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Trust Test

Author: Tyler Durden

Good addition to the "Best friends Test"

Say "You're taking the trust test". Then say "Give me your hands", and put your palms up for her to take them.

1- Squeeze her hands. If she squeezes back, she passes.

2- Lower your hands, and if she follows with her hands, she passes.

Then TELL her if she passed or failed, and then she'll say "No No No, I DO
trust you!" and then she'll always be RESPONSIVE to kino-tests from then on
(notice that these are FUNDAMENTAL IOI kino-tests, but I'm just working them
into a routine.. btw, for guys who aren't using those kino IOI tests, where the
fuck have you been?? They're one of the most important parts of game)

I also follow that up with the "Tension Test" IVD, which is just me doing the
massage maneuvre (another of my most useful kino tricks, that I posted about
alot last month, where I run my fingers up her back and massage her down).
Then I tell her things about her based on how she reacted to the move, but its
not structured, and I just bullshit it.

Interesting escalation though:
-best friends test
-trust test
-tension test


Tyler Durden

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