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April 2007 Seduction PUA Articles

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Eighties Dog Opener - 30 April 2007

Swinggcat - My friend just got two puppies, a Pug and a Beagle. She wants to name them after an 80’s pop duo… she wants to name them… DURAN DURAN…

Messing Up Your Chances - 28 April 2007

Swinggcat - Just maybe you think the best way to succeed with a woman is to NOT mess up by, for example, avoiding topics of conversation that might offend her, hiding aspects about yourself she may find dorky or crass or pathetic...and so on, yes? If this describes you, don't worry. You're not alone.

Push Pull - 25 April 2007

NightVision - Push Pull forms an integral part of my game. I suggest everyone start to learn, understand and put it into practice. I remember when I first started using it (as well as frame control - all taught in Swinggcat 's ebook), my game shot up astranomically. Swinggcat explains push pull in this article.

Five Myths Preventing Attraction - 24 April 2007

Swinggcat - Being an Attractive Man Is Always About Appealing To What Women Say They Want...If you are one of those vehement supporters of this myth, you should get a noose and hang yourself - you'll be better off.

Do Women Want To Be Hit On? - 23 April 2007

Swinggcat - I've got a question for you: Do women enjoy being hit on - or do they loathe it? If YOU know in your heart-of-hearts women enjoy it - maybe even love it - you're well on your way to experiencing massive success with da ladies.

Mystery's Classic Kiss Close - 23 April 2007

Mystery - You ask, "Would you like to kiss me? If she says yes, kiss her. If she says, "Maybe," ''Why?", "What do you mean" or "I donno" it means she does, but is shy about it.

An Attraction Secret I Learned From A Frog - 21 April 2007

Swinggcat - Yes, that's right... I learned an attraction secret from a frog... and there's a good chance this secret will instantly double your success with women.

How To Kiss A Woman Without Rejection - 21 April 2007

Swinggcat - If there was a secret to kissing women you desired without rejection, would you want to know more about it?

How To Become The Center of Attention - 20 April 2007

Derek Vitalio - We all love being the center of attention, don’t we? Most men want to know their women are beautiful. Most women want to know their men have worth. Learn how to create social value in yourself, and the ladies will become MUCH more attracted to you even before you display any other seductive traits.

Social Circle Pick Up - Wing Rules - 19 April 2007

NightVision - Asian Playboy talks about our conduct for social circle sarging. The best place to pick up girls is our social circle. Your friends can be your biggest allies, so don't screw it up.

Wing Rules - 18 April 2007

Mystery - I prefer going in alone. When you go in with your wing, you smack of all the others who did that. Let me take a moment to explain two ways of going in; the BAD WAY and then the GOOD WAY.

The Three Sexual Keys - 17 April 2007

Derek Vitalio - Most men do two… but not all three of the keys that lead to constantly fresh and fulfilling sex. Not because they can’t do any of them, but because the three key aspects aren’t linked firmly enough. Once you can successfully balance play, sex, and cuddling, you’ll be able to show your lover something new every time.

How To Get A Woman To Treat You The Way You Deserve - 17 April 2007

John Alexander - You know the scenario. You start dating a woman. After the first date, all you get is a peck on the cheek. Second date, you get a mouth kiss. Third date, you hold hands. It's a very slow process.

How To Make Women Trust You Completely - 17 April 2007

John Alexander - I'm about to reveal a little-known secret of human persuasion that can induce the woman to feel complete trust for you, and have sex with you... even if it's the very first date.

How To Start A Conversation With Women - 17 April 2007

NightVision - Much of what John Alexander teaches stems from solid inner game of an alpha male. The best way is to combine his atitude and mindset to your other opening techniques...

Do You Make These Body Language Mistakes With Your Hands? - 14 April 2007

John Alexander - Unfortunately, what you do with your hands can be one of the quickest non-verbal ways to destroy the attraction that a woman feels for you, because the wrong hand movements can communicate that you are a low-status, beta male.

How To Get A Girl To Like You - 14 April 2007

John Alexander - We've all had that special woman in our lives. You know... the one with the sweet personality, the really nice hair and a perfect face. She dates the more "adept" guys... but how can you get her to like you?

Too Ugly? Too Short? Turn Your Flaws Into Strengths - 14 April 2007

John Alexander - Are you a guy with a high-pitched voice? Of maybe you've got a face only a mother could love? Well, whatever it is, if you're worried and upset about your physical flaws, which prevent you from attracting women, then I've got some good news for you.

How To Attract Girls Even if You're Short - 14 April 2007

John Alexander - Let me mention a few names and you can tell me what they all have in common: Al Pacino, Humphrey Bogart and Napoleon. Okay, no surprise here... they're all short guys. But you know what? They were all awesome with the ladies...

Boyfriending Technique - 14 April 2007

John Alexander - I'm going to reveal an important comfort-building technique I call "Boyfriending." In a nutshell, there's something you can do that's usually done ONLY by a woman's boyfriend...

Day Game Vs Night Game - 14 April 2007

Badboy - When I started going out sarging, my biggest dream was to be able to pull the hottest girls from the club home. For years, my game was focused on the club environment. I learned millions of dirty little tricks to thrive in such a tough environment...

Body Language - 13 April 2007

John Alexander - An estimated 67% to 93% of human communication (according to university researchers) is non-verbal, and your body language reveals your internal emotional state. Whether someone's parents just died, or whether they just got promoted to CEO... you can tell by observing their body language.

Jerk Routines - 13 April 2007

Tyler Durden - This is called THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. I've tried something UNCONVENTIONAL here, and found that it has excellent results. Do not criticize until you have tried, and seen the results.

Puppy Dog Routines - 13 April 2007

Tyler Durden - Try to get the chick wanting to cuddle you and take care of you.. how? Use sympathy routines!

Tylers Solid Game - 13 April 2007

NightVision - This Field Report is GOLD. Tyler Durden runs solid game on HB10 and friends. Each step of this field report includes the motive in doing so. Too many developing PUAs gets so hung up on hurrying the process. Feel the situation and give time if need be. Of course the more you practice the more you'll be able to calibrate for each set instinctively.

Secret To Alpha Male Body Language - 12 April 2007

John Alexander - Watch a man with high status--Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or the CEO where you work--and you'll notice that he moves differently than the rest of us. He gives off vibes that he is hot stuff, and because of that, women get soaking wet over him.

Tips For NightClubs - 12 April 2007

Badboy - Here are a few quick pointers for doing your best in the competitive nightclub environment...

How To Have Sex On The First Date - 11 April 2007

John Alexander - Having gone out with with literally thousands of women and gone to bed with hundreds over the past two and a half decades, I've learned that there's nothing you can do to GUARANTEE having sex with any particular woman.

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder - 11 April 2007

Vin DiCarlo - The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by step formula, followed by a number of laws which govern it’s use for maximum effect. It is designed to provide a smooth escalation, containing no significant jumps that may cause a woman to object.

Using The Fated Encounter For First Date Seduction Success - 10 April 2007

John Alexander - Wouldn't it be nice if you could create feelings within a woman of a deep connection with you... even if you two have known each other for only a few hours... and without having to resort to complicated (and risky!) hypnosis tactics?

Got A Girlfriend? Heres How Not To Screw It Up - 10 April 2007

John Alexander - Having a girlfriend can be a dangerous thing. We become too dependent on our woman for our happiness, and then if we get dumped, we find that we've all of a sudden lost our confidence. This results in being without sex for many months, until we finally get a girlfriend again, and... the cycle repeats.

4 Keys To Overcome Your Nervousness Around Women- 10 April 2007

John Alexander - Standing at the magazine rack thumbing through Cosmo, she has the most gorgeous face you've ever seen. Her hair is silky brown. Her skin looks so radiant and so incredibly soft. You would be on top of the world if you could pick her this girl up...

Five Step Escalation Structure - 10 April 2007

Tyler Durden - Mixing and matching V, A, C, Q, S. Some basic often asked questions from the scene are...

Shifting Gears - 7 April 2007

Tyler Durden - I have CODIFIED street-walkups on moving targets, and can now PU moving targets with extremely HIGH HIGH consistency.

Short Set Method - 7 April 2007

NightVision - This is a field tested method by Tyler Durden used for low-key venues with regulars, or for super-loud venues where long sets are difficult due to excessive music volume.

Picture Opener - 6 April 2007

Mystery - Walk up to this 10 and say: “Hi. Could you do me a favor?"

Walking In Heels Opener - 6 April 2007

Thundercat - This is an Opener you can use if a woman is wearing high heels. Walk up to her and say...

Book Store Opener - 6 April 2007

Mystery - Buy a bag of gummy worms and hide one in your hand the next time you target a woman in a bookstore while she reads a book...

How "The Game" Has Affected Pick Up - 6 April 2007

NightVision - Here Neil Strauss aka Neil Strauss talks about how the popularity of his best seller book "The Game" has affected the seduction community.

Bear Story - 5 April 2007

Mystery - Ever been camping? Well I was up in a forest up north and was hiking with some girlfriends of mine ...

Frisbee Opener - 5 April 2007

Mystery - Get a really cool Frisbee. Carry it with you in your bag. Convey to women that you are ‘active’. That is an attractive quality.

Good Looking People Opener - 5 April 2007

Thundercat - This Opener works well if you’re not a “conventionally” good looking person and your target is quite good looking. This is also best to use in low-key settings with solitary targets

Secret To Meeting People - 4 April 2007

Thundercat - Back in the day when I was a lonely, clueless loser who’d spend his weeknights sitting hunched over the computer viewing internet porn instead of interacting with society, I used to wonder: “How do people meet each other?"

Gas Opener - 4 April 2007

Thundercat - I’ve used this one at gas stations with some success. Occasionally, while you’re fueling up your car, you’ll see a rather attractive woman doing so nearby...

Using SOIs - 3 April 2007

Wayne Elise "Juggler" - The great thing about SOIs is that they can put you in a frame where the girl and you are talking about the two of you having sex. She can not do this without imagining having sex with you..