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"It's full of practical instruction that is readily applicable any day or night of the week."

Giuseppe Notte has written a useful and up to date overview of many of the important aspects that make up solid game. He ranges from inner game, venues and direct game, to sex and relationship management amongst others. Perhaps one of the most important aspects he reveals, is how and why the male-female dynamic works in the way it does. Having this macro model of how to behave to pass her tests allows one adaptability in the field. It's also full of practical instruction that is readily applicable any day or night of the week.

Stevie PUA, London, England
(review on popular seduction forum)

"Yours is definitely the best book I ever read on this subject"

Giuseppe, yours is definitely the best book I ever read on this subject. (and I read many of them!) Although I had some success with women this book gave me great insight into real understanding of them. It helped me to boost my success and finally get some girls I wanted before! A definitely must read! Thank you Giuseppe for this book!

T. B., Croatia, Europe
(from an e-mail)

"It's amazing those I reject keep phoning and wanting me!"

You have written an excellent book which lays out the right way to approach and get women. Learning the wrong mistakes that guys do also saved me time in my learning curve with girls. I now see that I can qualify girls and if they don't meet my standards there are other options. It's amazing those I reject keep phoning and wanting me!

Allan S, London UK
(from an e-mail)

"A great guide on dating"

A great guide on dating, it lets guys know different parts of the dating game and how to deal with, it also talks about women and how to deal with them, a great guide for beginners and budding players alike, it teaches you to be a man.

V. Brown, USA

"A great read"

I recently read Giuseppe Notte´s book. Personally I thought it was definately a great read, highlighting especially the dynamics between the sexes and how to deal with them. Going into subjects as the right way to compliment a woman, how to make the sex great (i´m not talking about sexual technique per se, more how to make the sex great by making the path there exciting, challenging and passionate, which will inevitably lead to better sex), the differences between being in isolation with a woman and a public gettogether and the according way to behave and advance, how to approach a woman in the first place, etc.

Even advanced guys will find a few gems and routines in the book but it is a goldmine for the beginners and intermediate guys.

Funny how back then when I joined unmoderated asf, you would be overwhelmed with unsorted information, dozens and dozens of posters with tens of thousands of disorganized posts and had to find your way through all that and today you get all that info sorted and ready to serve in a complete book like this.

So if you need some structure in your information, this book is a great place to start from and/or enhance your knowledge.

Kooper, Germany, EU
(review on popular seduction forum)

"I really enjoyed reading your ebook"

Giuseppe, I really enjoyed reading your ebook. It was nicely organized and it has a well thought out structure so it has a nice flow to it. I really liked experimenting with the direct style approaches. I never thought the direct approaches would work as well but it really frees up my mind and allows me to be in the moment instead of thinking what routine should I now use. The sections on being a man, leading, talking about what my passions are and managing MLTR's were excellent! You even took the subject to a whole new level with our relationships with these women which made this book really stand out from the many PU books I've read! I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.

Steve B., USA
(from an e-mail)

"Very useful information"


(from an e-mail)

"Since I read the book I completely changed my way of seeing things and relationship with women"

It is interesting to know about the art of seducing woman, since I read the book I completely changed my way of seeing things and relationship with women.

Salim, Manchester
(from an e-mail)

"All about women is one of the ebooks that everyone should read"

All about women is one of the ebooks that everyone should read when beginning their journey in the world up pick up and seduction. It teaches you all about women on how they think and why. It teaches you how to be the man that women want, how to talk to them, where to take them, etc. Get this ebook for sure guys!

Jeremy G, US, CA

"I would like to thank you..."

I would like to thank you for attempting to reawaken the idea of the importance of being a "real man" when relating to women. This seems to be a lost concept in today's society with the blending of gender roles. But when reading your book, I suddenly realized that if I want a woman, I have to be a "man". This idea alone made it well worth the price.

E. R., USA
(from an e-mail)

"All About Women is an exhaustive treatment"

All About Women is an exhaustive treatment of every aspect of meeting, dating, sexing and just generally dealing with women. It's refreshing, "right between the eyes" writing style will keep men entertained and engaged as they gather an education in the finer points of improving their game. Mr. Notte has really set the bar high for the rest of us laboring to create info-products of similar quality in this field.

    Mike Pilinski, author,
High Status Male: Without Embarrassment
(a review)

"All About Women is incredibly useful and informative"

The book "All About Women" is incredibly useful and informative. It opened up with the differences between women perception and that of men. It explains what make a woman behave the way she does, her state of mind and their complicated nature. It highlighted on how to approach a woman and how to get her details. Also topical issues to raise whenever on a date with a woman.

Chuks M, UK/London
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"Your book has inspired me to become a man who is a leader with women and a successful business man"

Giuseppe your book, "All About Women" has inspired me to become a man who is a leader with women and a successful business man. My advice to men looking to become successful with women is to avoid the bad advice given by others who want you to hypnotizing women ect. and follow sound advice as taught in your book on how to become a powerful man who is attractive to women. But remember any good thing takes effort to obtain, and it is more than than worth the effort to have a beautiful woman in your arms.

Roger N, USA/Washington
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"I haven't even read half of the book yet and it already helped me with attracting women"

All about women is a really great book. I haven't even read half of the book yet and it already helped me with attracting women. I was really surprised when I found out about those stuff in the book. Your book is a great help to me.

Robert A, United States, Missouri
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"I would recommend 'All About Women' to anyone!"

I've had a chance to read Giuseppe's excellent book and found out very interesting facts. I've met Giuseppe a few years ago in Italy and even though he was a very good ladies man back then, it's nice to see how he has become an expert on women. I am proud that my CD has been one of his inspirations for the book: "All About Women", which I would recommend to anyone! Out of the many topics that he writes about here is one that is discussed for the first time in such a book: (among many others) "The ART is not only to pick-up girls, but to also KEEP THEM". Check it out!

Ranko Magami of

"The book was amazing"

The book was amazing. It explains to me, in a very charismatic manner, what is 'it' that women are looking for, namely, the man! You explain to me what a real man should be like (after reading your stuff I think that figure most assimilates to my Manly Father!), despite social pressure on 'feminizing' the homosapiens we were born of! Your experiences, little tricks really helped me in understanding feminine psychology! When I put your words into practice not only I get attracted female attention but also respects from men which is vital for my future success in wherever do - standing out from the public as a heroic confident icon!

Tsung Lung Shyu, United Kingdom/Bournemouth
(from an e-mail)

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