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February 2007 Seduction PUA Articles

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Hook Points - 28 Feb 2007

IN10SE - I’m going to talk about an understanding that is very important to GET and is crucial to your success with women.

Eliciting Values - 28 Feb 2007

IN10SE - First of all, eliciting values is mostly Mid-Game material. It builds rapport and comfort. Now there are many other things that Eliciting Values does if done properly. One thing is the "File system" theory...

Baiting Technique - 28 Feb 2007

IN10SE - Ok guys, I'm going to GIVE AWAY one of my GOLD techniques so pay attention...and to the guys that don't read this... well their loss and your gain! :)

Theme Based Story Telling - 28 Feb 2007

IN10SE - From the PUA's I know/met and have personally been told stories to or watched them tell stories to chicks [ Mystery , Neil Strauss , Swinggcat, RJ, Sinn , Mad Dash , Riker, Orien, Lovedrop who I met with just yesterday] and even Badboy and stRiPPed who I converse with all the time via MSN messenger – they all have one thing in common (besides their interest in women) - they're all great storytellers.

Being Chosen By Women - 28 Feb 2007

IN10SE - I'm going to discuss a little on the topic of being chosen by a woman. Now why is this important? Because it is EVERYTHING...

Sexual Accelerators - 28 Feb 2007

IN10SE - There are many many sexual "stories" out there. And there are many ways to introduce sexual "themes" and from there it's a hop, skip and a jump to the full close provided the locale is appropriate.

Impulse Close - 28 Feb 2007

IN10SE - The IMPULSE CLOSE occurs IMPULSIVELY. You WANT to overwhelm any defense all at once, not ever having given them a chance to build up their defenses, and do it at a moment when it is the most advantageous to do so.

Sexual Value Elicitation Routine - 28 Feb 2007

IN10SE - First of all, before even attempting this, there MUST be rapport. I make sure to only do this when I have her in a place where I can LOGISTICALLY CLOSE... (i.e. you and her alone in a locked room (or private place) with little chance of interruption , whether that be at your place or hers or any other setup)...

Kiss Tactic - 28 Feb 2007

Neil Strauss aka Neil Strauss - When sitting arm in arm with your target, lean in and smell her hair and say “you smell so fucking good, I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now….”

Girlfriend Test - 28 Feb 2007

Wayne Elise "Juggler" - To be my girlfriend (or lover) is a prestigious and exclusive thing. There's a test...

Ultimate False Disqualifiers Collection - 28 Feb 2007

Mav - 1. It would never work out between us 2. I can already tell, you and I are not going to get along 3. You’re too much of a nice girl for me

Ultimate Negs Collection - 28 Feb 2007

Mav - 1. Your hair looks shiny, is it a wig? Oh well it looks nice anyway 2. That’s lovely long hair – are they extensions? 3. I think your hair would look better up/down

Cousin Opener - 28 Feb 2007

Affection - Ok cool! So... I have this cousin... about your age, but model hot. And... I think she's hitting on me.

Applying 48 Laws Of Power In PU - 28 Feb 2007

Toecutter - Just reading a book, The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene . Definitely lessons everywhere in the book on what we do here. The book is amoral, and open about the deception inherit in what he is teaching. It is largely for life outside the arena of seduction, but entrirely applicable and there are some seduction examples in it to illustrate his points...

Doing Proper Closes - 28 Feb 2007

NightVision : This to me is a very important post. Not only is it applicable to PU but all so in other areas of social interaction. ( Toecutter article)

The Forest - 28 Feb 2007

Nightlight - You are walking in a dark forest. How do you feel...

The Wall And The Forest - 28 Feb 2007

Maniac High - Another one of those mindfuck games like 4 questions or the cube...

Email Game - 23 Feb 2007

NightVision : These routines can be adjusted for responding to personals but are usually used after you have email closed the girl. I regularly use the first routine after my email close. Its simple and direct which works pretty well. Infact my healthy LTR came from this:-) ( David DeAngelo article)

Kokology - 23 Feb 2007

Maniac High - I finally got that 'kokology' book that someone suggested here on the NG. The book is full of fun 'psychology' games like 'strawberry fields, 4 questions..etc' that can be used in PU.

Strawberry Fields - 23 Feb 2007

Maniac High - This is a game to find out some things about how chicks see sex. It is very popular in Japan & is a good state transitioner.

Responding To Personals - 22 Feb 2007

David DeAngelo - Well, you sound like you might be more than just another pretty face. Something tells me that you’re probably getting about 50 emails a day from loser guys saying things like...

Tension Test - 22 Feb 2007

Tyler Durden - You know you're actually quite tense... I bet you're the kind of person that finds it difficult to really just let go….. and relax... lets see shall we, would you like to do the Tension Test?...

Trust Test - 22 Feb 2007

Tyler Durden - Say "You're taking the trust test". Then say "Give me your hands", and put your palms up for her to take them...

Masturbating In The Shower - 22 Feb 2007

Unknown - Did you know that 93% of girls masturbate in the shower?

Best Friends Test - 22 Feb 2007

Neil Strauss aka Neil Strauss - OK, I have to ask: how long have you guys known each other for? (If you think they’re sisters ask: “Are you guys sisters or best friends?”)

Boyfriend Destroyer Routine - 21 Feb 2007

Mystery - I’m gonna ask you some questions, and I don’t want you to answer with words. I want you to answer with your hand...

Divergence And Correction: Shit Tests - 21 Feb 2007

Hitori - When a woman is attracted to you, she feels it as a fascination - even a compulsion - that doesn’t necessarily involve any direct thoughts of sex; this is not to say that it has nothing to do with sex, or that she doesn’t want sex, simply that practical necessity requires her to cram that undercurrent of sexuality down below the level of conscious thought...

Style's Structure - 21 Feb 2007

Neil Strauss aka Neil Strauss - I took some notes for myself the other day, and thought I'd share them. I guess this is my structure. May be too general and basic to help anybody, but here it is for posterity's sake...

Dual Induction Message Routine - 21 Feb 2007

Neil Strauss aka Neil Strauss - Some of you may have pieced this together already from Jlaix and Chessclub's FRs, but here, for the archives and for posterity, is the step-by-step Dual Induction Massage Sure-Fire Threesome Routine, with credit given where credit is due. This to me is the biggest breakthrough...

Zen And Compliments - 20 Feb 2007

Wayne Elise "Juggler" - Conventional wisdom in the seduction community is that a woman who cannot accept a compliment has low self esteem. I think there is some truth in that but a lot of delusion as well. The big reason a woman you have just met does not accept your compliment is that to do so is to accept you as an authority in their life...

Two Common Approach Mistakes - 19 Feb 2007

Wayne Elise "Juggler" - Don't make these two common mistakes when approaching women.