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Inner Game

Inner Game is about sorting ourselves from within.  It concerns understanding, tackling our misconceptions, and developing the right mindset.  Our mindset and understanding unconsciously affects our outer behaviour and reality.  Fixing ourselves from within will accelerate our development to become attractive to women.

Women Psychology

Women Psychology needs to be understood and is an essential step in order to become successful.  It is not something that has been taught to you in school or friends, so be prepared to realise useful (even controversial) facts about women.

About Fear and Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety affects us all, particularly when it comes to approaching and attracting women.  This is one of the first milestones a developing pick up artist needs to overcome.  To step out of our comfort zone requires practice.  However, the following articles offer a helping hand

Mindsets, Beliefs and Attitudes

Mindsets, Beliefs and Attitudes are important to help us become the person that attracts and seduce women.  Much of what we believe about attraction and seduction is made up of misconceptions that have been hard wired into us through our upbringing.  The following articles delve into these issues.  Our mindset affects our reality and others around us.  Developing the right attitude will help towards self improvement.

Identity and Character

Identity and Character is what we are as a whole and how we see ourselves.  To become successful with women does not mean just spurting out a few pick up lines, routines and behaviours.  We have to build our character, and become that person.  The following articles discuss the importance of why should have an identity as well as the how.

Concepts And Perspectives

Concepts and Perspectives on different aspects of the game.  These provide further useful knowledge for attraction, interactions with women and important realisations.


















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