowie on her wall. That is an OLD MAN… do you guys like older men?
HBs: Why are you asking us this..
TD: (looks at wingman like they are retarded and mumbles)… im talking… (Backturn again and engage another set)
HBs: What a jerk etc
TD: (turns around) hahahaha, are you guys still talking about me, hahahah
HBs: no we are just saying blah blah
TD: (now commence normal game) You guys are cute.. you know im going to adopt you guys… you guys will be my new little sisters…

Tyler Durden

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