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Truth About Women

Unknown - I wasn't a sexist before I understood women. There was a time when I was blissfully ignorant.

Sorry I'm Late Opener

Unknown - This opener takes some confidence to execute properly and is good for loud, high-energy places where indirect opening may be more difficult.

Wear That Opener

Unknown - Wear That is a good, quick routine for fast-paced environments, but can also be used virtually anywhere.

Tattoo Opener

Unknown - Hey guys, would you ever get a Tattoo?

Do I Look Gay Opener

Unknown - Preferably used with a wing and with a game-show host/party host attitude.

Blind Date

Unknown - Walk up to a girl or a group of girls. (no guys in the group preferred you will know what I mean) Say loud and clear, "hey, I need your opinion on something." "I am going on a blind date with some girl and I am very nervous about it. Is there any tips you can give me so I don't look like an idiot. I don't really know how to dress to impress or act the right way" (Act as AFC as you can to disarm the bitch shield)

Drug Dealer Opener

Unknown - Used with a wing at night, with funny, just-got-done-laughing tonality. "Hey, I need your opinion on something...does my friend here look like a drug dealer?"

Masturbating In The Shower

Unknown - Did you know that 93% of girls masturbate in the shower?