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August 2010 Seduction PUA Articles

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Makeup Opener - 31 August 2010

Mr. M - This opener is most useful in all-female groups. Because it leads quickly into playful teasing, it is especially suitable for extremely attractive women.

Restraint - 30 August 2010

Cajun - The confident man will match their aggression with his own, and hope that his hand is stronger. The ideal man, that is, the man who has complete control, will do neither.

Set Up Opener - 27 August 2010

Sinn - This routine demonstrates pre–selection in that you have friends trying to set you up with people and also that you have standards and are picky about who you date.

Advanced Body Language - 26 August 2010

Cajun - Whenever students ask me how I learned to attract women with such ease I always say the same thing: Body language.

How To Keep Your Girlfriend LOCKED DOWN - 25 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - since I've had relationships with the same few women for over 7 years now – even while I've been dating other women who have come and gone – I may be able to help you out...

How Long Do Women Wait To Have Sex? - 23 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - I'm going to tell you exactly how long YOU should wait before you sleep with a woman... and... a whole lot more

How To Get Her To Try New Things In Bed - 22 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, I'm going to try to show you exactly how you can earn a woman's TRUST with her sexuality. Plus, we'll talk about how to bring up new, more interesting and even “kinkier” sex acts – if that's your thing.

How Can I Tell If She Is Interested? - 21 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, I'm going to show you each of her three main tools... and... You'll see how to tell if that cutie making eyes with you is for real – or not.

What Does It Mean If She Wants To Have Sex On A First Date? - 20 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, I'm gonna try to give you some perspective on what really happened during your one-night – or more – stand... and... I'll tell you whether you should be worried, or not.

Should You Be Jealous Of Her Male Friends? - 19 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, you're gonna learn the difference between guys who are trying to “move in” on your woman, and her “guy friends” who aren't a sexual threat – at all

How Can You Last Longer In Bed? - 18 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - HOW TO LAST without pills, without exercises and without “losing enjoyment” from sex...

Should You Put Your Work Before Your Girlfriend - 16 August 2010

Adam Lyons - In this episode we look at Spencer Pratt's comment that he would always put his fame before the love he has for his partner. Will work kill your relationship? Or make it stronger? Watch to find out!

Can I Escape The Friends Zone? - 16 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - So do you have a woman “friend” you'd like to be more intimate with?

Should You Let Your Ex Back In Your Life - 14 August 2010

Adam Lyons - Should you help your ex out in times of need? Watch the show and find out!

How Long Should You Wait Once You've Got Her Number? - 14 August 2010

Vin DiCarlo - You can call her... text her... Nearly whenever you want! So when's the “right” time? When can you call her so that you don't seem too eager... But you don't play too much “hard to get”, either?

Email Read Opener - 13 August 2010

The Don - Women will often be more open than usual when they first meet you due to the initial anonymity you have...

Text Message Breakup Opener - 12 August 2010

LBD - This is a longer routine and most suitable for younger women

Engaged Friend Opener - 11 August 2010

The Don - This opener has a little drama in it and is short and quick for stimulating interest.

Drunk I Love You's Opener - 10 August 2010

Sinn - This is a good opener for moving directly onto the topic of relationships and setting yourself up for later...

The Long Hard Road - 06 August 2010

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - Pick Up definitely works, there is a mountain of undeniable evidence of guys that have transformed their lives. The big question is how quickly and easily it works..

Never Go Back To Zero - 05 August 2010

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - For my first year in the game, I made a mistake, or at least I could have done something a lot better… I left myself vulnerable....

Truth About Routines - 04 August 2010

DJ Fuji - Routines, scripts, lines, things to say. Some love ‘em, some hate ‘em, nearly everyone misunderstands them.

Text Game Done Right - 03 August 2010

Richard La Ruina - I get asked about text game all the time recently.  I’ve got tons of stuff, but here are some basics that should tighten up your follow-up skills and get you more dates!

How To Pick Up Women In A Party - 02 August 2010

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - I’m going to give you a few very simple steps which will allow you to rock up to the party and practically take it over...

The Retard Opener - 01 August 2010

Tenmagnet - This is an opener I’ve been using here and there, mostly because it’s hilarious.