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Jerk Routines (for chicks who dig jerks)

Author: Tyler Durden

This is called THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. I've tried something UNCONVENTIONAL here, and found that it has excellent results. Do not criticize until you have tried, and seen the results.

If I read it I would doubt it, until I saw it. Solution: go try it and see it work.


NOTE: this is for CERTAIN types of chicks.. NOT all chicks.. This stuff is used for HB10s mainly (or chicks who perceive themselves that way).. I used the Korean Model routine on the Cosmo Model, and got the idea to start conveying that I am a massive user and womanizer to women, so that they'd get all turned on..

I also read "Nancy Friday: Secret Garden", and realized that chicks LOVE to be used and abused, and that most chicks have fantasies about scoundrel guys like HAN SOLO taking advantage of them and blowing out the candle of all their hopes and dreams.

So these routines have *TWO* possible purposes..

1) To NEG an HB10 (no less than a 10 or chick who views herself as such), in that the very fact that you are TELLING a routine like this, you clearly don't want her, which makes you a CHALLENGE.

2) To convey that you will use her and fuck her over at the first chance possible, thus fulfilling her fantasies of being used and thrown out like the trash that she believes herself to be.

REMEMBER: JERK routines are ONLY for HB10s, or chicks who are ATTRACTED to fucking asshole JERKS.. :)


(my variation of something that I watched Mystery use to PU a hottie waitress last night..):

PUA: we wouldn't get along..
HB: why not?
PUA: we're too similar..
HB: haha what? why is that?
PUA: I don't know you well enough to get into it.. we don't have time right now..
HB: hahahha.. ummm.. OK..
PUA: hmm... I don't know about you..
HB: hahaha.. whaaaaaaaaat?????
PUA: forget it.. OK get this - (insert JERK routine)


(I don't always open with this, but more often use EARLY in the sarge.. it conveys that you are willing to lie to her to get down her pants, which she will LOVE, since it makes you look like a jerk and a scoundrel.. *remember* that this is DISTINCT from telling a girl on a first serious date that you love her, which is SERIOUS.. this is much more like a C&F frame, where you're saying you love her when you've not even met.. so you look very jerk-ish..)

PUA: I love you..
HB: hahahaha.. yeah right!!
PUA: what?? whaaat? I'm serious, I want to marry you.. I love you so much!!
HB: hahahahha.. yeah right!!!
PUA: I do.. I swear! Close your eyes.. I want to show you something..
HB: noooo way!!
PUA: OMG I'm so embarressed.. you're making me so shy!! I told you that I loved you, and totally revealed all my emotions, and you're stomping all over them like a little ant hill!! (make PUPPY DOG faces, so you look SOOO CUTE..)
HB: OMG I'm soooo sorry.. I totally love you.. here.. (closes her eyes)
PUA: (now KISS the chick while her eyes are closed)
HB: hahahahahhaha.. OMG you jerk!!
PUA: yeah.. so what do you like so much about jerks??

I also use the "close your eyes" and kiss the chick usually within the first 1-2 minutes, or whenever I get IOIs (usually for me I get IOIs early, since I do alot of PU so I'm good at fishing for them)... I HIGHLY recommend getting girls to close their eyes and kissing them, in ANY sarge when you have IOIs..

Then, transition to PUPPY DOG routine, so you're IRRESSITABLE..


If you do ANY sort of entertaining thing, the chick may start saying "more more more!!! show me MORE!!".. if she does this, the SOLUTION is to do this (field tested over 50 times)

PUA: (does trick or tells story - whatever)
HBs: more more.. that was cool, do MORE!!
PUA: Fuck, typical woman... "more.. more!!" (said in troll imitating voice)
HBs: hey! we want more..
PUA: ok you want more.. I've got ONE more, just for YOU..
HBs: ok..
PUA: ok, do you understand VISUALIZATION??
HBs: yeah..
PUA: ok, are you intuitive?
HBs: uhuh..
PUA: yes?
HBs: yeah
PUA: yes?
HBs: yes.
PUA: are you intelligent?
HBs: yes.
PUA: are you imaginative?
HBs: yes.
PUA: ok.. close your eyes, and I want you to visualize a kiss..
HBs: HEY.. HEEEEY!! We KNOW what you're doing..
PUA: OK.. whatever.. (turn back on them, and sit there)
HBs: no no no.. ok we'll do it, we'll do it..
PUA: OK, close your eyes..
HBs: you're not going to kiss us are you??
PUA: WTF?? Look I don't know what FANTASIES you have, but I'm just doing VISUALIZATION tricks here..
HBs: ok.. (close their eyes)
PUA: (KISS the chicks.. both you and your wing, or just you if you're solo)
HBs: hahahhahahahha.. HEEEEY... you promised!!!
PUA: NICE!!! (high-five your wing, or any guy around you, or her friends).. She likes me!!
HBs: hahahahah..
PUA: nice.. I got what I want.. peace!!! (start to leave)
HBs: hey!! HEY!! come back!!
PUA: hahahah.. ok get this......

(move into next JERK routine, or PUPPYDOG routine if you've already conveyed enough JERK-ness to turn her on)


(variations of shit Mystery did last night)

HB: what's your sign?
PUA: guess.. (HOOP THEORY)
HB: ummm... capricorn..
PUA: OH MY GOD.. wow..
HB: did I get it?


HB: x-opinion (maybe calling you a jerk, because you used a JERK routine)
TD: hey.. if I wanted any shit from you I'd squeeze your head.. is she always like this?? anyway, get this..


PUA: hey.. you've got eye-crusties..
PUA: don't worry about it.. you're not out to impress ME.. anyway I'm sure that some guys LIKE eye-crusties..


(NOTE: use the Jerk RESPONSES to COMBAT the girls freaking out from your Jerk ROUTINES.. then follow up with PUPPYDOG routines)


ok get this.. I need an opinion.. I'm dating this girl from Korea right now, who came over here to do some modelling.. now she's alright I guess.. and I we DO get along.. see, she barely speaks english.. so we can barely talk.. IOW, the PERFECT WOMAN..

Anyway, I'm not marrying this chick.. but I'm thinking that when she goes back to Korea, I may want to stay in her house and vacation there.. but the thing is, that I don't want any confusion over whether or not its still "ON".. so what *I'm* thinking, is like a month before she goes home, to put her into the friendship zone.. then, after like 2 weeks she'll get over it, and I can make actual friends with her.. then I can visit her in Korea, and get to know all her model friends and she'll have nothing to say about it since we're 'just-friends'..


"My buddy and I are meeting these two chicks in the club.. so we take off to Chinese afterwards, and this chick is begging me to take her home.. but her friend was digging my friend, but for some reason in the restaurant she starts
getting all annoying and shit.. so my friend says "dude, fuck this shit, let's go to afterhours"... MY CHICK is digging me, and she's trying to watch a movie with me or some shit like that back at her house.. but I'm pissed that my friend's chick is acting wack..

anyway, we get back to the car.. and its fucking FREEZING and shit outside.. so we start whispering to eachother about how we're gonna ditch these chicks and not drive them back to their car.. they start giggling saying "no no no no no".. I'm like FUCK THIS SHIT, let's FLIP A COIN.. hahaha.. then we flip the coin, but and it says that they've gotta go.. I'm like "GET-OUT"

So I'm about to unload them, but I saw that it was crazy cold out, and that they might freeze to death or some shit.. so I said "fuck it dude, let's just drive them.. I don't want these chicks to be little hoochi-cycles on the side of the road tommorow, so let's just drive them.."

anyway, we drive them back, and my chick is trying to rent a movie with me and all this shit.. but I'm not going if my friend is gonna be left alone, so I tell her its not gonna happen.. so she asks me to exchange #s, and I give her the Chicago-rejection hotline...

then I call her up a few minutes ago, and ask her if she called me.. she's like "yeah, you gave me the rejection hotline.." and I was like "SWEET!! YOU CALLED!!... I RULE!!!", and then I hung up on her.. NICE..


My buddy is going out with this fucking HOTTIE that he met at this meat market the night before.. (NOTE: you are conveying yourself to be a fucking jerk, by rating women on looks, and saying that you go to meat markets).. the only thing is though, he wants me to take out this fucking WARPIG, or else his chick won't go..

So I'm like "fuck this, you want me to throw myself on the sword for you???".. but he convinces me afterwards, and I want him to get laid you know..

Alright anyway, I head out, and this fucking TROLL chick is waiting for me, and thinking that we're going to have sex and all this shit.. she's like "Hello Tyler Durden, I've been waiiiiiting for you" (said in TROLL voice, imitating the chick).. she walks over, and its like BOOM, BOOM, BOOM (earthquake noises to say she's fat).. then she hugs me, and I think that I vanished for a second or something..

We head over to this restaurant, and I get the chick to buy me dinner.. so afterwards, she starts flirting with me and all this shit..

She says to me, "take my wallet into the bathroom, and there's something inside that'll give you a hint of what's for DESSERT"

So I take her wallet into the bathroom, and there's all these CONDOMS in it.. but there's ALSO like 50 bucks!! NICE!! So I just take her wallet and boot the fuck out the back door.. then I went out and spent the money on this BEER HELMET as a present for my buddy having a Super Bowl party...


ANY PUPPYDOG routine can be used with a COCKY look and smile, as a JERK routine, because it looks like you're BULLSHITTING the chick to get in her pants... so it goes from a PUPPYDOG routine to a JERK routine, through your cocky smile


I have a PUPPYDOG routine where I tell chicks that my fish died.. but I also have the JERK-version, where I say it in a way that I'm *obviously* bullshitting her, so that I can get down her pants..

I say "OMG, I had this puppy..... and this morning he DIED... he ate this squeeky toy, and he suffocated to death.. I could hear "squeak squeak......... squeak squeak...." as his last words..

OMG, I'm so sad.. I need LOVE!!!

The chick will KNOW that you're bullshitting, which you do this as a JOKE, so that she's not mad at you for being ingenuine, but she thinks that your COCKINESS is fucking funny as hell, that a guy would actually do this..

***REMEMBER, with all JERK routines, you are trying to convey that you are a FUN and COCKY guy.. not a legitimate loser trying to lie to her, but a guy who is just so cocky and *OUTRAGEOUS* that he'll say absolutely anything to get down her pants, since he just doesn't give a shit. It's meant to look BADBOY-COCKY, not slimeball..

Tyler Durden

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