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Derek Vitalio

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Mail Bag

Derek Vitalio email correspondents with his students.

Rules For Success

Derek Vitalio - How My Rules For Success Almost Drove Me To Total Failure With Women.

Magic Bullet For Higher State

Derek Vitalio - Many guys look for a “magic bullet” when it comes to women- if they just learn that one technique, that one line, or that one confidence building exercise, then they’ll become successful with girls.

Skill Building Activity

Derek Vitalio - My #2 secret is also about setting the right mental STATE for success as well...

Be Dominent Not Domineering

Derek Vitalio - As a man, you need to be decisive and make decisions. You need to become comfortable with being in charge and in command.

Why Does Making A Woman Smile Feel So Darn Good

Derek Vitalio - Why are having social relationships with women the #1 factor in what makes us happy?

How To Become The Center of Attention

Derek Vitalio - We all love being the center of attention, don’t we? Most men want to know their women are beautiful. Most women want to know their men have worth. Learn how to create social value in yourself, and the ladies will become MUCH more attracted to you even before you display any other seductive traits.

The Three Sexual Keys

Derek Vitalio - Most men do two… but not all three of the keys that lead to constantly fresh and fulfilling sex. Not because they can’t do any of them, but because the three key aspects aren’t linked firmly enough. Once you can successfully balance play, sex, and cuddling, you’ll be able to show your lover something new every time.

Two Sexy Sultry Films That Women Will Go Crazy For

Derek Vitalio - A good adult film is like a Blissnosis session all unto itself. A good adult film puts a woman into a sexual and highly suggestible state, and then leads her through a sexual fantasy that pushes her boundaries into new sexual experiences.

Focusing Your Approach

Derek Vitalio - Different ladies like different things.  If you can learn the best ways to trigger attraction in each type of woman, you’re going to be a very busy man.

Derek Vitalios Other Articles:


Derek Opens Big Booty Babe At Pollo Tropical

Derek Vitalio - I was at Pollo Tropical the other day when I spotted an incredibly hot woman sitting and eating with two of her lady friends.

Is Having Money The Secret To Happiness

Derek Vitalio - Falling in love is usually rated as the strongest source of positive emotion. People report euphoria, excitement, affection, contentment, laughing.

Push Pull Teasing Passion Routine

Derek Vitalio - Charlotte and I are sitting back in my bedroom among the Persian pillows. In the Teasing Passion ritual, you’ll be making the girl desperately, fiery hot for you, but not giving her any release.

Hands of Fire - Nine Power Touches

Derek Vitalio - After the Melting Hug ritual, the next time you see the girl, you’ll want to do the Hands of Fire ritual.

Seducing A Girl With A Melting Hug

Derek Vitalio - The next base ritual for creating a sexual connection with a woman is the ENERGY FLOW RITUAL.

Sexy Blonde and I Do Bliss Breathing - Will The Clothes Come Off?

Derek Vitalio - Charlotte is this new girl I’ve been seeing for a few months now. Perhaps you remember her from a few months back at the Starbucks- she’s the blonde chick with the shapely legs.

What You Can Learn From Strippers

Derek Vitalio - Normally, we only think of men as studying advanced seduction psychology and techniques...

The Rake - Sexually Dangerous, Thrilling, Passionate, And Devoted To Pleasure

Derek Vitalio - You spot a super hot babe and your heart skips a beat. You know, the kind of woman that has the attention of every man in the room… and the jealous looks of every woman.

Where To Find A Perfect 10

Derek Vitalio - Today I’m going to address the issue of finding those elusive “Perfect 10s”.

Seducing Women Through Rituals of Libertinage

Derek Vitalio - Most guys think of the seduction as when the woman is back at your place and you need to get her clothes off. But seduction can be so much more than getting a woman undressed.

Why I Respect You; And Dereks Steps To Making A Sexual Connection With Women

Derek Vitalio - A lot of times we get discouraged because we are too hard on ourselves. We’re always beating ourselves up for not living up to the perhaps unrealistic goals our imaginations have dreamed up for us...

The Star Seduction CD Just Released

Derek Vitalio - Most women constantly seek to escape from their boring lives into fantasy, adventure, and dreams. Stars are men who feed on this need of women, standing out from other men through a distinctive, appealing, attention-getting style.