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Short Set Method

Author: Tyler Durden

NightVision - This is a field tested method by Tyler Durden used for low-key venues with regulars, or for super-loud venues where long sets are difficult due to excessive music volume.


SHORT SET METHOD IS NOT A GAMING METHOD. It is a method that shakes girls loose, out of difficult situations to sarge them in.

My friends and I have found that you can't consistently run long sets with good results, in bars or clubs with 'regulars'.. They are not accustomed to people coming in and taking over their group.

Instead, just go up, say a quick funny/playful thing, and leave.. do this several times, until the girls come back and approach you.. otherwise they get uncomfortable.. this way is much better, and the only way that I know of to do clubs with regulars.

You will find that if you go around the venue just MINGLING like this, by the end of the night if you've initiated 30 girls, at least 5 will come back to you who are interested, and make it very easy to extract from the club.

This is also VERY useful for *LOUD* clubs, where long sets are not feasible. In fact, its the ONLY way that we've figured out to sarge the super-elite "Guvernment" club in Toronto (where the BIG BOYS go out to play, against the HOTTEST targets.. )

Twentysix pulled his hot new GF from this club, using this method. Him and Papa went and high-fived EVERYONE in the massive club like 5 times each for four straight hours, until they had girls coming up to them like "high-5 guys! you guys rock!".. And they had girls grabbing them and making out with them and dancing around them like they were the most money guys in the club.

Twentysix laid that girl, and posted about it in his LR: taking off a bra report.


-high fives (leave)

-high tens (leave)

-'on the flipside' high-5 (leave)

-thumb wrestling (cheat to win and yell that you beat her, leave)

-whoa whoa whoa.. watch out!! (leave)

-whoa whoa whoa.. watch out girl this shit ain't for free! At least one foot of space at all times.. (then hug, leave)

-SPIN MANEUVRE / twirl (leave)

-block a high-traffic area unintentionally, say 'no passing without the password.. what's the password?' (leave)

-elbow/hip bumping (leave)

-mini cold reads "whoa check out this girl.. she is fiesty" (leave)

-do girls think that scoobie doo is a sexy dog? what about clifford, the big red dog? do you think that garfield is a sexy cat? what about odie? is curious george a sexy monkey? (leave)

-washroom security! (leave)

-pull toques over eyes, pull accessories, snap bra straps (leave)

-ask for I.D. (leave)

-punching match/mercy fight (leave)

-hot hands / slaps (leave)

-'you guys are so cute! powerpuff girls! I'm going to adopt you! (leave)

-finish any of these with "you're my new girlfriend" and walk away OR, just make an offhanded comment:

-dude, my buddy was an INCH away from getting recruited to Kuwait for army-duty.. HOLY SHIT.. (leave)

-dude, did you see x-amazing thing??? holy fuck! (leave)

You can also STACK a few of these, and then leave. Most often I stack a few and then leave.

Then, when the chicks come re-initiate you, run standard game, or just extract.

So you basically run 30 second sets, over and over and LEAVE while they still like you and want more.. this is similar to a NEG, because unlike every other guy, you leave even though they're showing IOIs (indications of interest)...

Then they'll eventually come to you.. this is much easier than running standard game in bars with regulars, because it makes them uncomfortable when you linger..

Also, at the end of the bar, situate yourself in a high traffic area, like in front of the washroom or something, so that way the chicks will have to get by you, and you can run your 30 second sets on them as well.. in short order, you have goofed on everyone in the bar, and you are the shit.

This method is field tested to shit, and we have had many successful sarges using it. Extractions, new GFs, etc etc..

It is playful and fun. Less imposing than STANDARD LONG SET method. Bear in mind we are also College aged guys. So no comments that this isn't sophisticated enough, because it works well for us. I DO think it could for anyone, but I don't know since I haven't walked in other people's shoes.

Use it depending on the situation. It is best for low key venues with regulars, or for super-loud venues where long sets are difficult due to excessive music volume.

Tyler Durden

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