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Giuseppe Notte

Giuseppe Notte


Customer reviews for All About Women ebook.

Five Big Myths About Women — Debunked

Giuseppe Notte - Women don't like or enjoy sex as much as you do. Is there anyone who still believes this? Read an issue of Cosmopolitan or watch an episode of Sex and the City, and you'll know what's up. When you're fighting hard for that tiny little bang (which is supposed to be your orgasm) while your girl has just gone off for the third time in a row, it makes you wonder who really enjoys sex more, right?

Is She Open?

Giuseppe Notte - Do you think that whether a girl likes you or not is a matter of some magical connection or "luck"? Well, it is. But the good news is that you can learn to use this to your advantage.

You Can Get The Kinds Of Women You've Always Wanted

Giuseppe Notte - Guys who have less self-confidence when it comes to women like to think that they don't “deserve” to get the kinds of women they really want. Well, if you belong to this group, I have good news for you. Just keep reading!

You’re Not ‘Less’ Because You Have No Women

Giuseppe Notte - These days society puts abnormal pressure on guys. From your early teens, other guys tend to measure you by the number of girlfriends you have or the number of girls you've laid. In early high school, a guy who has a girlfriend is considered to be cooler than a “loser” who has no girls at all.

There’s This One Special Girl I’m Longing For...

Giuseppe Notte - Be honest. It's happened to all of us. There was this girl... A girl you might have never even have talked to... But still... You couldn't help but think about her all day... And the more you thought about her, the less courage you had to go up to her and invite her on a date.

Looking For “The Holy Grail”

Giuseppe Notte - There's a special phenomenon that occurs when a guy starts to learn about women for the first time. I call it “the grand search for the holy grail.” I've seen many guys who were unsuccessful with women for years. Then one day, they type “seduction” into Google and find a bunch of websites and e-books dealing with “how to seduce girls,” “what women want,” “the best pickup lines” and so on. Suddenly, they get all excited and start looking for the “holy grail,” the key that opens the heart (and the legs) of every woman.

Your Looks DO Matter

Giuseppe Notte - When it comes to the topic of their looks, most guys are usually clueless and confused. They tend to think in extremes: You either need to look like Brad Pitt to pick up decent-looking women, or you can look like a bum and still get laid.

When A Girl Wants You To Approach

Giuseppe Notte - Walking down the street, you usually feast your eyes on the hot ladies going by and say to yourself, “I'd do her!” Has it ever occurred to you that men are not alone in this? Yes, my friend, women do the same!

How To Make Your Dates Effective And Unforgettable

Giuseppe Notte - You're on your first date with a girl you have a crush on. Your palms are sweaty, and you're trying damn hard to come up with something funny to say, only to lapse into long silences in your conversation. She stands up after an hour and says, “Sorry, but it's getting late. I have to go home to feed my dog.” Before you can say something, she's already gone.

A Wonderful Idea To Spice Up Your Existing Relationships

Giuseppe Notte - There is a cool little game for spicing up your long-term or fuck-buddy relationships.

Ok, And Who Cares?

Giuseppe Notte - So, you've decided to change yourself for the better. You've read countless dating advice books, and you've tried numerous techniques and "magic bullets" to become more successful with women. Now, upon meeting a girl, you carefully watch her reactions to every word you say. You calibrate your "game" to how she behaves, and every muscle of your body homes in on seducing that girl.

Where Girls Go To Get Laid

Giuseppe Notte - This time I want to talk about a wonderful opportunity to meet a large number of hot girls. I think it's one of the easiest places to pick up women — and by developing a little bit of skill, you'll have literally no competition.