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How To Attract, Seduce, & Pick Up Women By Pick Up Artists PUAs

Attraction Routines

Attraction Routines are what you should say or do in order to gain attraction from women. Pebbles are also included here (to amp up the fun, excitement and interest in your pick up). Check out the pua routines manual.

Deconstructing Attraction

Dahunter - The thing that I do that I consciously worked on is that I talk down to a woman in a playful way in the beginning. The things that I say come out of nowhere.


Mad Dash - A NEG is not an insult. It is a statement intended to subtly undermine her self-esteem while covering your tracks with a grudging compliment. You are teasing her.

Ultimate Negs Collection

Mav - 1. Your hair looks shiny, is it a wig? Oh well it looks nice anyway 2. That’s lovely long hair – are they extensions? 3. I think your hair would look better up/down

Jerk Routines

Tyler Durden - This is called THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. I've tried something UNCONVENTIONAL here, and found that it has excellent results. Do not criticize until you have tried, and seen the results.

Puppy Dog Routines

Tyler Durden - Try to get the chick wanting to cuddle you and take care of you.. how? Use sympathy routines!

Using SOIs

Wayne Elise Juggler - The great thing about SOIs is that they can put you in a frame where the girl and you are talking about the two of you having sex. She can not do this without imagining having sex with you.

She'll Remember Your Name

Wilder - I've been playing with this lately. When a girl asks my name I'll say, "Turn around a sec." Then I'll grab her ass and say, "My name is Wilder."

PVC Devil

Tyler Durden - Oh, you're getting fiesty, huh? You know what I would do with you? I would dress you up.... in a red.. PVC... *devil* outfit...

8 Girlfriends Routine

Brad P - This has been field tested over 50 times. Women respond to it in a very predictable way.

Best Friends

Tyler Durden - You guys are best friends aren't you. You have exactly the same posture. And...

Sexual Predator

Tyler Durden - If I had to teach guy game in under 10 minutes, I guess that this is probably what I'd talk about (along with the more important points from the 25 points of not appearing needy, because if you appear needy you're usually blown out.. So say not the whole list, but at least not to peck in, or be too eager to touch or ask questions or have weird manneurisms that look desperate).

Female Roommates

Tyler Durden, Tenmagnet- I've been offered this *SWEET* place in (x place).. I want to live there, *BUT*..... I have to live with FOUR girls. Like *FOUR*. I'm going to get 4 times the boyfriend complaints...

Attack Kitten

Jlaix - You are so cute! You are like my little ATTACK KITTEN...

Never Be A Couple Routine

ijjjji, Tyler Durden - Aww - you are soo cute.. but you make me SO SAD!...

Give Her Stars

Kineti[C]harm - Whenever a girl does something that pleases you or want her to do something either give her a star or offer her a star for doing it...

Masturbating In The Shower

Brad P - Did you know that 93% of girls masturbate in the shower?

Ultimate False Disqualifiers Collection

Mav - 1. It would never work out between us 2. I can already tell, you and I are not going to get along 3. You’re too much of a nice girl for me...

In Town Out of Town Game

Wayne Elise Juggler - We all know you are more effective at getting girls digging you when you are in some other country, county or hamlet than your own. You are an exotic quantity. Personally, I like that feeling...

I Love You

Tyler Durden - “You know what… I love you… I really do… you know what… I’ve come to a decision… will you marry me? Marry me…

Secret Snap Handshake

Wayne Elise Juggler - Do something unusual as a handshake with a girl. Her: “what was that?”..

C And U Shaped Smiles

Neil Struass aka Style - This one is AWESOME if you're sarging strippers and models. It's also completely true.

We Are Too Similar

Tyler Durden - Woa, what are you doing. Ok… you know what.. you and I would not get along…


Beauty Is Common

Neil Strauss aka Style, Mystery, Nightvision - This routine is to get them to qualify themselves to you..

Manipulate Men With Your Body

Neil Strauss aka Style - To a HB that is trying to use her body to win you over such as pushing her breasts into you etc

Push Pull Examples

Swinggcat - I grabbed a woman's hand and said, “You have the most amazing smile I've seen tonight… It makes me feel so happy inside!”

Giant Poodle

Swinggcat - You know you remind me of a Giant Poodle… there is something in your smile that just does it...