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January 2010 Seduction PUA Articles

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MySpace Pick Up Line - 30 January 2010

Derek Lamont - Let me tell you about a line I used to pickup this hot, 21 year old blonde off MySpace a few nights ago...

Portraying Mystery Online - 30 January 2010

Derek Lamont - We all know that MYSTERY is an integral part in attracting sexy women. But many men have absolutely no idea what REAL mystery is or how to portray it PROPERLY... especially in their online dating profiles.

Twitter Tactic - 30 January 2010

Derek Lamont - I figured... well, since I can pickup several girls a week using Facebook and MySpace, why can't I use Twitter to do the same?

Last Thing Girl Wants To Hear About - 30 January 2010

Derek Lamont - Alright. I have to get this off my chest before I go INSANE...So many guys that pickup girls online make this mistake. I mean, it seems like it would work, but it really... REALLY doesn’t.

Tease To Please In Action - 30 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - I was at the bus stop a couple weeks ago, and I saw a gal there who I had seen once before. She was young, attractive, blonde. I immediately saw some potential for conversation, so I just started talking to her as if I already knew her from somewhere else.

Three Winning Attitudes That Impress Women - 30 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - As you read these, I want you to try something for me. No matter how 'obvious' what I might say seems, I want you to re-think your beliefs about them, and see if you are still, perhaps, working under the opposite belief in some way.

How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date - 30 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - It's the most intimidating question a guy can ask a woman, and one that I get asked about regularly. It feels like such a risky proposition, putting yourself out there for a woman's approval (or rejection.)

How To Meet Women With No Rejection - 28 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Before I give up one of my secrets, I want to talk about a dirty word with you. Well, it's not a cuss word, but it's dirty because no one wants to talk about it.

Critical Elements Of Success - 28 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Would you ever believe that a stolen car radio could change someone's life for the better?

Alpha Attitude - 28 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Now, I'm going to reveal the single most powerful thing you can demonstrate with your personality to get any woman interested in you.

Reading Body Language - 28 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - When I first started learning how to meet women and get them interested in me, one of the first things I wanted to learn was about reading body language.

Dating Fears - 28 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - One of my good friends in the "dating tips for guys" field called me the other day, and in our conversation he asked me what I thought men and women's worst fears were in dating.

How To Flirt With Women - 28 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Flirting with women is something that guys often feel uncomfortable doing. I've had many guys write to me to tell me that they were afraid they'd get arrested if they were seen flirting with women in a store or other establishment during the day.

Handling Payment On Dates - 28 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - A woman friend of mine, who is married, was telling me that when women offer to pay their share for something, they are actually testing men to see how cheap we are.

Benefits of Day Game - 24 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Meeting women all day long is much more effective than just hitting up the bars and clubs on occasion hoping to "get lucky."

Pick Up Lines That Work - 24 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - You know, if you study dating and the art of attraction, you start to hear some crazy stuff. You even begin to wonder if some of it is for real.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tips - 24 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - I was standing up there in front of a crowd of eager guys presenting a seminar on how to attract women and how to get a girlfriend, and a strange urge overtook me...

3 Laws of Attraction - 24 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - When I was a teenager growing up, I was always fascinated by this friend of mine, John, who was only 16, but he lived in an apartment with a friend - not with parents.

Secrets Of Women - 24 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Way back in 2001, when I first started giving dating tips for guys, I made it my priority to give guys the Truth about women and dating. Even if it meant that I was being "politically incorrect."

Text Game Basics - 21 January 2010

Mr. M - Almost all of the psychological tools that are used in real life seduction can be used in Phone and Text Game (besides sex of course!). For example, attraction, comfort and even sexual escalation can be achieved by using your phone effectively.

Phone Game And Investment - 21 January 2010

Braddock - Let’s see if you can identify yourself with this situation: You get a phone number from a girl but she will not respond to your text messages or phone calls. Sounds familiar?

Why Do Women Break Up With Men - 16 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - When I first started dating, I had good luck in finding women, but lousy luck in keeping them.

Alpha Male - 16 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - There are a lot of guys out there sending conflicting information regarding what it is and isn't to be "Alpha." As in "Alpha Man" or "Alpha Male."

Women Like Bad Boys - 16 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Women are often attracted to "bad boys" because they are aggressively pursued by them.

Beware The Alfie - 16 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - I happened to watch the Jude Law movie "Alfie" the other night. While I can't recommend it based on its merits as a movie (especially if you have as little time as I do), I found the message in it to be very disturbing and worth noting.

PUA Scam - 16 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - I recently came across someone who wrote a long article in a forum about how he felt that dating advice programs were scams. And that "You don't have to buy any advice to get better with women or to improve yourself."

How To Meet Women On Facebook - 16 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - With all the social media sites out there, one has taken the world by storm: Facebook. And it only comes naturally that guys will want to leverage this new tool to meet women.

How To Ask Women Out On A Date - 16 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Most guys have a tough time when it comes to the point where he needs to ask her for a date. It's intimidating to put yourself in front of a woman and give her the power to reject you.

3 Guys Walk Into Austin Bar - 14 January 2010

NightVision - Watch this, dude... Bill and I have a fun game we like to play when we go out.

Get Girls To Like You - 14 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - So how DO you get women to like you? The first step is to appeal to their needs. The first need a woman has is for her validation.

Get Over Ex Girlfriend - 14 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Recently, I have been coaching men in how to get over an ex girlfriend.

How To Get Girls - 14 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Success with women is always relative. You need to plan your goal in advance, and then plan out a roadmap that will get you to that destination.

Writing Online Profile Ad - 14 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Here's a rule I want you guys out there to remember: Don't be afraid to scare away the women you don't want.

Media Know What Women Want? - 14 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - The news media tends to recycle its stories. The reality is that anything that is put out there "on the wire" is rarely NEW news. It's picked up and repeated without any real investigation or verification.

Instant Attraction Video - 9 January 2010

NightVision - I swear that's why about 90% of interactions that *could* be good don't get off the ground.  It's those first three minutes, just making them flow smoothly and getting her attracted to you. 

Choosing Dating Advice - 9 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - One question I'm asked quite a bit is how to find dating advice for men that is both practical and useful. There's a lot of stuff out there, and if you're not careful, you could get pulled into a bad philosophy.

Date Conversation Topics - 9 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Most guys would approach women more (and have more success in dating) if they felt more comfortable with talking to women.

Points System - 9 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - In short, your posture is your overall status level with a woman. Your posture can range from total supplicating wimp on the left end of the scale, and hardcore self-interested jerk on the far right.

Women Energy Frustration - 9 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Some of you may be familiar with some Eastern school of thought on how energies are used in the human body. Chinese philosophies refer to it as Chi, and the energy itself can have both female and male (Yin and Yang) "flavors" to it.

Being Single Is Just As Good - 9 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - Don't be in such a hurry to get into a relationship, guys. I just read an article on, relating a survey that tracked 24,000 people and showed that marriage does NOT make you more happy. (Gee, we needed a survey for this?)

Confidence Despite Liabilities - 9 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - EVERY guy has a liability of some kind. Short. Bald. Chubby. Missing a tooth. Missing a leg. Whatever. You have to learn how to communicate your confidence THROUGH that liability, and at the same time not seem defensive, or like you're carrying around issues.

Get Girls To Notice You - 9 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - We want to stand out in a crowd. Every man wants to walk into a bar and have all the heads turn to look at him, and it IS possible. You just have to learn how to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Personalising Openers - 9 January 2010

Carlos Xuma - You see, in order for a woman to feel attracted to you, she must believe that she is unique and special in some way to you. Different from the other 358 women you approached today. A woman has to feel UNIQUE.

Become Unbreakable - 4 January 2010

NightVision - One of the worst things that you can experience with a girl you like is the feeling that you're not in control. Like she could take it or leave it, but you're the one who's working for her and trying to prove yourself to her.