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Art of Seduction (London Lair) is a continually expanding collection of free useful seduction and dating advice taken from the seduction community of pick up artists (puas) to help men develop their skills to attract, seduce and pick up women. If you want to get women you always wanted, then you have come to the right place.

The advice given is often counter intuitive and goes against what society has taught you. You will come to a big 'ah ha!' when you realise why you have not been successful in the past. It will shake your reality. Everything here has been field tested and many are using it to pick up women.

Two main aims of this website:

  1. Start up guide for a complete beginner in seduction
  2. A reference for the more experienced pick up artist (pua)

The articles ranges from complete beginners to advanced, so there is something for everyone. Beginners should begin by watching this approaching women video. Start by reading the seduction guide and then skim through the site picking out relevant advice. Subscribe to our newsletter providing access to hidden areas of the site and updated material (located on right panel).

If you enjoyed the authors article, just click on their name and you will be taken to a page with a list of their articles.

Regular users should see the latest seduction articles posted up almost everyday.

Top 5 Authors (according to amount of articles and ratings by you, our readers!) :

David DeAngelo, Joseph Matthews, David Shade, Vin DiCarlo, John Alexander

Featured Articles

Being A Wussy
(For Beginner PickUp Artists PUA)

David DeAngelo- If you are a "nice guy" who never seems to be able to attract HOT women, or you have attractive female friends who always seem to say, "He's really wonderful, but I just like him as a FRIEND", then this could possibly be the single most important thing you ever read in your entire life.

Smart Phone Game
(For Developing PickUp Artists PUA)

Savoy - I knew I wasn't a "natural" but I wasn't going to settle either. Several years ago, I found other men on the internet who had the same outlook.

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder
(For Advanced PickUp Artists PUA)

Vin DiCarlo - The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by step formula, followed by a number of laws which govern it’s use for maximum effect.It is designed to provide a smooth escalation, containing no significant jumps that may cause a woman to object.

The site is categorized as follows:

Inner Game

Inner Game is about sorting ourselves from within.  It concerns understanding, tackling our misconceptions, and developing the right mindset.  Our mindset and understanding unconsciously affects our outer behaviour and reality.  Fixing ourselves from within will accelerate our development to become attractive to women. This is required in learning how to pick up women.

Seduction Concepts

Seduction Concepts concerns the concepts and techniques used in different stages of the seduction process.  Now that we have gotten rid of some useless and often detrimental beliefs that is affecting our inner game, its time to get out there and reap the rewards.

PUA Routines

PUA Routines are field tested things you could say or do to attract and seduce women.  This section allows you to pre plan what you should say and do to get the result you want.  As you put these routines to use, you will eventually learn how to be spontaneous leading you to become more natural.  However, knowing exactly what to do when you are early in your development will give you a boost in confidence.

Seduction Settings

Seduction Settings defines the settings in which we attract, seduce and pick up women.  Different women, situations, and mediums require their own techniques.

Field Reports

Field Reports are real life examples of seduction. Here are detailed pick up artist reports on their experience with picking up women that we can all learn from.

Pick Up Artists

Pick Up Artists are the authors of the articles found in this site. 

All articles are copyright the original author.

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