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May 2007 Seduction PUA Articles

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We Are Too Similar - 31 May 2007

Tyler Durden - Woa, what are you doing. Ok… you know what.. you and I would not get along…

Skill Building Activity - 30 May 2007

Derek Vitalio - My #2 secret is also about setting the right mental STATE for success as well...

Wing Sandwich - 29 May 2007

Tyler Durden - When you are walking around the club with a wing stay behind him and try and sandwich a HB in between the two of you...

Giant Poodle - 25 May 2007

Swinggcat - You know you remind me of a Giant Poodle… there is something in your smile that just does it...

Free Link To Your Site 24 May 2007

Learn how to get free link and traffic to the fastest growing seduction site on the net!

Secret Snap Handshake 24 May 2007

Wayne Elise "Juggler" - Do something unusual as a handshake with a girl. Her: “what was that?”...

Lying Game - 23 May 2007

Tyler Durden - Do you wanna play the lying game? It goes like this. I'm going to ask you 3 questions...

Bin Marry Shag Game - 23 May 2007

Mystery - Ok we are going to play a game now called bin / marry / shag. I will point out three guys in the crowd and you have to tell me...

I Love You - 22 May 2007

Tyler Durden - “You know what… I love you… I really do… you know what… I’ve come to a decision… will you marry me? Marry me…

Squeeze My Ass Opener - 22 May 2007

Neil Strauss - Me: Well check it out properly then, its not going to bite you! [Both move closer and point butt out to her]...

The Diamond Between Your Legs - 17 May 2007

Cortez - Whenever a woman gives me a problem about sleeping together I simply tell her "The diamond between your legs is not something...

Getting Past Sexual Barriers - 15 May 2007

Swinggcat - I want to share a secret with you that will blow your mind. Warning: When you first hear this secret you might feel a bit disconcerted. If you already have truck loads of experience with women you might think to yourself, “Wow…someone else knows about this too!” If you are a woman reading this, you might say to yourself, “No! – Now the male world is going to be privy to the truth.”

Demystifying Charisma - 11 May 2007

Swinggcat - A few nights ago, I went barhopping with a friend of mine. We both talked to truck loads of women and used practically the same material on them. But by the end of the night my friend’s results were so bad he felt blessed with an unlikable self. My experience, however, was the total opposite...

Magic Bullet For Higher State - 10 May 2007

Derek Vitalio - Many guys look for a “magic bullet” when it comes to women- if they just learn that one technique, that one line, or that one confidence building exercise, then they’ll become successful with girls.

Extreme Multiple Threading and Dominant Rhythm - 08 May 2007

Sparky - As beginners when we think about building attraction through verbal game, the first thing that comes to mind is Power Lines, Negs, or magic pills/bullets/routines. We all have them, use them, and love them. Now, there's a very right way to deliver these, and a very wrong way. Lets start with a good delivery...

The Art of Testing - 05 May 2007

Swinggcat - How would you like to learn secrets that will cut the amount of time you need to spend learning how to ATTRACT women in half, while simultaneously doubling your success with women?

Having Women In Your Life - 05 May 2007

Swinggcat - In this article I’m going to share with you something that I talk about in my book. If you aren’t currently doing what I am about to tell you, DOING IT could increase your success with women a hundred and fifty percent…if not more.

Using Challenges To Make Women Qualify - 04 May 2007

Swinggcat - I want to share with you a powerful method for generating ATTRACTION; a method women naturally use on men.

Frames Games and Prizability - 04 May 2007

NightVision - Using frame control as well as the push pull technique is for me the best way to quickly build attraction and is an integral part of my game. They can give you shit tests. They can give you bitchy comebacks. Whatever obstacles they present to you, as long as you have strong frame control, it backfires on THEM and they can't help but LOVE you for it! The good news is that it complements cocky and funny very well. Heres are good article introducing the meaning of frames by Swinggcat .

Being The Prize - 04 May 2007

Swinggcat - I've got a question for ya... Do you know how far the average man gets with a woman? Not far at all...

Why Most Pick Up Lines Don't Work - 03 May 2007

Swinggcat - Many a man has been at a bar, spotted an attractive woman and thought to himself, "Wow! She really works those breasts, bouncy bouncy."

How To Talk To Women Over The Phone - 02 May 2007

Swinggcat - As I'm teaching you exactly how step-by-step to talk to women over the phone, I'll be alluding to an essential *key ingredient* for ATTRACTING women in general. SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED AS YOU READ ON.