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Disorientation After First Virginal Orgasm

Author: David Shade

Quote of the day:

"Don't cha wish your girlfriend was  a freak like me?"
The Pussycat Dolls

Ha ha, I love that line.  And I guess that is what I always wanted.  I wanted a girl who would get freaky with me.  I wanted a girl to celebrate with me all the excitement that is possible with sexuality.  I wanted to feel like a man.  Getting to that point had a lot to do with learning to believe that I deserved it.

Today I have an email about deservedness and then an email about disorientation....

***EMAIL from Carl:

Hi David,

I asked you some questions a couple of days ago and you told me that my problem was I needed to get self worth. I think you are right, I just would like to know how.

Part of it would be taking action and having successes and good experiences. Is there a quicker way of wiping out those self limiting beliefs though?

For example today I saw and approached a pretty and sexy girl. She was my type (quiet and sensual). I said to her "you have beautiful eyes" simple as that. She said "thank you" and stared at me. I felt the connection, introduced myself. She introduced herself and said "Carl you have a strong presence"

And that was it. I blew it. I did not do anything majorly wrong, but I guess my body language changed since I started to feel anxious and needy.  I went from enjoying the interaction, the moment, and her, to wanting to take something from her.

Now the worst part of it is I don't really believe the good feedback from women. I have been told that I have a strong presence, piercing eyes, that I am sexy and I still don't REALLY believe it. I mean how that can be??

If women perceive me as having a strong presence or being powerful I have to believe that at SOME LEVEL to be able to project it. How come part of me still don't believe it?? Is the human subconscious really that complicated?

David I know that you specialize in sexual pleasure, threesomes. etc, but it seems like you know a lot about inner psychology as well.

Your comments would help me a lot




Again, you need to get some self worth.  There is no easy way.  If it were easy, everybody would do it. It only comes to those who dedicate themselves to it.

You received a very good reaction from that girl.  But you did not believe that you deserved it.  The good reaction you got from her was in contradiction to what you thought you were worthy of.

Even though reality proves to you that women respond well to you, you refuse to believe it.  You are in denial of reality.

You felt that you were taking something from her because you do not understand that women are highly sexual creatures who WANT to celebrate their sexuality, and you knew, deep inside, that you needed her validation.

You see Carl, people don't get what they want, people don't get what they need, people get what they honestly and truly believe that they deserve.

Learn to believe that you deserve it.  To do that, you must feel worthy.  To do that, you must become self validated.  To do that, you must become responsible for yourself.

And you absolutely must have respect for reality.  You must believe what reality is proving to you.  You must rewrite your beliefs based upon evidence from reality.

Self worth is built over the many developing years.  Deal with the issues from your past that limit your self worth.

Start by taking pride in everything you do.  For example, I had to correct many spelling and grammar errors in your email so that my readers would not have to suffer through them.  Proofread everything you write. It is a reflection of you.  Take pride in your creations.

Go out there and push yourself.  Prove things to yourself.  Celebrate all the little victories.  Work your way up to bigger victories.  Reward yourself at every step by internalizing the victory and allowing it to make you feel better about yourself.  Learn to enjoy the victories.

Know that you are responsible for dealing with the problem.

Get used to success.  Learn to accept it.

Read every word on this page on this website:
What It Means To Be A Masterful Lover

***EMAIL from Phil:

Hi David,

Thank You so very much for putting Yourself out there to increase our knowledge about sexuality of women, AND responding appropriately to it.

Thank You for reinforcing the importance of being expressive. Being expressive while engaged in sex and love making has greatly enhanced my intimate connection with my lover, and expressiveness in my daily life.

WOW David, your revelation about the deep spot with come hither messaging IS very powerful. It has trained my Lover to have powerful vaginal orgasms while I am inside of her.

My question arises out of the 4th week of knowing her.  Her husband died 8 years ago. She had never experienced a vaginal orgasm before.

On the second session of using the deep spot message method, she had her first vaginal orgasm.

Then I positioned myself on top and inside of her. After a very pleasant and delightful time of messaging her vagina with my penis, I could feel the strong wave action of her vagina against my penis, confirming her very delightful verbal response.

However, after her orgasm subsided, she started to feel sad and cried.  As she was experiencing sadness, I told her it was ok, that I was here for her, and to not hold back on experiencing that sadness.

About an hour later, we decided to get out of bed and be vertical for a while.  Then she mentioned how very uncomfortable she was feeling due to an unexplained disorientation she was also feeling.

I really did not know myself why she was disoriented AND how to properly address this and knew instinctively that I had to. The important issue for me, and her, would be continuing to see me as safe and trusting.

Her disorientation did not seem to clear up until 4-5 hours of being vertical.

My request David is for some suggestions on how to handle situations like this, when one's lover becomes so disoriented as a result of the intense pleasure along side other intense emotions that may have been triggered, a result of the intense delight to her of my unexpectedly "rocking her world."

I Thank You ahead of time for your response.  Once again David, thank you very much for revealing the deep spot message technique.

A Masterful Lover,
Your Grateful Student,


It is a typical reaction, after a mature woman experiences her first vaginal orgasm in intercourse, to be overwhelmed with emotions.  It is a very powerful and moving experience for her.  And it is a truly beautiful thing to witness.

You handled the situation fine.

For the 8 years since her husband was taken from her, she thought she would never feel sexual again.  Yet with you she did, and even more powerfully than she ever imagined.

She had deep beliefs reinforced over a long period of time that were instantly overwritten.  And thus the disorientation for hours afterwards.

This is what happens when you release a woman's sexual potential.  Truly a beautiful thing to witness.

When you release a woman's sexual potential, a number of things can happen.

When she first experiences deep spot stimulation, she could be so overcome with intense pleasure that she will begin to brown out.

When she experiences her first vaginal orgasm in intercourse, she could be so overwhelmed with emotions that she will cry.

When all of her self limiting beliefs are instantly nullified, she could be so emotionally overwhelmed that she will literally become disoriented.

And sometimes they will be so lost in it all that they will loose all control and squirt.

These are things that are truly beautiful to witness.

If you want to enable these wonderful moments, if you want to turn her into a total freak, and if you believe that you deserve it, then learn about beliefs in my "Give Women Wild Screaming Orgams" program.
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David Shade

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And I love to hear success stories too.  I want to hear all the per.verted deme.nted things that you and your woman have experienced together. Those stories always get a personal response.

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