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The Approach Workshop Testimonials - Customer Reviews

Vincent and Sebastian goes by the nickname Sebastian Drake and Vin DiCarlo .

"Vin and Sebastian were awesome. The way they explained concepts made it seem like common sense and was completely understandable! Not only that, but they are really cool guys too. As far as success goes, during the workshop they helped break down self-limiting beliefs and helped me adopt a system of beliefs most beneficial to me.

Since the workshop, I have noticed that I have been able to attract women with little or no effort. Approaching women has become much easier and my success has skyrocketed. I thank you guys for everything you've taught me, and it was worth every penny if not more. "

- G.D., New York City -

"Yoooo Vince!

Wasup big man! You won’t believe, I have on my todo list since the seminar to email you a testimonial... but the list is way too long! LOL

Well as far as results, the proof is in the pudding. Attached to this email are the pics in my car of the chick I met while we were 'in the field' at the mall. It took me the 2nd date to get ‘in there’. The hardest part was making the time with my schedule to hook up with her. LOL. J so as u can see I’m a happy camper.

You can use anything I say in this email as my testimonial. It truly is a wonderful feeling that when a girl cancels on me now, I don’t even sweat it, cause I have others in the pipeline waiting to meet me anyway. Now I have that buffer of ladies I can call on to hook up with. Not only did the workshop help me in going after any female I desire in my path, but it’s made me more successful in business too. Like the pauses between the flow of my words when I do seminars, and the conversation exercises when I meet prospects (for business and pleasure!).

You guys are Hitch to the extreme! Forget reading books on this stuff, in my humble but accurate opinion, no other method has made me learn more than yours of making us actually do the work out in the field in real life situations, not just theory. And I’m amazed with how those couple lines you advised me to say to past ex’s, who have a man, but still keep them as a bootycall...worked!"

- Raj, NYC -

"Dear Sebastian,

Let me say "Thank You"! In the six months since I took the bootcamp, I slept with nine women. I'm right now in a relationship with three of them and they all know I date other women too! You and Vincent made this possible, and I can't say enough good things about what you did for me.

Thanks you so much for caring. Tell others my story: I slept with only one girl in the two years before my bootcamp and it didn't work out too well with her. Now it's like all the pieces have come together.

I feel like a different man. My whole life is coming together. I got a promotion at work, my relationship is better with my parents, and my girlfriends are amazing and beautiful.

Actually, I do have one complaint: I'm having so much success I don't have as much free time to watch TV! It seems like I've always got to choose which girlfriends to see, or if I want to go out and meet new girls every weekend.

You and Vincent are seriously the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you so much."

- Joe, Boston, MA -

"Sebastian and Vincent have completely different styles from one another, and both get the same amazing results using theApproach framework and concepts. And there's a whole underground network of guys they've trained in every city - their former clients. It's like you become a part of this exclusive secret society or something.

I still correspond with them through email, we share secrets and all the latest tricks of the trade and so on. I always remember back - one time watching Vincent, I realized how easy it was to pick up girls who already had boyfriends or were married even - I mean it was effortless! Just knowing that these guys exist was enough to convince me to sign up, if nothing else, so that they can't steal my girlfriend!"

- Tim S., San Francisco, CA -

"I have hung out with Vincent on two occasions, both times spending the afternoon together picking up girls. Each time I learned a tremendous amount from him, about pick up in general but particularly about his specialty, direct game during the day. The first thing you notice about him is that he is very calm very smooth. The next thing you notice is that he is fearless about approaching – he’ll approach any girl and open her directly. He really gives you something to shoot for in terms of inner game development.

But in addition to his own abilities, what is great about hanging with Vincent is that he is a great teacher of the game. You can tell he has spent a lot of time analyzing what makes his game work and he has a great ability to articulate what he has learned. He can discuss all aspects of the game – from approach to close, from inner beliefs to outer tactics. He’ll talk about body language, tonality and things to say.

The last time we were together I got a number from a girl who passed me on the street and gave me some nice eye contact. In the past, I had no idea what to do in such situations, but using what he taught me this time, I went after her, stopped, and got a solid number after 10 minutes. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to improve their game consider spending time with Vincent."

- Rob, Washington, D.C. -

"Incredible three day program. I talked to more women in the past three days than I have in the last 10 years of my life. I really learned some great new techniques as well as adapt some very powerful attitudes for making this stuff work. Another really cool thing I realized is that even though some interactions don't go perfect and smooth, I don't feel bad about it anymore. This was something I was struggling with before the workshop. I have definitely reduced both my initial anxiety and nervousness about talking to women. Vincent and Sebastian are really great at building your self confidence and encouraging you along the entire way.

By the last day, I was on fire. I think I talked to every woman in the bar. The conversations were lasting longer and longer, and I even began getting phone numbers and making out with women! Don't get me wrong, I had my fair share of rejection too, but I’ve really become more confident and able to separate myself from the results, and as a result I made huge progress over the weekend. I would definitely reccommend theApproach workshops and training. Thanks a lot guys!"

- Jake L., Portland, OR -

"Vincent has to be the greatest guy I've ever met with women. He has that, you know, that PRESENCE about him. He's so cool when he strolls up to a woman, like he owns any place he's at. I learned more in three days with Vincent than I did in weeks. He's patient, knows how to teach. I'd highly recommend theApproach program."

- Jimmy G., Boston, MA -

"Just finished theApproach bootcamp. I have not taken any other seduction courses, so I might not have the baseline, but theApproach is fantastic and worth every penny of their fee... I came away with a great feeling - I expected to be blown out a lot, have women turn their backs etc. NOTHING like that. Instead, I got lots of "Thank you"'s, grateful smiles, and even one "you made my day". Turns out women LOVE being approached. The 80% of my apprehension to approach has evaporated. I feel very empowered, feel I could now approach the most beautiful woman in a public place, and, at worst get a grateful smile from her."

- Vlad G., Boston, MA -

"I was literally trusting these guys with my life, and I could not be happier. I came to the bootcamp with a completely open mind. It was great and I learned so much. If I did not do this I may or may not have gotten to the level of where I want to be, but if I ever did get there, it will save me years of my time. I don’t think there is many things as valuable as this. "

- Brian K, NYC -

"Before spending a weekend with Vincent, I had almost no success with women. I had only one girlfriend, and the relationship didn't last very long.

First, Vincent took me shopping. He got me to try a new style, and a new haircut. I was skeptical at first, because it wasn't what I was used to wearing. He also had me practice some new ways of walking and carrying myself.

That very day, walking through the mall several girls were looking at me and I also got a few compliments. That never happens!

Then Vincent demonstrated how to walk up to and talk to girls. He made it look so easy and natural. He would walk up to these women, and at first I thought he already knew them - they talked to each other in a really comfortable way. Then it clicked! That's the way it's supposed to be! People should be comfortable and relaxed when talking, and if you approach a new girl like that, she'll automatically feel comfortable with you! I learned a lot that first day.

On the second day, we covered things like having conversations with girls. Before, I would always try to impress them, and I think they thought I bragged too much. Vincent showed me how to talk about myself in a way that was fascinating to women, and got them interested in my life.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I had a lot of fun. Shortly after the workshop, I met a very special girl, and she has been driving a few hours every week to come see me. theApproach brought more meaning to my life and for the first time in a while, I am experiencing a fulfillment that I never knew I was missing. "

- Gabe R., Greenfield, MA -

"The first time I went into the field with Sebastian, I was blown away. I couldn't believe the things he was getting away with. He would walk right up to girls and dance with them, spin them around, dip them, pick them up, it was crazy. He would do this without even saying a single word to them, and guess what... They enjoyed every second of it!

He showed me a whole bunch of non-verbal ways of engaging women and starting conversations with them. I ended up getting seven phone numbers that day, and we also went on a "double date" with two girls we met in the mall.

We walked around Boston with them, and had a great time. Sebastian would explain what he was doing, as well as give me tips right in the middle of everything. That's real live demonstration, for sure! We ended up at one of the girls apartments, and I walked my girl to the train station to go home. I really made a good connection with her, and she was crazy about me.

All in all, I would say that the greatest thing about theApproach is that these guys work with your natural tendencies. If you have something cool about you, they bring it out and make it more prominent. They show you how to talk about yourself in a cool way, that's appealing to women. It really is a great feeling to know that all of the abilities we ever need to be successful with women are already there, locked away inside somewhere. It's just about finding it and letting it out. That's what theApproach does."

- Dennis K., Boston, MA -

"Sebastian is one of the best pick-up artists I've had the pleasure of meeting - his game is top-notch in all ways... He knows all about the learning process. Highly recommended."

- Chad, Austin, TX -

"I've always been a pretty social guy. I have a lot of friends and I'm always the center of attention with my co-workers and family. I was also a good flirt too, with the women around me. But nothing ever really developed into anything beyond that.

I spent a weekend with Vincent of theApproach, and I saw a whole new world. Things I never dreamed possible he was doing in front of my very eyes. We went shopping together and he helped me pick out some stylish shirts and jeans - stuff to enhance my image. After two days, I felt like a new man.

The most important thing he taught me was how to take things to the next level with women. I was always a cool guy that people liked, but I didn't have a few important ideas under my belt, you know, ways of looking at things. He also taught me a few techniques for taking things to the next level and getting physical with women.

That very next weekend, I met a girl at the supermarket and got her phone number - for the first time in years! We got together and had sex on the very first date. She later became my girlfriend.

I would definitely recommend theApproach for guys who are uncertain about how to get women. It helped me and saved me literally years of guesswork. "

- Steve S., Hartford, CT -

"In the seduction community at large there are many fakers, fronters, and snake-oil salesman to be wary of. After having spent some time in the field with Vincent and Sebastian I will testify that these guys are the real deal. What sets them apart is that their approach is its all about strengthening YOUR identity. They're not going to tell you to become someone else, memorize some canned routines or openers, or deceive your way into a pick-up.

Their style is about working with your own desires, neutralizing your irrational fears, and honing a very sophisticated social skill set. If you are in this game for the long-haul you have to approach with positivity and these guys understand this.

Through seeing the suave James Bond like approach of Vincent to the other-worldly Jim Morrison like stylings of Sebastian you will find your game taken to the next level. "

- Matteo, NYC -

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