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How Long Do Women Wait To Have Sex?

Author: Vin DiCarlo

Ever heard about the third date rule? Some TV shows like Sex and The City or women's magazines like Cosmopolitan teach the “Third Date Rule.” This rule says that if a woman sleeps with you BEFORE the third date – she looks like a “slut.” This rule also says that if a woman waits too long – YOU are “not worth it.”

Funny thing is, lots of women watch that TV show. Lots of women love that magazine. So it goes to figure, lots of women believe the damned “third date rule”... and... YOU are suffering, because of it!

So give the middle finger to the third date rule, once and for all! Because in this article, I'm going to tell you exactly how long YOU should wait before you sleep with a woman... and... a whole lot more. You'll discover:

  • HOW LONG SHOULD YOU WAIT before sex with a woman? Wait too long – and you could lose her for good! (You're guessing wrong... Probably about a week off!)
  • WHAT'S THE BEST “SEX DATE?” Dinner and a movie just doesn't cut it. Try thinking “outside the box” instead... (And triple your pleasure, with this technique!)
  • WHAT IS ICE CREAM GOOD FOR? How about being the BEST way to bring her back to your place! Find out how, below... (Make sure you get a cone, so you can do this...)

… And we'll dispel the “Third Date Rule” - once and for all. So, let's get started:

The first – and most important – question is: “Well then how long SHOULD I wait to have sex with a woman?” And the answer will shock you. In fact, you may reject it – because of how incredibly GOOD it is!

So I want you to remember one thing about people: We really like getting the things we want. For example, have you ever craved something so bad, every cell inside of you seems to ache? When you got it – I bet you were a happy camper.

Whether it's a new toy.... a vacation... a promotion... If you REALLY WANT IT – you want it, now.

So how long should you wait before you have sex with a woman? As little as possible! The first date... Even the first night you meet her, if possible. Because if she sleeps with you that quick, she's going to get that same rush you got from buying your toy... your vacation... your promotion...

… She's going to feel like YOU were someone she's been waiting her whole life for! Especially if you don't treat her like a one-night stand, and make sure she feels loved. Sound nuts? Well, that's how a woman's mind works. The batches of hormones flooding her system make her HIGHLY emotional. And the emotional surge she gets from quick sex with a man are unmatched.

They literally take over her logical mind, and wrestle it into submission.

So.. Now that we know we should sleep with women as soon as possible. (For a strong relationship – mind you) How the hell do we get her into bed? The answer is simple: Stop going on boring ass dates!

Most men go on dates that involve dinner and a movie. Or coffee. Or something equally cliched and played out. She's super bored of that! She has every guy she knows trying to con her into getting coffee or stopping by some bar for a drink or watching Finding Nemo together (because he's such a sensitive guy...)


You want to take her on dates that are fun. Dates that get you two moving. Dates that bring you closer. Dates that are DESIGNED to end in SEX!

And these “sex dates” have just a few, simple rules:

NUMBER ONE – They must be fun and physical. Not athletic – just physical. This means you have to at least be moving around. So window shopping... hitting up a toy store... taking a walk in the park... rock climbing... go-karting... They all fit the bill.

NUMBER TWO – They must be fun and EXCITING for you. Not just something you want to do with her. This should be an activity you would truly enjoy. Because you want her to see YOU having as much fun as possible. This is extremely attractive to women! Because most men go on dates where they're sacrificing fun to try to give her a good time.

That's a loser move. And you shouldn't be caught DEAD on a date with a woman where you're not enjoying yourself. Never.

NUMBER THREE – and most important! - Don't just go on one date. Go on three mini-dates designed to bring you both closer and closer back to your house.

So, for example, your first date would be window shopping downtown. Next, you take her go-karting at a place which is conveniently closer to your place. Finally to calm down, you invite her to grab an ice cream cone down the block from your place and.... while you're walking, talking and eating ice cream together... you happen to get back to your place.

From there, inviting her in is easy. Just ask her up to check out a CD or some art, and tell her “But don't laugh!” She'll be intrigued and used to having fun with you, so she'll go with it.

Plus, her mind thinks you've been on three dates already! So you've subconsciously satisfied the ridiculous “Rule of Three” she's been following – and you have her back at your place on the first date.

It's extremely simple. And extremely effective. Go try it out for yourself, tonight.

Vin DiCarlo

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