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Winging discusses good practices in working together with your wing to achieve your goals.

Social Circle Pick Up - Wing Rules

NightVision - Asian Playboy talks about our conduct for social circle sarging. The best place to pick up girls is our social circle. Your friends can be your biggest allies, so don't screw it up.

How To Be A Good Wing

Tyler Durden - Researchers have found that males' testosterone levels are effected even by trivial events such as their favourite sports team winning or losing a game. Our testosterone varies depending on the level of success that we have.

Wing Rules

Mystery - I prefer going in alone. When you go in with your wing, you smack of all the others who did that. Let me take a moment to explain two ways of going in; the BAD WAY and then the GOOD WAY.

Wing Sandwich

Tyler Durden - When you are walking around the club with a wing stay behind him and try and sandwich a HB in between the two of you...