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Vin DiCarlo

Vin DiCarlo

Vin DiCarlo have lots of pick up artist articles that are listed below. Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box system allows you to “profile” women… and then it tells you how to “game her” based upon her profile…

Sound confusing? Don’t worry… the new Pandora’s Profiler Quiz will explain it…

Before starting this online quiz, you have to have a girl you like in mind…

The quiz will ask you nine yes/no questions about her…

With the answers to those questions… it will tell you what exact “profile” she is…

From there, it will tell you all about her and how to game her…

Click here to give it a try…


I tried it with a girl in mind and it profiled her as “The Seductress”…

It also listed her Pandora’s Type as “Tester-Justifier-Realist (TJR)”…

From there it told me how she thinks… what to watch out for with her… and how to turn her on…

There’s even a link to a cool free video at the end explaining more…

The ONLY way you can FAIL this quiz is by NOT doing it right NOW…

So check it out (it’s all free to do)…



How To Get Laid In 30 to 60 Days

Vin DiCarlo - So heres the basics...Have you ever seen the show "Bullshit" by Penn and Teller? If not, go check out Youtube or Google. It's fantastic. Highly recommended is the one on absintence....

Compliance And Value

Vin DiCarlo - Fundamental concepts and tools for increasing perceived value and driving interactions with women to higher levels

Attraction Vs Value

Vin DiCarlo - There is no absolute and objective value. It is all relative. What is valuable to one girl is not valuable to the next.

Flirting And Eye Contact

Vin DiCarlo - There is no absolute and objective value. It is all relative. What is valuable to one girl is not valuable to the next.

How Can I Tell If She Is Interested?

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, I'm going to show you each of her three main tools... and... You'll see how to tell if that cutie making eyes with you is for real – or not.

Can I Escape The Friends Zone?

Vin DiCarlo - So do you have a woman “friend” you'd like to be more intimate with?

Should You Be Jealous Of Her Male Friends?

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, you're gonna learn the difference between guys who are trying to “move in” on your woman, and her “guy friends” who aren't a sexual threat – at all

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder

Vin DiCarlo - The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by step formula, followed by a number of laws which govern it’s use for maximum effect. It is designed to provide a smooth escalation, containing no significant jumps that may cause a woman to object.

What Does It Mean If She Wants To Have Sex On A First Date?

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, I'm gonna try to give you some perspective on what really happened during your one-night – or more – stand... and... I'll tell you whether you should be worried, or not.

How Long Do Women Wait To Have Sex?

Vin DiCarlo - I'm going to tell you exactly how long YOU should wait before you sleep with a woman... and... a whole lot more

How To Keep Your Girlfriend LOCKED DOWN

Vin DiCarlo - since I've had relationships with the same few women for over 7 years now – even while I've been dating other women who have come and gone – I may be able to help you out...

How Can You Last Longer In Bed?

Vin DiCarlo - HOW TO LAST without pills, without exercises and without “losing enjoyment” from sex...

How To Get Her To Try New Things In Bed

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, I'm going to try to show you exactly how you can earn a woman's TRUST with her sexuality. Plus, we'll talk about how to bring up new, more interesting and even “kinkier” sex acts – if that's your thing.

Demonstrations Vs Verbalisations

Vin DiCarlo - There seems to be some confusion regarding the idea of demonstrating high / low value and when to do them and what these techniques actually achieve. There is also some confusion as to how to demonstrate high value properly. In my experience, there are some guys who are attempting to be cocky and funny but are coming off insecure when doing it. In this post I will illustrate why this happens and how to avoid it and make proper use of the DHV technique.

Guide To Direct Game

Vin DiCarlo - Currently, direct game is synonymous with "I like you" and "BE ALPHA" -- So let's rock and roll! ;)

The Transition To Natural Game

Vin DiCarlo - I've met my share of brothers from the community. After sarging with them and watching them in the field, I have seen the same exact things over and over. They all run nearly the exact type of game, and have the same problems.

How Long Should You Wait Once You've Got Her Number?

Vin DiCarlo - You can call her... text her... Nearly whenever you want! So when's the “right” time? When can you call her so that you don't seem too eager... But you don't play too much “hard to get”, either?

Oriental Hot Tub of Sex

Vin DiCarlo - I am convinced that LRs are the most valuable learning tool on this entire board. In particular, I have found the LR tutorials of TokyoPUA extremely helpful. And, since he is back in Boston, I thought I would pay homage and write this one up in a similar manner.

"Read" The Secrets In Your Girl FRIEND'S Mind...

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to know exactly what your girl “friend” is hiding from you?

How Your Girl FRIEND Likes To Be "Touched"...

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to turn your girl “friend” on – until she can't resist “making a move” on you?

Quick Way To "Bust Out" Of The Friend Zone

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to know how to “bust out” of the Friend Zone?

Secret "Trick" Reveals When To Call Her

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to know exactly when to call a girl?

Make Her Lick Her Lips With Lust

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to know exactly how to turn her on SO MUCH, she practically can't control herself?

Tease Her To An INSTANT Orgasm

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to get a girl SO turned on – she's practically begging to bring you home?

3 Steps For A LOYAL Girlfriend

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to get a girlfriend who's so attracted to you – she wouldn't even THINK about cheating?

Quick "Test" Tells You IF She's Interested

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to know whether a woman is “interested” in under 60 seconds?

How To "Expose" Her Sexual WILD SIDE...

Vin DiCarlo - Do you want to get a girl SO turned on – she's practically begging to bring you home?

When Do You Sleep With Her? YOU Decide....

Vin DiCarlo - Do YOU want to decide whether or not you're sleeping with a woman?