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Tension Test

Author: Tyler Durden

This is a good follow up to the Trust Test

You: “You know you're actually quite tense... I bet you're the kind of person that finds it difficult to really just let go….. and relax... lets see shall we, would you like to do the Tension Test?”

Girl: yes / what’s that

You: Come here, spin round, take a deep breath in, hold it, now relax

Now run your fingers up either side of her spine and then massage all the way down again. Notice how she responds to your initial touch. And then how tense she is at different places along her spine.

You: Now tell her about how tense / un-tense she was. Tease her about her initial response etc etc

You: There was this one bit that was really tense and knotted. You must have some problems at work or something causing that??

Tyler Durden

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