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How Can You Last Longer In Bed?

Author: Vin DiCarlo

“You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Women will tell you that... But do they really mean it?

Articles... “Stamina” pills... even books on controlling your mind start with “You have nothing to be ashamed of”...

… Which is only proof that THEY'VE never been there!

THEY never got into bed with a beautiful woman, and had to apologize after “it” was over...

THEY never felt GUILTY talking to a beautiful woman, because you don't know if – or how bad – you're going to disappoint her in bed...

THEY never read tip after tip about oral sex and “finger” orgasms, just so your girlfriend would feel satisfied during sex...

… I've been there. I know that no matter how much any expert tells you “You have nothing to be ashamed of” - It doesn't stop the embarrassment.

What DOES stop the awkwardness is the look on her face when she has orgasm after orgasm from you staying hard inside of her. And I can't make any promises – but that's exactly what I'm going to try to teach you how to do, in this very article.

You'll discover:

  • HOW TO LAST without pills, without exercises and without “losing enjoyment” from sex... (Who really wants to think about baseball stats, when you're inside a woman?)
  • DOES YOUR “STAMINA” MATTER? I've been with a few hundred women, and every one of them says the same thing. Answer, down below (With exactly WHY she says it...)
  • MENTAL SEX “TRICKS” so you don't have to “watch the clock” and pound away to give her an orgasm. In fact – here's how to stimulate her biggest sex organ! (This is what pornstars DON'T know about sex... and why... They're some of the world's worst lovers...)

… And hopefully by the end of this article, you'll have more control than you did going in. Most of all, you'll have a stronger sense of confidence about your ability. And about your sexuality.

Because the key to “lasting and lasting” in bed is a tiny little secret I learned a few years ago. Before I learned this secret, I was “quicker than average” and my girlfriend at the time NOTICED. We had less and less sex as time went on... and... the sex got less and less satisfying, for me.

I noticed a trend – the less sex we had, the less time I would last.

And it wasn't because I was in a “dry spell” (I had a girlfriend on the side)... It was simply because I didn't believe in myself with her.

When we got naked, I thought “Great. Another chance to leave her unsatisfied. I can't believe she's still with me.” And going in with these beliefs, my “performance” was incredibly sub-par.

Just a few minutes in, it was over and I was ready for a nap. At least, that's what I told her. I would replay the “events” over and over... Humiliating myself in my own head.

One day, however, I was just having an amazing day. Everything seemed to be going my way. My girlfriend and I ended the night at a bar down the street, and by the time we got home – she was tearing my clothes off, telling me how sexy I was and doing her best “porn star” dirty talk.

Needless to say – I felt like the man.

And that night, I had no “control” issues whatsoever. In fact, I lasted long enough to give her three orgasms. Three wild, shouting, cursing orgasms – and she passed out practically right after we were done. The next day, she told me it was the best sex we'd ever had.

And it was all thanks to my one little secret:

“Except for a very small percentage of men with a legit medical problem (this is supposed to be less than 0.5%) - Most stamina or control issues are all in your head!”

They're what you BELIEVE about sex and about yourself. They are self-fulfilling prophecies. And because of this – they are easy to change.

Me, personally, I'm a big believe of visualization. So each night, before I fell asleep, I would visualize having sex with my girlfriend and lasting long enough to give her wild, crazy orgasms. You have to make these visualizations very detailed – so they sink into your beliefs.

And gradually – hey, it doesn't happen overnight – I performed more and more like my visualizations. I had better and better control. Plus, our sex life got more and more exciting.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best – and visualizing success is as simple as it gets.

Now, once I had control – I wanted to drive her WILD with passion. I quickly found out her biggest sex organ isn't between her legs – it's her mind!

And this is why pornstars pounding away on their co-stars are actually terrible lovers in real life: They focus too much on the “manual labor” action of sex, instead of the fantasy you're giving your woman.

(I talk about this a little more in Dominant Sexual Power...)

When you know how to build a woman up for sex, your “stamina” matters little – or not at all. Hundreds of girlfriends have told me this same thing about sex. And what's really crazy is, the more turned on she is... and the less you NEED to perform... The better you do.

So that's all there is to it! Your control issues are – probably – all in your mind. With discipline, focus and a nightly visualization routine, you may be able to push your performance to well over 15 minutes.

Which is all a woman wants from sex, in the first place.

Vin DiCarlo

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