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Wilder is the co-founder of PickUp 101.

Opening Theory

Average Rating: 4.12 [Total Votes: 79]

Wilder - In the field the number one problem I see with newbie (and some not so new) PUAs is the inability to open sets. If you can't open a set, you can't PU.

Fat Elvis Opener

Average Rating: 3.60 [Total Votes: 5]

Wilder - Hey guys, if you were going to hire an Elvis impersonator for your friend's birthday party, would you hire a young Elvis or a Fat Elvis?

Story Theory

Average Rating: 4.58 [Total Votes: 14]

Wilder - Telling stories to a group of people is one of the best ways to generate attraction in pick-up when done correctly.

Gay Cats

Average Rating: 3.92 [Total Votes: 25]

Wilder - Start the story with, "Have you ever met a gay cat?" After this, you'll have the undivided attention of your audience.

She'll Remember Your Name

Average Rating: 3.54 [Total Votes: 13]

Wilder - I've been playing with this lately. When a girl asks my name I'll say, "Turn around a sec." Then I'll grab her ass and say, "My name is Wilder."