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July 2007 Seduction PUA Articles

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Pathetic Lovers And Masterful Lovers - 30 July 2007

David Shade - Here are two highly contrasting emails. Then I explain the reason why...

Shame And Guilt - 30 July 2007

David Shade - Today I first answer an email and then I'll tell you about a customer of mine that I met.  Both hit on the same thing; being comfortable with sexuality.

David DeAngelo's Profile: Who Is David DeAngelo? - 28 July 2007

David DeAngelo - I’m actually a pretty normal guy, who went through a point where I decided that I needed to get this part of my life called “meeting women” handled.

David Shades Profile: Who Is David Shade? - 28 July 2007

David Shade - Many years ago, I wanted to learn how to be a better lover. I went to the bookstores many times, buying books on how to be a better lover. I read all the books. They were somewhat disappointing.

5 Questions Game - 28 July 2007

Neil Strauss - I'm going to play a lil game with you, to measure how intelligent you are (OK), but we have to bet something,,,,

Secrets About Women Mum Never Taught You - 27 July 2007

David DeAngelo - Why is it that a woman who is only interested in the funny, cocky and challenging (i.e., interesting) men, later in life tries to raise sons that are sweet, thoughtful and "nice"? (i.e., run of the mill)!!

He Was Told To Be Bad In Bed - 26 July 2007

David Shade -The idea IS to turn her into a sex maniac.  But who she chooses to do that with, and how much, is her decision. A decision she would make based on how she feels about you.

Open Loops - 26 July 2007

Swinggcat - Its Not What You Say, Its How You Say It. Down & Dirty Psychology For Piquing Any Woman's Interest

Meeting Women Online Tips And Tricks - 26 July 2007

David DeAngelo - I've learned that "arrogance" or "cockiness" is NOT unattractive to women... as long as they're not an obvious over compensation for INSECURITY.

Orgasm Successes - 26 July 2007

David Shade - She felt some pain the next day or two probably because she had never had that done to her before, and maybe because you did it too firmly for too long.

Questions From 3 Naughty Women - 26 July 2007

David Shade - Here are some interesting questions from three of the women on my list.

No Longer Arousable - 23 July 2007

David Shade - My capacity to get aroused and stimulated from touches to my skin has diminished, while at the same time, my girlfriend seems to get more and more responsive to me.

Badboy Vs Nice Guy - 23 July 2007

David Shade - A lot of women are turned off by the aggressive attitude of badboys, if by "aggressive" you mean rude and pushy, and if the context is outside the bedroom in social situations.

How To Be Comfortable With Her Sexuality - 23 July 2007

David Shade - I spoke at David DeAngelo's "Power Sexuality" seminar in Los Angeles last summer. It was a pleasure to be an invited speaker, and it was great meeting all the guys who came to learn about gaining more sexual confidence.

How This Man Took The Girlfriend Off The Arms Of A Notorious Player - 23 July 2007

Swinggcat - Every guy reading this whose girlfriend or wife slipped out of his fingers and into the hands of a slithering player is thinking, “Amen brother!” Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Inside Look of How A Man Attracts A Woman - 23 July 2007

Swinggcat - My feeling is that the more examples you hear and read about, the deeper your understanding of my techniques will become. Put simply, Real World examples are awesome!

How To Turn Friends Into Lovers - 23 July 2007

Swinggcat - A few words of caution: Making friends with a woman does not mean figuratively shoving an estrogen suppository up your rear, making you into one of her sympathetic girlfriends who eagerly await hearing about her latest boy disaster tale...

She Says "Too Young Too Old" - 22 July 2007

Swinggcat - Whether a woman thinks I'm too young or too old for her doesn't matter to me one bit because...

What To Do If A Women Tells You, "You're Not My Type." - 22 July 2007

Swinggcat - A woman letting a man know he's not her type is so common it's almost cliché....and when it happens to you - it sucks. It can feel like you've hit a brick wall

A Largely Unknown Secret For Having Threesomes...And Other Powerful Tools - 22 July 2007

Swinggcat - I tried coaxing her into having a threesome with me. She, alas, resisted. This frustrated me and I sought advice. One guy gave me some golden advice...

Radical Honesty - 22 July 2007

Swinggcat - For the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of teaching my step-by-step system for ATTRACTING women to a few select guys. With every one of these guys there was the same thing missing. This one thing, however, is something that every guy who is incredible with women has. Being privy to this one secret can distinguish the magnetic Casanova from the floundering Waldo.

Push Pull Examples - 21 July 2007

Swinggcat - I grabbed a woman's hand and said, “You have the most amazing smile I've seen tonight… It makes me feel so happy inside!”

How To Get A Womans Phone Number - 21 July 2007

Swinggcat - If you don't close a woman that you've successfully prized the very first time you meet her, how can you pitch for her # or how do you pitch for another encounter without losing your Prizability?

Secret Psychology Behind Challenging Women - 21 July 2007

Swinggcat - You started with the ring routine and the cube. These are games you can play with women. If used correctly they can rapidly speed up the attraction process.

My Hidden Secret To Success With Women - 21 July 2007

David DeAngelo - >>>IMPORTANT: In this email I am going to share with you the one thing that I consider to be MOST responsible for me personally achieving success with women in a relatively short amount of time.

Examples of Cocky and Funny Humor - 21 July 2007

David DeAngelo - I have always been funny, and separately, cocky. I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula. So far, that formula works. I am not a chemist, but the components of our table salt, taken separately, is deadly to us. Sodium and Chloride: death to us. Yet, if we put them together, we will have its savory benefit.

The "Rules" For Attracting Beautiful Women - 21 July 2007

David DeAngelo - I contacted some women before I got there via e-mail and slept with 2 of them on first dates, and made out with another seriously on the 2nd date...and more now...In fact, I have more #'s than I can keep track of between the net and now from meeting women from performing music in small clubs.

Tease Her To Please Her II - 20 July 2007

Carlos Xuma - All women have a standard routine of being a little stand-offish to you until you bust past this barrier...

One Thing Single Women HATE - Don't Do It - 20 July 2007

David DeAngelo - When I think back on my own experiences with women, I am DEFINITELY guilty of trying to bore women into feeling attracted to me...

Cat String Theory - 20 July 2007

Mystery - Cats don’t take orders, but they can be tempted to chase. If you tie a feather to the end of a string, and use it properly, you can get a cat to perform acrobatics...

Becoming Her Drug - 20 July 2007

IN10SE - Here's my disclaimer - I don't advocate any of these to be used by anyone who wants a healthy and happy relationship - but these are the tactics that "jerks" use so it's always good to be familiar with these.

6 Things That Really Turn Women Off - 19 July 2007

David DeAngelo - She specifically said that she thought the relationship could've evolved into something romantic, but that it hasn't, and she wasn't sure why. At this moment, she says she doesn't believe it will. My question is this: do you believe your program can aid me in turning her around on this? If so, why?

Do Women Intentionally Play Head Games - 19 July 2007

David DeAngelo - When I'm first meeting a girl and teasing her and being cocky etc etc (you know the drill), they respond well and seem to be interested in me. However, when I ask for the number, lots (not necessarily most, but a good number) of girls initially say "Oh, my number's disconnected." or "I just moved, and haven't gotten new phone number installed yet."

Mutate Rejection Into Attraction - 19 July 2007

Swinggcat - For the collective average male, rejection plain sucks. There's nothing fun about it. But a select group of ladies' men actually enjoy being rejected.

How To Compel Women To Touch You Seconds After Meeting Them - 18 July 2007

Swinggcat - I've got a question for ya… Do you consciously know what psychological mechanisms emotionally drive women to touch a man?

Introduction To Story Telling - 16 July 2007

Neil Strauss - There are four kinds of stories that I tell to get them into desired state...

Why Does Making A Woman Smile Feel So Darn Good - 14 July 2007

Derek Vitalio - Why are having social relationships with women the #1 factor in what makes us happy?

Derek Opens Big Booty Babe At Pollo Tropical - 14 July 2007

Derek Vitalio - I was at Pollo Tropical the other day when I spotted an incredibly hot woman sitting and eating with two of her lady friends.

Is Having Money The Secret To Happiness - 14 July 2007

Derek Vitalio - Falling in love is usually rated as the strongest source of positive emotion. People report euphoria, excitement, affection, contentment, laughing.

Tease Her To Please Her I - 14 July 2007

Carlos Xuma - This article is going to start you on a path to meeting more women, the beginning to all your action. It's called Tease to Please.

Date Killers - 11 July 2007

Nate - I was talking with Sensei the other day about common mistakes guys make when they meet a girl after the initial pickup, so I thought I would put together this list. You do not want to make these mistakes...

7 Power Attitudes - 11 July 2007

Ross Jeffries - POWER ATTITUDES for ultimate success with women.

Magic Kiss Close - 11 July 2007

Wayne Elise Juggler - Do you want to see a magic trick? Its not a very good one I’m afraid. Alright close your eye...

Manipulate Men With Your Body - 04 July 2007

Neil Strauss - To a HB that is trying to use her body to win you over such as pushing her breasts into you etc

Initial Resistance After Opener - 03 July 2007

Tyler Durden - This is an example of how to deal with girls that wont play along to your first initial opener…