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Puppy Dog Routines (pull chicks heartstrings..awww)

Author: Tyler Durden

Try to get the chick wanting to cuddle you and take care of you.. how? Use sympathy routines!

WARNING: you must be alpha for these to work, or you're just a lame-ass.. These are for PUAs who come off super playful and alpha.. centre of attention in room, etc etc..

These are also AWESOME to attach after a bunch of my JERK routines, because it shows CONFLICTING personality traits.. very AoS-ish type shit - being hard to understand.

The thing with becoming a PUA is that you convey such higher value SO fast, that you basically need to start taylering your game, the same way that a rock-star like Jay-Z or Kid Rock would..

Think: does Jay-Z need to run patterns or be C&F??.. nope.. he ALREADY has higher-value than the chick, just by virtue of his presence, so she's turned on immediately.. experienced PUAs are the same.. so confident that chicks get wet *very* fast.. so if you can convey higher-value FAST, then focus on getting rapport with crap like this.


PUA: ok here my little sister showed/told/taught me this just this morning.. I'm not good at it yet (or "not good at telling stories" if its a story), so don't laugh OK?? I get really shy when girls laugh at me..
HBs: ok...
PUA: (now give them the sweetest/cutest/funniest puppydog look *ever*, and just pause and look at them for a bit.. since they're trying NOT to laugh, they'll laugh since you paused)
HBs: hahahahaha..
PUA: hey!! heeeeeeey!! OMG I'm soooooo embarressed you guys are making me.. I'm so *shy*.. I *trusted* you guys, and you're totally stomping all over my feelings!
HBs: no no no.. we LOVE you.. you ROCK.. you're like the coolest guy who hit on us all night!! we LOVE you..
PUA: (grab the obstacle, and hug her and put your face in her shoulder.. she'll cuddle you in front of all her friends.. this is FUNNY, so they'll laugh even MORE)
HBs: hahahahhaha..
PUA: OMG.. stoooooooooop!!! stop stop stop!! you guys are SO MEAN.. you guys are totally laughing at me more and more!!!

Then show your trick/routine/story or whatever.. they're wowed, and you convey higher value... but you've also been SO cute, they just love you and want to adopt you.. of course you're the most alpha guy in the room, so basically this means they want to go home with you.


oh man, my friend Papa brought me to this Salsa dancing clubs.. oh, I was sooo nervous.. he made me ask these girls to dance.. I was so scared.. you know what?? one of the girls - she said NO... she totally didn't want to dance with me.. I was so embarressed.. (HB will now say you're "not shy", since of course you did approach confidently).. you think I'm not shy?? OMG I love you.. you're my new GF, I love you so much.. I'm always so shy.. actually wait a sec, are you adventurous?? cause if you're not adventurous you can't be my new GF (move to Swingcat qualifying)


I dunno why I try so hard to be the centre of attention you know? its so weird, like I just feel so insecure around people that I don't know.. like, everyone has this mask, and they're not genuine.. and I just wind up mirroring that back to them, and not being genuine myself.. imagine if everyone was just totally up front?? do you think that your friends like me? (get her to RATIFY that her friends like you)..


HBs: what's your name?
PUA: brad pitt..
HBs: hahahhaha..
PUA: yeah, I'm just trapped in an UGLY guy's body..
HBs: nooooo.. you're not ugly.. no no no.. you're so cute!
(Get her to RATIFY that you're cute, so as you build attraction her friends have called you cute openly, and this builds rapport BIGTIME at the early stage of the sarge.. of course, most girls ask me my name early because I go in strong/tight, so if girls aren't asking you your name, then you know you need to work more on improving your attraction skillset.. "what's your name" = bigtime IOI)


wow, you seem so confident with your friends.. like you're kinda the leader of your peer group.. I just love your energy.. are you close with your family? yeah, I have a nice family (bullshit, but I think its better to seem close to your family so I just say that I am initially).. the thing is, I'm never sure if I can trust them.. (builds intrigue.. HB says "why", or maybe tells you why she can't either, which builds rapport.. so let her talk, and then launch this shit on her:)

my dad, when I was a kid.. I had these 4 goldfish.. and I loved them sooo much you know?? but then one day one of my fish, "Lynx", he got sick, and I went to my fishbowl and he was floating upsidedown.. I told my dad that my fish was doing a trick, and that he was swimming upside-down, and doing a back-float like I did in swimming lessons.. but then my dad told me something bad.. he told me that Lynx was DEAD.. so I made him promise to give him a funeral the next day, but he just flushed him down the toilet.. and you know what he did next???? he flushed ALL my fish down the toilet, and told me that they ALL died that same night.. but later on my mom told me that he just flushed them cause he didn't want to clean the tank.. I said that I would clean the tank, but I wasn't strong enough yet to scrub the dirt out because I was too LITTLE.. and I knew that my fish got killed because I wasn't able to take care of them!! So he flushed not only "Lynx", but also "Bobcat" - who was the little one with the red stripe, and the two girl fishes of my little sister, "Princess", and "Jem"..


(I add this to my dead fish routine sometimes)

Yeah, my little sister is gone to Australia for a 6 month work visa.. I'm soooo scared that she's never going to come back.. she'll totally like it, and I won't see her for like months and months.. OMG, I love my little sister.. well she's 21 but I call her my little sister still, cause I always take care of her.. she helps me so much to stay organized for school.. I miss her so much.. I need my little sister (said in ULTIMATE puppy-dog tone, and watch the chick fucking MELT..)

***Just remember, that you FIRST convey that you are the most alpha guy she's *EVER* met.. Only then do you use PUPPYDOG routines..

Tyler Durden

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