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One of the toughest human emotions is jealousy.

It's easy to become jealous around a woman you like. It just makes sense. If you like her, why wouldn't you get suspicious when she hangs around with “guy friends” just a little too much?

Or maybe she has ex-boyfriends she stills hangs around, or talks to...

Both these situations will obviously make you jealous – but you have to control this jealousy.

Because if you don't, it's going to eat you up – from the inside.

So, how do you know if one of her male friends is WORTH getting jealous over? How can you tell the real deal from a false alarm?

In this article, you're gonna learn the difference between guys who are trying to “move in” on your woman, and her “guy friends” who aren't a sexual threat – at all. You'll discover:

  • HOW TO TELL if a guy is a “wolf in sheep's clothing” or just a fluffy, warm-spirited guy she would never dream of cheating with! (It's all about how she treats him...)
  • WHAT TO DO IF SHE'S CHEATING! Including how you can “get back” at the guy she's cheating with! (Revenge never tasted so sweet....)
  • WAYS YOU CAN STEAL HER from her current boyfriend – even if he's better looking or richer than you! (HINT: Confidence is key! Technique, too, so do this...)

… And hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll feel much safer and more secure with your girl's relationships with her “guy friends.”

Because most “guy friend” relationships are nothing to worry about. Most guys who become friends with a girl are either a) never gonna “hit it” because they're not sexual enough... or... b) genuinely like having the girl as a friend.

(Surprise, surprise! Sometimes it's just that simple...)

Of course – there are gonna be guys who become her friend to try to get into her pants. But who cares? Because 99% of the time, she's going to shoot them down over and over. Women respond to direct, confident approaches. Not weak, “round the back” ways of trying to get into her pants.

So if your girl has guy friends – they're probably nothing serious. And most of the time, you can guarantee this by becoming friends with THEM!

Think about it, how many times would you cheat with your buddy's girl? When you KNOW the guy, you're much less likely to move in on his territory. Plus – You gain a few more friends in the process.

Win / win for everyone involved!

Now, I'd be lying to you if I told you to never worry about her guy friends. Because some guys are great at going “from friends to more” - and that's actually the main way they hook up with women!

These guys are usually “sleepers.” This means you wouldn't expect them to be that good with women. Maybe he's not great looking, or he doesn't have a job... Just make sure you meet this guy, face to face.

Then, you can be a judge of character.

If he's extremely charismatic, you may want to watch out. The NUMBER ONE THING you're looking for, however, is whether or not he touches her. Guys who are great with women are avid touchers. It looks like friendly touching, but he's slowly building the sexual tension. And if he's alone with your girl for too long...

… Well... I'll let you fill in the blanks.

In fact, if you want to snag a girl from a guy in her life – touching is the best weapon in your arsenal, as well. When used properly, touching makes her feel safe around you. It also gets her used to being physical with you. Put those two things together, and you've started turning her on.

Then, all you need to do is wait until her and her boyfriend fight...

… Then you move in for the kill.

It's as easy as that.

Now, hopefully you can tell whether to worry about her guy “friends” - or not.

Just remember, 9 times out of 10, the jealousy will eat you up inside for no good reason. So just meet these guys, and look to see if they touch her. If they do, you may want to treat her extra special, or try some other ideas for making him look bad.

(Because trying to keep him away from her ALWAYS fails...)

We'll talk about those in a future article.


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Vin DiCarlo

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Hey Vin!

Still waiting for that "Getting even with the asshole who slept with my fiance' part! Here's my scenario:

Me- 46-Good looking, great job, great in bed (especially orally- I'd have her cum so much we'd have to put a towel under her cause she'd soak the bed every time!-8 orgasms usually- she couldn't cum by insertion though- and she is bi) GREAT relationship until he comes into the picture! He was a 'sleeper', and seeks out attached women to sleep with. It's a challenge for him, I've found out the hard way.

SO much info- Dude, I'm a unique case study!!

Me- 46 Her-21 (Borderline Personality Disorder- YOU should collaborate with the boys on this topic ALONE!! "Dealing with women who are Borderline/Bipolar/Manic or a combination..."

1. Living together for 3 yrs. Band-mate of mine. Group is going well. Professional level. She wants desperatly to marry me...age means nothing to her.

2. My Career going well, just got promoted and a raise- Not rich, but $52k/yr- 2 cars, motorcycle, nice place, furniture, beautiful dog, everything peachy. I'm talented, play 7 instruments, intelligent, college-educated, creative, an artist, outdoorsy- fish, hike, backpack, camp...moderate drinker, non-smoker, no drugs, all around good guy, fit- former Army Sgt. Pretty much got my shit together.

3. (WE) make the mistake of sleeping with his girlfriend. However! It's NOT his GF- She was married, and he was hitting on her at a bar where we met. Our next meeting w/o him found my girlfriend wanting to 3-way with her.

4. This girl, Monica- was married. She was getting even with her soldier-husband for cheating on her overseas, and slept with Stefan. We then slept with Monica- Thinking Stefan was just some chump wanting to get down Monicas' pants.

5. We agree to keep this between ourselves, in case the divorce happens and Stefan now wants to make Monica his THIRD wife?! Unreal.

6. Monica considers divorcing her husband, Stefan urges her on, but she reconciles, dumping Stefan. Stefan cries to Annie (my GF) and myself. Boo Hoo!

7. Stefan is 6' 230, good looking- red hair, and Mr. Charasmatic in a creepy Eddie Haskell way- shit eating grin, ready to agree with you on everything... 'WOLF in sheeps clothing'. I recognize this BUT!!

8. My parents died this year- Too much detail, but lets just say I was VERY preoccupied with the funerals, etc.

9. Thinking Stefan found out or suspected the 3-some.

10. Begins to make moves- physical, neck rubs, flirting, etc. I notice, but don't say anything (mistake!) because I don't want to sound Sophmoric- after all, she lives with me for 3 yrs, and everything is wonderful- PLUS, we're to be married within a year!

11. Go to Florida to tend to estate of parents. When I'm gone, he makes his move, bedding her. She meets up with me later...

12. I find out by opening a notebook for a piece of paper to write directions to the cemetary down. We were due there in 1 hr. I find the note to him written on her plane flight to meet up with me. I confront, she admits. I kick her out of the house. She is in Oregon living the Pagan/Wiccan lifestyle now- (NO SHIT) Bonfires, etc. and having sex with men and women, as it's a 'free love' thing there at a compound she joined up with.

So where is your "GET EVEN" part? Not that I want her back, mind you, I just want HIM to eat it! And yes, I would like for her to as well!

HELP!! ???

Thanks bud,


Believe me, you got the SHORT version! SO MUCH MORE TO IT!!
Quote James's commment
James at 02:53AM, Nov 30th 2010.
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