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PVC Devil Routine

Author: Tyler Durden

"Oh, you're getting fiesty, huh? You know what I would do with you? I would dress you up.... in a red.. PVC... *devil* outfit.. You'd have little horns like this... and a tail... bitch boots, and..... a pitch fork. Now your friend here.. I'd dress her up in a similar angel outfit.. with wings.. and a fur halo.. and I'd roll with you guys on each arm down the street.. Every girl would be jealous of you.. And whenever I'd have to make a decision.. I'd let each of you fight over which decision is the most fun.. and whatever one would be the most fun.. we'd do that." (the periods are to show the pacing, because they roll over laughing in between every pause)

I've also occasionally been known to follow up with variations of things I heard from Neil Strauss , like "Actually forget that.. I'd dress you up like a nun.. and me like a priest.. and we'd go into a church and to freak everyone out we'd just start making out. Actually fuck that, you're my little sister! That's disgusting! What are you doing to me!? Girls are sexual predators, you know that... you're doing (whatever she's doing) and you think you're all covert.. but I know this.. Girls are sexual predators.. (sexual predator routine stuff)."

I use this stuff early in set, or later on in set before I'm about to move them, and it's to implant the idea of rolling on each arm, and then I throw out my arms and they jump on like magnets.

Lately I've also teasing girls as "Polarity Responders", and explain that they're arguing with everything I say, as well as "stimulus seeking state change junkies" when they're not focusing.

Tyler Durden

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