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January 2009 Seduction PUA Articles

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Seriously, Don't Be So Serious - 31 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the most important elements to being successful with women is learning how to not be so serious all the time.

Meeting Women On Campus - 31 Jan 2009

Michael W - It's U. from Pakistan here. I have been using your eBook for picking up women at train stations, inside trains, in swimming pools etc. in Europe. But I have always been confused about one scenario, the universities.

What The Masters of Attraction - 31 Jan 2009

Michael W - The DIFFERENCE between what an amateur does to attract a woman and what a master does might SEEM like insignificant details, yet in fact the difference is HUGE.

Become What You Want To Attract - 31 Jan 2009

Michael W - This article will help blow apart one hell of a lot of myths, and bring greater clarity to so many issues regarding dating, relationships, attraction, and much more.

Natural Confidence - 27 Jan 2009

Michael W - When it comes to teaching the truth about success with women, I believe reality is more powerful than fiction. Why do I say this?

Crucial Keys of Relationships - 27 Jan 2009

Michael W - Now, as you probably know if you have been following these articles, and certainly if you have read my book or come to my workshops or seminars, attraction is always crucial for chemistry. Yet, for a relationship you ALSO need to be able to bring the conflicting forces of our human emotions into HARMONY.

The Green Light - 17 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the great paradoxes of being successful at the various stages of meeting a new woman is that on one hand, you don’t want to create RESISTANCE by TRYING too hard, and on the other hand, the only way to get ahead is to LEAD the show. Women don’t want guys who need the WOMAN to lead them.

Problem Also Cure - 17 Jan 2009

Michael W - Today’s article is a little different, because I’d like to make a point about relationships. Though many dating gurus would pretend that all anyone wants is just to get laid by different partners every day, the reality is that most people deep down would like to eventually feel the awesome emotions that come from a good relationship.

Don't Be Clueless - 17 Jan 2009

Michael W - It's a crime that somehow, even in this information age, so many guys are still living without a clue as to what is really going on in the world of women. As always, my primary goal has always been discovering the truth about dating, attraction, and women.

Exploding Attraction - 17 Jan 2009

Michael W - There’s only one kind of attraction that I care about. The kind that is INSANELY POWERFUL. I mean super passionate. It’s just the kind of guy I am.

What It All Comes Down To - 17 Jan 2009

Michael W - Let me tell you a reality: These days, it’s easier than ever to get lots of sex if you understand the principles I discuss. It’s also harder than ever to find meaningful relationships.

Superior Reality - 17 Jan 2009

Michael W - Harsh truths are not always what people want to hear. People want to hear about a rose colored reality, where everything is just dandy if you swallow the right magic pill.

Taking Control The Masculine Way - 15 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the greatest things about attracting women is that you don't have to do anything WEIRD to make it work.

Missing Link - 15 Jan 2009

Michael W - When it comes to being successful with women, the highest level of skill comes when you understand exactly...

A Smashed Society - 15 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the great ironies today is that for most women, good guys are interpreted as unsexy and unattractive, while bad guys are interpreted as good catches.

Clubs And Womens Number One Fear - 15 Jan 2009

Michael W - All the NICE guy stuff came from a time when men WERE FAR MORE POWERFUL than women. So the being "nice" was simply showing women that they would not be ABUSED by all that power that men had.

Emotion of Sexual Attraction - 15 Jan 2009

Michael W - Ever wonder how a guy who is not rich or good looking or any other special characteristic ends up having a gorgeous woman (or women) who is NUTS about him?

Being A Jerk Vs Being The Man - 15 Jan 2009

Michael W - In my last newsletter, I spoke about how ultimately attraction boils down to conveying POWER in various forms and how being THE MAN embodies all of them.

Power, Thy Name Is Attraction - 12 Jan 2009

Michael W - Do you want to know the best kept dirty little secret? Attraction is nothing but an INVOLUNTARY emotional reaction to someone who we PERCEIVE to have great POWER.

License For Attracting Women - 12 Jan 2009

Michael W - I bet you don't even think about all the skills you are using when you drive your car. "It's simple" you say. You just get in the car, and drive to your destination.

How Today's Women Think - 12 Jan 2009

Michael W - Power. It's what attraction is all about. It's what creates "sexual tension", which when finally released, is so passionate.

Dominance - 12 Jan 2009

Michael W - I’m glad that you’re putting the advice into action, but there is something very, very important that you are missing here: You mention how you “try to keep things going smoothly”, trying to “keep the conversation going” and how “you don’t give the women any reason” to not want to go out with you again.

Greatest Gift You Can Give - 12 Jan 2009

Michael W - It is my goal to simplify the process of meeting and attracting women. I have always believed, even when I was totally crashing and burning with women, that meeting women and having a good time should not be so complicated.

Special Women - 12 Jan 2009

Michael W - A lot of guys, I would venture to say that actually MOST guys, would really like to find one amazing woman that they could actually develop something "special" with. Now, this is kind of a "taboo" topic in the "picking up girls" field, because supposedly all a man is supposed to want is to be "banging" new chicks every night.

Truth About What Women Wants - 12 Jan 2009

Michael W - When I decided to devote my life to helping men succeed with women, it wasn't a half-way commitment. The truth is, this stuff fascinates me, and I just can't get enough.

Rebirth: Rise From The Ashes - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - The hardest thing for us human beings to do is CHANGE. Even if the behavior we constantly engage in is NOT natural, and even if it's harmful for us, such as overeating, it is tormenting for us to stop our habits.

Slow It Down - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the most powerful principles for success with women I discovered completely by accident. When I first started out trying to approach women in public places, I tried to be everything- funny, energetic, smart, entertaining, up-beat, smiling, helpful- you name it.

Having High Standards - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - Do you feel like "Man, she is SO beautiful, what the heck do I do? What do I have to offer?" Well, let me tell you something: You have to actually RAISE your standards.

Understanding Women's Logic - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - Today, I want to speak about "chick logic." Let me tell you right off the bat- IT'S NOT LOGICAL. Kind of like how GREENLAND isn't green- it's ICE.

Larger Than Life - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - There are many systems and methods out there in the marketplace that claim to teach you how to be more successful with women. But what I have found, after spending years researching this topic, is that there is far, far too much emphasis on "techniques" and "lines" and "acting".

Real World Attraction Tips - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - It’s critical to understand what mistakes most guys make, and how to avoid them like the plague, especially during the initial pickup.

Attitude For Effective Action - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - A guy could read for years on all the best "methods" for meeting and attracting women, but unless he takes ACTION, nothing is going to happen. The problem with not taking action, is that it doesn't get easier to take action by waiting and doing nothing...

Power of Choice - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - Some pretty amazing things happen when YOU know you have CHOICES with women.

Reversing Roles To Get Past Her Blocks - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the biggest things that will ramp up attraction and make an immediate improvement in your pick-ups is if you take on the attitude of embracing any obstacles that women present to you when talking to them.

Power Men Or Women? - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - If guys knew what it felt like to be objectified as physical objects, they would understand how stupid and creepy they seem to women when they view women that way.

Girls Want To Be Naughty - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - The focus is more on fine calibration rather than anything extreme. But this doesn't mean it takes less skill, rather it takes more.

Dating Signals - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - At ALL times you are interacting with a woman, and even when you are AWAY from her, the only thing that matters is that she feels she is GETTING something emotionally awesome from you.

Dating Advice For Real World Men - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - Sometimes, it’s really helpful to hear from other guys out there who are dealing with the same issues as all of us with women.

Facts of The PickUp - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - My pick-ups have started with conversations that ranged from playful and teasing stuff about The Flintstones and whether the girl in front of me would be more into Barney or into Fred, and just playing with that in all kinds of ways, to totally different types of vibes about deep intriguing stuff about emotions and psychology.

You Do Your Part She Does Hers - 10 Jan 2009

Michael W - The only path to creating ultimate attraction when it comes to a woman is to open the floodgates of her imagination and fantasy and then help her live that fairy tale.

Ability For Men Equals Pleasure For Women - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W -The only thing that really counts ultimately for any human being, is how they feel. And human beings are different from animals because they have an incredible ability to be creative and they've devised all kinds of ways to feel pleasure and experience awesome emotions, from massive adrenaline rushes to the super feelings of inner peace and harmony, to intrigue and wonder, and so much more.

What Emotions You Spark In Her - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - It's just as much how you say something as it is what you say that makes attraction happen.

Long Term Success With Women - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - Man, I feel for any guys that are trying to get the truth on what to do when it comes to meeting and keeping a woman, and who are bombarded by all kinds of hogwash masquerading as "help".

Dating Power Name of Game - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - If you think about it, the bottom line about dating these days is that women, if they are attractive, are given almost infinite power over men’s emotions, by the men themselves.

Do My Looks Matter? - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - Congratulations guys, you have arrived at the greatest resource on the planet for getting good with women the old-fashioned way, by actually developing yourself in the ways that cause ATTRACTION between you and the woman or women of your choice.

Crucial Dating Advice For Guys - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - I educate guys and open their eyes to the realities of single life and meeting women, helping them to discover their inner personality and be able to tap into their inner selves and make attraction happen with women.

The Moment, The Man & Woman - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - For many things in life, the genius behind them, the greatness behind them, rests in the details. When it comes to attraction, it's no different. Any guy can say "Hey, I'm cool" and perhaps remember a few lines. If it was that easy, every guy would have all the success he wants with women. The reality is that the details matter.

How To Build Excitement - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - Guys have to have the skills to go out and find women, attract them and take control of your destiny.

Skillful Teases To Attract Women - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - When it comes to attracting a woman, and especially picking up women from cold approaches from scratch, there is a cold hard reality: IT TAKES SKILL.

Genius Behind Attracting Women - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - For many things in life, the genius behind them, the greatness behind them, rests in the DETAILS. When it comes to attraction, it's no different. Any guy can say "Hey, I'm cool" and perhaps remember a few lines. If it was that easy, every guy would have all the success he wants with women. The reality is that the DETAILS count.

How To Be A Natural With Women - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - Attraction revolves very strongly around the feelings of raised self-esteem that one gets from winning the approval of someone they feel is SUPERIOR to them.

Explaining Women That Date - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - I honestly think that as guys, we have really been brainwashed to become EASY PREY for women with less than stellar character, but who know how to pretend otherwise.

Playful Planning Perception - 09 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the most popular questions I get through emails is, "What do I say when I approach a girl? Please let me know exactly everything I should say, etc."

How To Begin And Complete Pickup - 08 Jan 2009

Michael W - There are some TRULY APPLICABLE insights that I have found are CRUCIAL for ACTUALLY GETTING THE GIRL. Nothing here that is hocus-pocus, obfuscating, or mumbo-jumbo. Just what WORKS.

Pickup & The Prize - 08 Jan 2009

Michael W - Pick-up techniques, when done in your real life, and not just some ideas from some guys who like to type on computers, is actually fascinating when you realize the science and depth to it all. And for all the talk about it and all the books on it, and all the "experts" who just repeat what other "experts" say, there's actually very LITTLE useful information on it.

Attraction Frame - 08 Jan 2009

Michael W - You know, there is one major trait that some guys have that gets them the women they are interested in, over and over again. The guys without this trait only get the women that happen to already "come on" to them, (which is usually not many women, or at least not the women that the guy wants) so for those guys, it's all a matter of luck.

Fun For You - 08 Jan 2009

Michael W - Before I start this article I just want to add that to me, the point of learning all this stuff is so that when you DO meet a quality woman, you can truly rock her world.

How To Date Right - 08 Jan 2009

Michael W - Some of the most powerful learning I had regarding how attraction works and how our culture has affected the way women think, and some of the most powerful insights I learned on how to best instill the skills and knowledge to other guys, came in very INDIRECT ways.

Are Women Attracted To Superior Men? - 07 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the things that is a simple fact is that a woman who is attractive will always test a guy before allowing herself to be with him.

Pickup Skills - 07 Jan 2009

Michael W - Clarity is one of the most important things to me, personally. I hate it when people try to onfuse you into thinking they are so smart. So my goal is to help make things as SIMPLE as possible, because the reality is that even then, it's not that simple.

How To Attract A Woman & Keep Her - 07 Jan 2009

Michael W - This article: Letters and success by guys learning from, and using "The Dating Wizard's Secrets To Success With Women" ebook.

Prepare For Success Or Prepare For Failure - 07 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the best things about LEARNING these skills to be able to actually GET the kinds of women you want, or the kind of woman you want, is that you can do it on YOUR schedule.

One Gift You Must Give To Women - 06 Jan 2009

Michael W - It's interesting how the media, including the internet and TV, can be a great thing or a terrible thing. Info now travels insanely fast, but the problem is, BAD INFO also travels at the same speed.

Finesse Persistence and Dominance - 06 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the contradictions to being good with women is that while on one hand you have to be DOMINANT, at the same time you have to know how to be laid back, and how to use FINESSE to weave your way smoothly into a girl's zone both emotionally and physically, even if that includes weaving into her group of friends and walking away with her or at least her contact info.

Creating Trust And Attraction With Women - 05 Jan 2009

Michael W - Man, do I have a LOT I want to share with you. MAJOR stuff about pick-up, MAJOR stuff about relationships, MAJOR STUFF! There's a lot of LIES out there being spread like wildfire, and so it's my MISSION to actually spread the TRUTH.

Triumph Against Your Built-in Emotional Glitch - 05 Jan 2009

Michael W - When it comes to success with women, there are many factors that count, including gaining the right knowledge and insights from things such as how to smoothly escalate an interaction from meeting, to triggering attraction, to establishing rapport, to kissing, to getting physical, to s-e-x, etc.

You Can't Fail With Women If You Do This - 05 Jan 2009

Michael W - Lately, I've been thinking, I'm not going to THINK about these articles. This isn't a creative writing course, it's about how to get a woman. So my priority is clear: GET GUYS WOMEN.

How Not To Avoid Rejection & Why - 05 Jan 2009

Michael W - Dating requires risk. Dating the women you want takes even more risk. If you're not willing to take risks and talk to her, why should she bother? Risk rejection. Win the game!

What It Means To Be The Man - 04 Jan 2009

Michael W - Some really important emails came in today that I thought I'd share with you. The answers provide specific and IMMEDIATELY applicable strategies that you can use right now in your interactions with women. These emails include critical topics such as how to get that first hook up, to how to improve things with a woman you are already with, to improving your skills at online dating.

Getting a Girlfriend - 04 Jan 2009

Michael W - I am adamantly opposed to games and tricks and manipulation that ends up hurting everyone. So, with that in mind, it should be clear that nothing I say is "sour grapes" but is rather 100% authentic.

Disarm And Charm Her - 04 Jan 2009

Michael W - Recently, I was interviewed by a journalist in the city, and I was explaining how ironic it is that in cities with millions of people crammed together, every day in places like public transit, there is still so much loneliness. There are people EVERYWHERE, and still so many people cannot find someone to love and to be loved by.

Evolution of The Inner Game - 04 Jan 2009

Michael W - This article is a powerful step in getting you in the right direction immediately. The RESULTS are ALL that matter to me in this game of dating women. I want you to EXPERIENCE results. That way, you will definitely BELIEVE the results. So sit tight and get ready for a TRULY MIND BLOWING column informing you now of what REALLY WORKS.

Attraction In Real Life - 04 Jan 2009

Michael W - REALITY is more fascinating, more COMPELLING, than any fiction. So it's my goal to constantly be striving toward making things as applicable to real life as possible.

Create Sexual Vibes With Integrity - 04 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the most important things to realize about success when it comes to attracting the kind of woman you are interested in, is that attraction is the result of MANY THINGS happening at ONCE.

How Charisma Is Made Not Born - 04 Jan 2009

Michael W - I have to let you know something. To me, the whole point of learning about how to be good with women was always about what I could do to improve myself to actually ADD attractive value. It was never about "how to get sex".

The Nice Guy and Halo Effect - 02 Jan 2009

Michael W - So I happened to have seen this movie that REMINDED me just how INSANELY tough it must be to be a guy who is living WITHOUT knowing the full deal about attraction, about women, and about the way our emotions work.

How To Create Attraction In Her For You - 02 Jan 2009

Michael W - The only way you should want a woman to be with you is because she is actually feeling ATTRACTION for you. Women may be with guys for all KINDS of reasons, but the only reason YOU want her to have is because she is ATTRACTED to you.

How To Overcome Fear of Approaching Women - 02 Jan 2009

Michael W - In a topic that so many others make CONFUSING, I want to SMASH through all the obfuscation and give you CLARITY and IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE tips that you can use to get results NOW.

Attraction At The Mastery Level - 02 Jan 2009

Michael W - The single greatest misconception about attraction is that if you could just find a way to avoid rejection, by for example "not showing interest", that this would be a great way to succeed.

How To Attract A Woman Without Playing The Game - 02 Jan 2009

Michael W - Years ago, back in 2003, when just like now, I was too busy actually doing this stuff for real rather than worrying about the marketing craziness that was going on around me by supposed dating gurus, author Neil Strauss then wrote something to me on an internet dating forum a little before the release of his bestselling book on pick-up artists, called "The Game".

Your Mind: The Key To Attraction - 01 Jan 2009

Michael W - One of the most important things I learned about all human beings, not just women, is that most people are searching for something or someone, which they hope or believe will make them “content”. Now, I’m not here to say that as humans we don’t need ANYTHING- we need basic things like food and shelter, human communication, etc. But beyond that, we really don’t need much of anything, we just trick ourselves into thinking that we do.

Ten Commandments For Attraction - 01 Jan 2009

Michael W - I would like to share with you ten critical points for success with women that I believe are UNIVERSAL. In other words, no matter what your goal is, no matter what kind of woman, the following “commandments” are crucial.